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Alternative metal,Beatdown hardcore,Black metal,Crossover thrash,Crust punk,Death metal,Deathrock,Folk metal,Folk punk,Funk metal,Gothic metal,Grindcore,Hardcore punk,Mathcore,Melodic hardcore,Metal,Neoclassical metal,Pop punk,Post hardcore,Post punk,Power metal,Powerviolence,Progressive metal,Proto punk,Psychobilly,Punk,Punk rock,Rap metal,Screamo,Ska punk,Skate punk,Sludge metal,Symphonic metal,Thrash metal,Thrashcore,Traditional heavy metal
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Rock,Punk,Post hardcore,Pop,Alternative,Emo,Sad
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Hardcore,Hardcore punk,Post hardcore,Melodic hardcore,Metalcore,Melodic metalcore
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Technical death metal,Post rock,Stoner metal,Doom metal,Dark ambient,Post hardcore,Post metal,Progressive death metal,Death metal
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