Privacy Policy & Terms Of Service

*Changes may be made to this statement occasionally. Users are encouraged to check this periodically.
*All the provisions stated in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply equally to

Privacy Policy

BeatSense values your privacy and does not collect any personal information besides your name, email, or profile photo. BeatSense does not share this data with a third party.

Your email address is used for:
  • Signing in to BeatSense.
  • Replying to your feedback emails.
We do use Cookies to improve your experience and to save your BeatSense usage preference.

YouTube and YouTube API

BeatSense uses YouTube and the YouTube API to fetch data about videos and to import YouTube playlists. YouTube stores, accesses, or collects (or allows third parties to do so) information directly or indirectly on or from the device and browser of visitors of this site, including by placing, accessing, or recognizing cookies or similar technology on such devices or browsers. The YouTube API also collects analytics and reporting data, including number of views for a video, the number of channels for a subscriber, or the number of videos in a playlist. Google may use this data in accordance with the privacy policy at Google Privacy Policy. Additionally, for data collected and used by YouTube, users can review and revoke access to their data via the Google security settings.

User generated content

Although BeatSense does its best to keep the content uploaded by users safe, BeatSense holds no liability for any user-generated content. Content generated by a user is the user's sole responsibility. Users will have no copyrights claim over the content generated in BeatSense.

Terms Of Service

BeatSense uses YouTube and the YouTube API to fetch data about videos and to import YouTube playlists. As such, the use of BeatSense is subject to YouTube's Terms of Service.

You are welcome to enjoy BeatSense while practicing our rules of conduct.
Any of the following will result in a permanent ban:
  • Creating more than one account to represent a single person.
  • Collecting Beats in ways that are not a direct feature of BeatSense, or are not listed as one of the ways to get Beats.
  • Adding to the playlist solely for the cause of collecting score, and not for the joy of music.
  • Sharing abusive content such as abusive chat messages or videos.
  • Any action which may intendedly to harm the performance or the data of BeatSense and\or its social accounts or impair the experience of other users.
  • Repetitive upload of irrelevant content to the drops feed.

Account and data deletion

To delete your account and its data, email your request to Note that account deletion cannot be undone.

Contacting BeatSense

For any questions or requests, you may contact: