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  • Crossfade algorithm

    Nonstop music, no silent moments between songs
  • Don’t just share and be forgotten

    Collect points and become influencing
  • Real-time chat

    Discuss while listening to music
  • Buddy list

    Interact with people who share the same taste in music
  • Alone in your BeatRoom? BeatSense shine!

    Meet out crowd-wisdom auto music playing algorithm
  • FREE

    We will never charge for music, we promise
  • Your opinion matters

    Express your opinion in many ways and effect the playlist
  • Slick and intuitive experience

    Focus on music, feel the music
  • BeatBox

    Collect your discoveries into customizable BeatCases
  • Create your own public and private BeatRoom

    Enjoy real-time music by yourself or with your friends
  • The secret dot

    Once you'll find it, adding music will never be the same
  • BeatSense is yours

    Easily feedback and share your thoughts with our caring team
And we'll let you discover the rest by yourself...
"Just when you thought that Apple Music and Spotify were the most innovative
of streaming platforms, you were wrong."
- George Taylor, Creative Industry Hub
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