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Why can’t I skip every song? (without using Beats)

We are here to respect others’ music taste and be open to discover music that is out of our regular scope.

  • You can skip your songs
  • As a room owner, you can also skip songs played by BeatSense
  • Any song can be skipped by a majority of 3 downvotes
  • So why you allowing people to skip any song using Beats?

  • Purchasing Beats ($5) is our best way to certify person as not being here only for the sake of abuse
  • Skipping other’s songs using Beats, will be done more wisely
  • What if someone is spamming with abusive video?

  • You can downvote it to -3 and it will be skipped
  • You can call for an admin using the “We Sense You” button at the bottom left of the screen
  • What are my privileges as the room owner?

  • Change the room settings (genres, theme, name, description etc.)
  • Block the playlist so he will be the only one who can add music
  • Have influence on others
  • As a private room owner you can also:
  • Ban people from your room
  • Why can’t i pause the music?

    You can mute the music and pause the video streaming, but you cannot pause the LIVE music, the same reason you cannot pause life ;)

    My boss just entered and there is an inappropriate video playing! What can i do?

    BeatSense got you covered! Just click the 3 dots menu on the bottom right, and choose “SFW” (Safe For Work mode).

    Does BeatSense is just another music streaming service that will be shut down like others did in the past?

    No. We learned from others’ mistakes and we are here to stay, and to be the best!

    I really like BeatSense, how can i contribute?

    Thank you! We will appreciate if you could:

  • Purchase Beats from time to time
  • Like and follow (and share?) our Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Help us spread the word about BeatSense!
  • How frequently you are releasing new features?

    Almost every day! You might not notice all of them immediately (some are not even visual). We are continuously working hard, listening to you feedback and coming up with cool new features (without making the interface too loaded and complicated).

    Who are you people?

    We are a [very] few people that really like music and technology. We are visioned to combine our two loves to bring you the best music service ever, for free. Check out our About page.

    In a case of a third world war, will BeatSense be safe?

    Yes! We will defend it with our bodies!

    Still having questions?
    Shoot us an email! ilove@beatsense.com