Tiny Glowing Screens Part 3


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[Intro] Nothing matters, so it doesn't matter if nothing matters And while you be, be true And if you won't, fuck you Burn your clothes Open the wine Close your eyes Freeze time [Verse 1: Watsky] You’re officially welcome to grab your crotches Synchronize your watches and pour us a couple scotches People still as statues can’t catch you, turn pockets empty If they’re packed with plenty move some to ones lacking any While I take a crack at hacking the bank to jack em to cover high debts You’re screening floating bullets with a butterfly net, if there’s any screaming Pause it and cut out the sound, deposit the slugs underground I’m positive that we don’t fuck around No we go scooping up the diesel that’s leaking a sinking tanker Forever stuck at anchor like beetles get stuck in amber Halted like the thaw of the iceberg that shoulda sank her Halted right beside the temperature spike and the spread of cancer And all my peoples’ engagements and babies my friends are making We quit getting lamer, days quit getting later, life quits being labor, quick— You should come through to our party, dude bring your crew bring an army Youth is inside of the heart, the future can never harm me We’re never tardy (freeze, freeze, freeze) Late or early don’t worry we’ll wait cause we’re in no hurry to see those pearly gates I sit outside and watch the pigeon shit and tiny airplanes hanging in the sky and then I Hit a McCartney show and trip off how his arm is superglued to his guitar and then I Enjoy the lovely view and stand there for a month or two, my headphones looping Love Me Do on repeat Paul might not die if we try to wall off this diorama, we’ll buy all the time we want and then spend it all to Move this crowd—to join as converts to the church of blessed concerts and then conjure up some conversation Yes, I’m proud—my country is my heart and so in every combination we all rep a common nation That is how—I know that all we lepers and we shepherds join together now in holy congregation, everybody Stop right now! [Bridge: Camila Recchio & Watsky] I want to hear the church bells ring I want to see the fog roll in I don’t mind the muddy water I don’t mind the ocean wind Show me I’m alive right now Even if you gotta prick this skin Open up your eyes Open up your eyes Open up your eyes Open up your eyes [Verse 2] Some days I throw my hands up like this shit right here is hopeless But today I throw my hands up like this shit right here’s the dopest I’ll never sew my family’s holes up saying hocus pocus So I focus love on what is whole and chase my magnum opus There’s so much more to life before I leave this skin behind me Right now I’m feeling finer than Aaliyah in the 90s Yeah, today I’m feeling firmly like my faith could never burn me Like I’m apt to move that mountain just by glaring at it sternly San Francisco used to seem bigger than Jupiter From the view of an atom the human body's a universe How impossibly big it be, this symmetry This brutality, and beauty and synergy And beyond what we'll live to see, I know nothing can limit me Just take everything ever and we are that times INFINITY