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Stoners only hi

Stoner rock

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Blues rock,Classic rock,Hard rock,Prog rock,Rock,Southern rock,Stoner rock
Now playing: Lonnie Mack - Mt Healthy Blues
Classic rock,Hard rock,Rock,Aor,Melodic rock,Psychedelic rock,Blues rock,Modern rock,Canadian,Melodic hard rock,Acid rock,College rock,Stoner rock,60s psychedelic,Gothic rock,Garage rock
Now playing: ZZ Top - I Need You Tonight
Psychedelic rock,Progressive rock,Classic rock,Art rock,Hard rock,Blues,Jazz,Reggae,Country,World,Experimental rock,Stoner rock,Folk,Jazz fusion,Soul,British folk,Neo psychedelia,Trippy,Krautrock,Post rock,Northern soul,Space rock,British blues,Freakbeat,Acid folk
Now playing: Them - I can only give you everything
Alternative metal,Alternative rock,Art rock,Atmospheric black metal,Classic rock,Dark ambient,Darkwave,Doom metal,Epic metal,Experimental rock,Folk metal,Folk rock,Hard rock,Heavy metal,Industrial metal,Melodic death metal,Nu metal,Pagan metal,Power metal,Progressive metal,Soundtracks,Space ambient,Stoner metal,Stoner rock,Synthwave
Now playing: Queen - Gimme The Prize
Alternative metal,Alternative rock,Atmospheric black metal,Blues rock,Classic rock,Dark ambient,Darkwave,Death metal,Doom metal,Epic metal,Experimental rock,Folk metal,Folk rock,Glam rock,Gothic rock,Hard rock,Heavy metal,Industrial metal,Instrumental rock,Melodic black metal,Melodic death metal,Metal,Nu metal,Pagan metal,Power metal,Progressive metal,Rock,Soundtracks,Space ambient,Stoner metal,Stoner rock,Synthwave,Thrash metal
Now playing: Dani Wilde - Heal My Blues
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Stoners only hi
"Since my baby left me, I've found a new place to dwell, down at the end of Lonely Street at Heartbreak Hotel." - Elvis Presley