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metal, gothic, old school and etc...

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Singer songwriter,Americana,Indie rock,Alternative rock,Country,Folk
Now playing: Sister Hazel - When Love Takes Hold
Aor,Blues,Classic rock,Folk metal,Hard rock,Heavy metal,Rock,Thrash metal
Now playing: Poison - Nothing But A Good Time
Electro industrial,Industrial,Post industrial,Goth,Goth rock,Gothic,Gothic rock,Southern gothic
Now playing: Lektrique - Flesh & Blood
Alt rock,Classic rock,New wave
Now playing: Free - All Right Now
Dance,Deep house,Dubstep,Edm,Electro,Electronic,Progressive,Trap
Now playing: Kylie Minogue - Music's Too Sad Without You
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metal, gothic, old school and etc...
"Music, not sex, got me aroused." - Marvin Gaye