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The deep, dark Forest

Dark ambient
Dark electro
Synth wave

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Rap,Metal,Pop,Rock,Symphonic metal,Epic metal,Classical,Blues,Melodic dubstep,Dark electro,Electronic rock,Electro pop
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Lo fi,Indie rock,Dark electro,Underground rap
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Alternative metal,Alternative rock,Art rock,Atmospheric black metal,Brutal death metal,Classic rock,Country rock,Dark ambient,Darkwave,Doom metal,Epic metal,Experimental rock,Folk metal,Folk rock,Hard rock,Heavy metal,Industrial metal,Melodic death metal,Nu metal,Pagan metal,Power metal,Progressive metal,Soundtracks,Space ambient,Stoner metal,Stoner rock,Synthwave,Thrash metal
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Technical death metal,Post rock,Stoner metal,Doom metal,Dark ambient,Post hardcore,Post metal,Progressive death metal,Death metal
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Dubstep,Electro,Dark electro
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The deep, dark Forest
"All music is folk music. I ain't never heard a horse sing a song." - Louis Armstrong