BeatSense is a real-time social music service, where you can share and discover awesome music, simultaneously with friends, co-workers, and other Beatsters worldwide. As if you were in the same space, at the same time.

Discover music, with and by real-people

Context is the king, and there is no better way to discover music but with real people in the same momentary context.

A better, simple music experience

Whether you like to enjoy music alone or with other people, never-ending crowd-driven music is always a single click away! But be aware - once you experienced music in real-time, you can never go back!

Why is BeatSense better than Spotify, YouTube, and others?

  • No annoying video/audio ads.
  • The best crossfade algorithm - no silent moments between songs.
  • The only true real-time collaborative playlists.
  • The best auto music algorithm (crowd-driven), autoplay for you when the playlist is empty.
  • We listen to you! Got any feedback? Hit the "SENSE" button at the bottom right.
  • Social music experience!
  • And we will let you discover the rest...
  • The Vision

    We are here to create a free, legal, exciting, and straightforward music streaming service.

    Our Credo

    Music is a commodity

    And therefore it should be free. We will never charge for music consumption.

    You should experience music

    Music is magic, and magic can be exciting. We are here to keep and optimize the formula for elevating music experience.

    The People

    We believe that you need to have the best people to create the best product for the people. We may be few in numbers but have a lot of experience with technology, product, UI & UX. Most importantly, we are a bunch of music enthusiasts. Together with your continuous warm and helpful feedback, the sky's the limit!

    The Future

    No more using YouTube for music, or paying for a basic, limited, and old-fashioned music services like Spotify. is the game-changing streaming service!

    Experience Music,