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1960s: blues rock
1980s: folk rock
Album rock
Modern blues
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come in and play some blues or other rock. Just no rap please.

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My music
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Alt,Indie,Folk,Psych,Album rock,Experimental,Singer songwriter,British invasion,Psychedelic,New wave,60's,70s,Punk,Reggae,Dub,Soul,Motown,Progressive,Shoegaze,Lo fi,Krautrock,Instrumental,Ska,Acoustic,Garage,Space rock
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My music
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Album rock
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1960s: blues rock,1960s: hard rock,1960s: punk rock,1970s: psychedelic rock,2000s blues rock,2010s indie rock,2010s alternative rock
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My music to relax with
"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life." - Ludwig van Beethoven