Oh Didn't He Ramble

Van Morrison

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Ten songs The love of my family ✅ I’m a Modern day Aristotle ✅ Masterful Rhymer in the making ✔️ Late to class✔️ Fortune 500 list☑️ I’m a lifelong student ✔️ Changing and trading spaces ✔️ Chess with checker players✔️ Not in the mood right✔️ Tomorrow ain’t promised so live for today ✔️ Chorus I love of my family I must entrust my sis mom and pops/ Make a commitment to be forgiven/ I’m real not fake my lord forsakes I evade snakes/ A game of chance i dance around the video/ Emotionally and spiritually inclined with a virtuous design/ 3x I love my family since Toy story came out back pack of stress on my back like Andy/ Rollerblades for hands when I roll through the dusty streets on a winning streak/ A role model like Jesus with no followers I’m different/ So I do the best I can with what I know/ Going to the big man upstairs on his office after hours/ A slacker never a power pressure I’m more precise and clever on futuristic endeavors/ Talk about my problems share them like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting/ I learn that you get out what you put in/ Full strength with my musical prodigy and attain a network/ My head hurts thank god I can be myself around my father and mother I ain’t a sucker l/ Volunteer for free when I perform I’m in the rear even though I’m mad I make it I’m clear/ Dam the end is near no fear I’m here flip it hot chef pan seared/ Pops a rolling stone and mother an angel in movies like Angela Bassett/ People in life go by what they see not by what they know/ When they die I can not bring them back extend them god fearing genius deep verses on my track/ Manic depressive on my room days paintbrush strokes Van Gogh pieces/ Or days filled up robust drinks squeeze energy out on a plate/ Humorous times I don’t think about bad feelings and wanna be drugs dealings/ 3x Insanity Einstein spotted me out leprosy too much jealousy embedded in me/ Different moods make make me behave different I’m engraved in my conscious phase/ What I think or did never kept me sober the theme is in the literature/ No intentions of getting mad over mere matters/ God give him the glory that is deserved/ Greetings earthlings I put my glasses on so I don’t face the hardship/ At what cost do risk it all to stand amid the odds/ Tears in my eyes fears in my mind da Vinci is on my heart/ I listen I listen to my surrounding spider man senses’ tingling / Then I met my match let me light the devil up I spit fire around my kangol hat / Wise men listen and laugh while fools talk/ Stepped up to the base the hit the ball/ Chutes and ladders candy-land mixed with a chess players pose/ Articulating my thoughts on paper in plain sight I aim for the high life / Teaching me a new lesson I’m on a quest for new message/ Forget the crazy people that want to hate cause in the end they won’t be around to what class celebrate/ 3x My life is tolerable and valuable every move I made was fresh and calculable/ You can’t be a kid forever you have to grow up someday/ I exhale the bullshit I don’t want it to fester/ Sequestering these maddening circumstances/ I want love honor respect and morality ingrained/ Left out the side off the doors in this crazy works like Jim Morrison/ Kind of scary when we pass away over the casket look at the mask what do you see Jim Carrey/ Wisdom and knowledge is better than mans riches why because it vanishes one day/ Life is serious and you cannot get your time by/ I’m here for the duration I wait patient remain humble I’m bold and confident in the rumble/ Aiming to rid you of Goliath effects I’m a play in an accordion spot on strike of a scorpion shot let the stings of life mettle in and be tight like a Gordian’s knot/ We are in love family romantic I speak my three languages/ Gauge the show I prep my operas no need for phantom/ Robin Hood and King argthur bars I’m a legend in the making my errands are painstaking / You can run from yourself but you can’t hide your true self/ In the end my family is all I got so I seek my help...family/ 2x I’m you it’s mike the angel (Tetris theme) Big the old soul you a genius fir this one Keyboards on deck here we goooo Chorus I’m not a doctor not a preacher not a teacher/ Going back deep in my mind like I’m having a seizure/ I search the world for worth and debate my own motto/ Somebody said yo Jim your a modern day Aristotle / V-1 I’m an old soul trapped in a twenty fiver year old body/ What happened to the thinkers from way back when/ People dumbed down selling themselves short oh no/ In the sky I’m deemed a star check out my astrology and astronomy/ Catch me a buzz like a bumble bee when I’m on set/ Land of the free home of the brave/ You can dial into my vibe you can ride my wave/ I hope and pray the walls don’t close in to what you say/ Insight gives you something to ponder in yonder I humbly stand/ Authority is only dictated by superiority pouting out inferiority and fear/ You can’t be serious my grammar up to par not below average/ I’m able to drink part twenty but I’m not a savage/ I’m a cool nerd trying to get my ones right then blow up big like Michael Bloomberg/ Interacting with the common day man reaming messages putting out intellectual acuity/ Rumor has it I’m not doing what I am supposed to yes/ Coming to my senses I’m almost but not where I want to be yet Chorus 3x V-2 In your circle creating chemistry in our relationship/ You know it’s going to be logical to physical/ My lifestyle in my eyelids depicted as mystical/ But you know my conversation is far from typical/ Let me waltz to your brain going to the back of your mind like Psychology/ Just do your duty and simply try to honor me/ Don’t end my life cause I passed Biology along time ago/ Now they want the classic villain to replace the hero but I say hell no/ Repping my own stepping to my throne accepting the stones thrown/ Jaded and disgusted remorseful punishments I make clear adjustments/ Yo my ideology is nestled in my heart carrying this vivid doctrine/ A marvelous rap edited jester led lines I concocted/ Let my angels in and shun the devil out/ Pupils I know we can make it if we just try/ Reconcile hate speeches and effortlessly put our differences to the side/ It’s a brash statement but you know it’s true/ Chorus V-3 In a seat I foresee a paining of gracious victory/ A reincarnated professor when I die restored in Athens school literally / Who would have thought Big Jim Would be etched in history/ The news media lambasts us and serrated our views to small pieces/ You been hotter than the sun I’m good keep with the puns/ I got my own Philosophy somebody better put on the instrumental from KRS one/ I’m so blessed I can give a new toddler 75 years of info coming out his tongue/ They can hate you know but try to shake your hand and thank you later / Hi haters I’m here for that edification surrealism embalmed in mathematical triangular prisms/ I’m a bout to bounce back from my cave three days later they say Jesus risen/ No it’s just me Big Jim a little ominous with my right hand keyboard the Angel fish/ But I’m about to slow it down for you to understand/ I’m on top I came from nothing to prepare something restaurant style/ Judge jury and execution/ One the mic I grace it’s relevance on a plateau of elegance/ I want my message carried out the speaker box at a loud concert playing evanescence/ Chorus End Chorus song 3 You can’t beat me I keep a hammer in my palm like King Dede/ Rocking out taking it back to baggy clothes Enyce/ I’m close by no long distance so my friends can reach me/ All real in the battlefield you see my scars there’s no fakin/ Big Jim a masterful rhymed in the makin/ Was I love my life so I would never commit suicide/ In the skin I’m in I love it so I would admit genocide/ With the pen strokes it provides me from a gift from god/ I know today the world is going crazy like the eighties babies/ I’m hooked on phonics not chronic an atheist in a church that’s ironic/ Everything I spit in the main source becomes catatonic/ Did you know I had crack in my genes before I was thought of like Reganomics/ Sir at the end of bank notes I want a couple zeros/ Cause I’m the game of life you going to need money to be a hero/ Let me hit you up Luigi as I ride my mushroom/ I hired gourmet chefs to cook five star dinners/ I take my lovely lady on a shopping Spree you what I mean/ Big Jim the marvelous musical rhyme enchanter mutiny haters that produced negative banter/ I’m not crooked like a deer antler but I see my farm on my continent call me Black Panther/ My ex I could not understand her and my rights reprimanded on my aisle stranded/ The present is a must my past is not my debt I trust/ Chorus V-2 Money fluctuates on point with a line my exclamation point floats and punctuates/ I’m doing straight whether in I’m rich in stormy weather or in sunny skies in section 8/ Let the beat enervate marinate and elevate my mood/ Be careful for what you wish for cause you know it could be true/ Mowing my errors away when I fester my position/ This delicate blend of sentimental tunes logging out/ Mind boggling questions being asked all the time on my side/ I’m a crime solver and the world is my revolver/ Let me sign your book cause I’m your favorite author/ Drug free school zone I keep it clean no habits/ Mellow out a yellow skin fellow on a cello playing his soul out/ I’m about to swarm in rounding up a thousand submissive Mormons and make conversation that’s important/ Give me the loot I have a million genius ideas that will pay for more rent/ I don’t know where I’m going but I know where I’m heading/ You kids is always into something you have no business meddling/ I keep quiet but you keep on stressing me and telling/ Chorus V-3 God can’t give me nothing thing I can’t manage/ I’m pristine in a real form so I can appear and not vanish/ I’m using all these dealings and weak links around me to my advantage/ The master is here raw and potent one hand under my chin like I’m Rodin/ Few Made it out the war but got scars to prove they faced battles/ Moving around me like some Roman chatter and cattle/ Distorted view points on various nefarious topics and signs of Aquarius nights/ Take this back to when I would have riled my kingdom King Darius rights/ My stunt double ready to get in sync for the action about to occur/ En Vogue my robe ripped Sargent I went rogue the shoes on my feet brogue/ Monopoly man hand out I’m broke but classically trained baroque/ I got my flow from my pops and smile from my moms thanks for old folks/ Into this for a limited time only big Jim praying for a shot in the game without being holy/ Totally submerged in immense curtains of detailed descriptions of immense success/ Electrified studio sessions expected the worst when you brought me the best/ The master is here, ending careers, and wishing for better day as I wipe tears/ Chorus 2x Ahah Late to class Chorus I keep my eye on the prize/ My eyes set on the goal to acquire gold/ They put my hopes on the shelf when it came to pass/ They wonder I why I’m always late to class/ 3x V-1 I’m paid attention but could not afford the tuition/ Teachers raised eyebrows and concerns for my suspicions/ I knew what I wanted but didn’t know how to get it/ You see I already laugh at the bs in the system/ It sickens me we all to endure this life when it tears ya apart/ The teachers all get paid regardless but they say go to college its the key/ Well if it’s the key why I ain’t I found the door to unlock it yet/ In the back room listening to instrumentals from lord finesse and the large professors/ Wondering if there is a heaven for a G after all like PAC said/ But I’m alive not said I’m a legend in the making Big Jim/ When you know more than they know they hate you for it/ I’m trying to be an admired president residing in front of my residence/ Dancing down the dismal streets full of characters and iridescent lights/ I capture these factors from actors that get divided up like bone fractures/ Let me forklift my rhymes with practice Echoing my voice I’m a civil rights activist/ Leave you amazed distraught and tactless/ Chorus V-2 Drugs and drinks I can’t do they leave you paralyzed and wrapped up like a Hindu/ On the menu I’m drinking wines in Italy on exquisite venues/ I continue to show hospitality in the hospital cheering up my peers faces/ Let me spit a Genius Bar for the ages/ Turn the pages work with animals out of cages/ Forming an award winning long tempering movie to be played/ Don’t shame me cause I’m young I’m stunned/ Wait up cause I’m tuned out and bored with the subject/ Where’s the substance in these metaphorical and simile lyrics/ I’m striking numerous thoughts on various charts/ Look at my cart inside my art/ I’m smart cause I know laughter is the music of the heart/ I dine in nice food spots dealing with loan sharks/ I got dreams like the other students in my class/ But I know to make it you can’t fake it/ In the fall moneys comes time to rake in/ Chorus V-3 Alright so my path has some road blocks/ Thought I was the shit in the wrong spot/ Diamonds rubies sapphire and emerald / But I’m just a way from being ephemeral/ The hell with you when I tell you I’m reasonable/ No more patience in this American Dream I see it’s a scheme waist George Carlin said/ I’m well read I should have been a novelist/ Instead I made my meal putting sauce on my noodles/ The waitress asked me what do I want I said the usual/ Ok that would me a pinch of stupid ignorant fools equipped with issues that are miserable/ Damon you got it down on point sounds reasonable/ Father Time passes by my notes are full of splendid spliced up limericks/ Go ahead shoot your shot I’ll let you get one come to the court home of the New York Knicks/ Take your pick your such a good prospect and a sport when channel your hobby/ This ain’t world star Instagram face book clad tv or anything of that nature/ I been naughty before they had all then features/ So you can why I’m not into go to class cause it’s just boring listening to the teachers/ Chorus 2x ( I see the fire in your storm Jim whirlpool rapper) Chorus Yo Jim yo Jim I see it in your face / You already know I’m thinking Forbes 500 ceo my future face/ V-1 I want to be on Forbes 500 making hits with the best from that list/ My topic is of no more fervent discussion unless my insurance is background percussion/ I’m in that top five even if I’m not alive/ Yeah this my be a problem so I are a turn left if o don’t feel right/ Like bananas when they peel back I do the same to mics/ Coming to grasp from a break in reality/ The mind of an aspie god blessed me/ Big Jim looking at the time on my smart watch the band a thousand dollars alone Black and white like I’m one of the Watchmen Rorschach/ I seen too many babbling traveling clothes unraveling whores on my block/ They didn’t have a plan standing next to pimps who did a plethora of bids/ I want to be a winner in life so I create my own path/ I can picture me I a skinny slim fit suit wearing some argyle socks/ Big Jim your so dapper they madder than the hatter go see Lewis Carroll/ My beliefs are invested others so my karma is sown figuratively/ Tired of being decked in by this trickery/ Wicked wizardry casted upon me from my the depths of hades instantly/ Cause God wanted to make sure I gave back so I wouldn’t be greedy/ Chorus V-2 Believe me we get a lot but we don’t cherish it just get embarrassed quick/ Fancy dinners politicking around candlelight’s showing I can handle types/ I won’t let you haters and naysayers dismantle fights for justice / When I bust this I must not be up for sell like auctioneer/ Exhausted when the spotlight is one for this production of flare/ Great game coach but I’m going to set this one out/ Why player? I said because that’s not the play I’m about/(no doubt)/ Slipping into something comfortable before the music turns on/ My bank account just deposited money I see my flow like the egg yolk sunny/ Just took my woman out for a pedicure and a manicure/ And I’m buying myself a ranch house augmenting a tennis court/ I feel like I’ve been here before / Maybe I wast in a past life I don’t know for sure/ About to carve my name James on a reservation where the Indians be at/ So I can buy it out give to them and watch their chief relapse/ After my talent show coming to the booth to bring more dough/ Chorus V-3 Steve Martin Will Smith Bill Gates Warren Buffet/ I’m trying to make those lyrical numerical digits no errors in my flow when my account stuffs it/ You see my vision is envision with wits delivery and pension/ Cause I made the cut like try outs so go get him a band aid/ This is from my brain and yes it is man made/ Counting down the number line so I’m going to have to shine on a ski resort alpine/ Your in for a treat I’m bringing the cake back/ All the elites at the round table getting money and wisdom for a change/ Pull up out front see I’m the ultimate renaissance man/ I cut bars using my own pen as a knife before I wed my wife I learned to prep bars my instructions come from The Book of Life/ Yeah it might be shady how I go from big to slim but I’m still me Big Jim flowing like Rakim/ I got a taste of the rich and famous I’m ready for the Vegas nights at the mirage/ Morning breakfasts all you can eat let them serve us/ My purpose is to get in not thrown out like a piece of junk/ So I place all my money on this horse race / Damn if I win it all I want to be the number one out five hundred on Fortune Forbes 500 page/ damnnnn Chorus Chorus 6 I’m a prudent student a talent scouted out for his youth/ Every time I enter the room my force becomes centrifugal/ The love of my life I’m being quite difficult/ A life long learner I’m a scholar of this game we call life / V-1 Put my phone number in your phone let me know/ I’m a soaring super intellectual like a graduated from Harvard in Boston/ Top it off in the cake baby your iced frosting/ Get the game in order upscale dishes parallel with French or derives/ More or less I want it all I’m hungry for success like I’m Winnie the Pooh/ My journey is a disorder so I stay in my groove/ Rules of the game don’t snitch and turn on your family / Unless the price is right I’m bob barker/ Enlighten by the juice in this firewater/ The working man is the real hustler/ A Bronx tale in the new 24-7 hustler/ People change just as the leaves on the trees/ I can make your bars soft chocolate chips or make them hard like the attitude on Eve/ I’m plugged into the game same as a woman’s hair piece/ Let the bass hit you from the front and the back/ Going to see my doctor he’s loco nick name him quack/ Munching on the meals and punching the clock even if I did not have skills/ Chorus V-2 I’m staying my lane when I ride fast and I’m staying focus/ My worst work is better than your best opus/ Thing one or thing two/ We’re always together our covalent bond nice/ Put you onto new game so left my old valence/ I’m down in the dumps hopefully someone gives me s face lift/ High up on my side you see the four letter word NASA on my space ship/ Currently my currency is in a current sea looking at my re occurring dream/ Try to beat me delete me cheat me/ While your girls was a fiend for me I was their tutor boy meets world I’m Mr. Feeny/ I’m like them larger than life so they can cover the bases never tiny/ Oh my I’m an urban legend I’m may be related to T.i./ Tighter than an African braid special ed I got it made velvet suede looser than paper machete/ Different looks with different crooks off the books our mob deep I’m not shook/ Survival of the fittest and my idols become rivals amongst the wittiest/ Chorus V-3 Open a new book I’m onto the next chapter/ A lot of heartache and laughters/ After this service they going to call me baby Obama mixed up next to a Sunday pastor/ Put some oil on my anointed forehead so I get rid of the wrinkles lines/ I’m a skate of old amber stone frozen in time/ Dust off the pet dander and spit poetical flows just like Michelle Alexander/ Luckily I’m on my seventh line by designed saved in heaven on my eleventh rhyme/ I can’t body anybody and stand the test of time/ Please stay over there and don’t acknowledge me/ Swallow your pride and be a gentleman like Styles P/ Snake eyes roll one up the pass it out were beyond a pair of dice/ The world is a small place inside swimming around fish inside a clear vase/ They never grow up they still a bunch of school children/ On this ship I’m a voyeur adventures like Tom Sawyer/ Or do you want a neurotic lawyer before you leave your last employer/ Next inauguration I’m running up for rejection so pave the way for my new direction/ Chorus Seven song Chorus trade spaces Officer of the law these rules are not in my hands/ Around the globe I see many aging faces and people I recognize not being nameless/ Far from being rich and famous/ Now it’s time for changing and trading spaces/ V-1 We got pulled over I’m not into drugs or drinking I’m still sober/ Never ever bought a Range Rover I’m still a fall baby call me Red October/ When the shoe is in the other foot they treat you another way/ No mans an island I’m captivated by the red white and blue siren/ Maybe I should be on the Ringling Bros who knows/ I stay with a basket full of school supplies/ I’m making my own recipe to search for my own destiny my offspring take my legacy and take home a new dynasty/ Could have been a common pusher except I make good music/ Instead I went to college and reinvented my avatar/ My name is James that’s the title of my first cd/ If your mouth is dry get something to drink from geysers and water springs I know your thirsty/ The hospital made me sick quick this cat ain’t slick/ Yo break it down so I can get my fix/ I’m on everyone’s track they featuring me on their remix/ Take your pick cause I roll up with all types of cliques/ My flare shoots up so gamble now take your pick/ V-2 Tomorrow is not promised so be thankful for your specific gift: I know you ain’t a killer here’s the bullets you purposely dropped/ I unfold my on my desktop at my kids rehearsal/ Want the glove to spin my picture is universal / Let me stick my hand out in a street fight call me Vega/ And don’t forget the meds come get three omegas please/ It’s a shame that I got a go through all this just to get a check/ On the land of the blind ombré one eye man is king/ Let the pharaohs come you hear the symphony playing when they sing/ Due me a favor before you sue me or shoot me make sure first you introduce me/ Play the hand your dealt switch up when get a second/ I learned from my oppression this estranged aggression in my way no mind suppression/ I need rehab and motivation for my the gentle sonnets I engrave/ I don’t need to push hard I’m in deep water donkey Kong strength I’m enguarde (on guard)/ Look hard in my tracks my footprints misrepresent the sketchy road I walked/ No lead detective change this channel before you see my next episode/ Chorus V-3 Praying for more wisdom then fools that bear gold/ Why cause it’s scary when you commence to climb the totem pole/ Fold them roles and hold them up slow/ I’m far ahead of my time living in Maui on a beach looking at nice seniorita/ Put a toothpick in her hair from the brew I drunk/ It’s all a mad rat trap my whole life flashes before me I’m in this quarry/ Bounded and confounded in forestry me weed comes from another galaxy/ Surrounded in ounces of love by the pound you see my aura/ I’m dizzy from all the drama I need to get some insight from my mama/ I laugh at you cats im Cheshire/ On the bike I’m leaving a car crash found in cigar ash and I can’t help I played it well see n road rash/ Time goes by fast I slow the metronome on the telephone/ I admit it I’m vulgar I could produce an ulcer/ This scene is hilarious bride of chucky I won’t marry ya/ Represent my lyrical sensation I’m on the avenue of restoration/ A bridge of life I cross it to make my angelic destination/ Chorus 2x Song 8 Chorus This is a chess game against checker players/ A humble knight prepares to be a dragon slayer/ My god I put my good foot down like James brown/ Idiots not thinking their next move so I rearrange my angles through/ V-1 I’m on a business trip bright lights and expensive chicks/ Listening to HOV wearing a 3 pc suit watching boxin flicks/ Am I me at all times I do think so/ A couple mill from a couple pickles when I eat my deal/ Chill back on my beige recliner reruns on the television of Hotel Rwanda/ Jealousy only makes me want to step my game up/ KRS one approach when you step into my world/ Big Jim similar to a third world regime from here to Beijing/ I’m always an extreme case cause I can go from sociopathic to holographic/ Count my money where’s Mos Def someone drop some mathematics/ I carry all this worry on my shouldered outside lookers see the atlas/ I’m pragmatic generous giving to poor people is automatic/ How you going to help me when in go platinum?/ When you have no arms trying to shoot me with your magnum/ Like the government royalties coming in I have to tax them/ Let my kinfolk relax then a pair of aces I’m out kid/ Chorus V-2 I’m in my green one door speed boat/ You cracked me up using some old jokes/ Potpourris blend in the misty swift delicate breeze/ Intoxicating smells make me chilled and drop to my knees/ I pray to Jesus cause he saved from a lot of misery/ Come close or slice us in half my other fits perfectly see the symmetry/ A wild defense mechanism utilizing mimicry/ Open up the Bible reading scriptures turning sorrows to triumphs/ I’ve been here to clarify my past lines to identify complex rhymes/ You know I what all the green clean and fresh call me st. Ives/ Even saints fall short of the grace and glory of god in they lives/ Make the most of your darken troubles and your problems have roots Alex Haley/ I love cougars to sear their is no court case Kevin Spacey/ Isolate me in a cell and determine my outcome/ I keep my ex close by she’s vicious fighter like Malcolm/ Moves have to be made modestly at any given cost/ Chorus V-3 If crime pays bills I simply take rain checks/ Its a no brainer my rhyme skills hit hard and sprain necks/ I can’t believe I tried to trade my essence for a new beginning/ Loser or win I’m making up my mind now I’m in the dressing room stage one act 4/ Good morning ladies I’m up nice and early/ God is always god we a tag yeah duo like Laverne and Shirley/ This game is bungled up see my hair it’s real curly/ Big Jim come to the fifth floor to speak to your big brother/ Out the window I saw a droid airborne in the sky/ They wonder why dislike the government in our issues/ Here you go my darling take this plain tissue/ Don’t mind that curvy body I had to jog pass you/ An imbalance in my head not drinking more booze/ Swear to take the chess piece I plant it on the Queen/ She can go all over. If you know what I mean/ Figuring out this plot and gathering up my clues feeling blue/ Song 9 Chorus I’m not up to it today faxing all this illness in world gone astray/ Let me my heart out like a cig on an ashtray/ Coming for me your too late to save me from my fate/ I changed courses to seek help cause I’m not in the mood today/ V-1 My brain hurts my Heart hurts/ Thoughts written down have slight aneurisms/ Audience applauded me for exhibiting decent vocal mannerisms/ My family mourns a relatives passing while celebrating a birth of an organism / Sanity is lost and stability is found/ Gather up all my utensils so I create my own David of Pieta/ When I’m on TV one day ill cheer you up in Spain doing a fiesta/ At the moment I’m heartbroken sending my condolences To all the victims/ Seems to me rap is no longer an art form well im here to restore it back to its form/ McCob and morose attitudes over a table conversation time to make a toast/ Never put butter on it it might clog your arteries so pardon me/ Big Jim in the limelight again resurrecting The dead/ Redeeming my soul before my face becomes red/ The alleyway I see my best friend tommy shoot craps/ 911 came around 12 shot some bullets the neighborhood just snap/ I see my old buddy breathing hard taking his last nap/ Chorus V-2 Life is too short for long melodies and fierce tragedies/ Go ahead send some shade my glasses on before I fade/ Out in the front yard where the dogs bark in a rage/ And I’m here for the same reason you are mate/ I want success money cars clothes women and the power/ But today I can’t run from own ways I see it about to pour depression/ Some days are better than others I will benefit/ Some people try to get Better and others change on you like Clark Kent/ Notoriously known a for having a silver tongue flow/ Hip hop music poisons the minds of youth ruthlessly/ It’s not even close or can fathom from where it used to be/ Time to unwind from the family grind put some classic as I’m in my lair/ Say a prayer while I’m in my rocking chair For the mayor/ I dare anyone to stop there unwrapping my pink cold eclair/ The engine transmission is rumbling in to the atmosphere sending high vibrations/ This is one of those days to me Big Jim living in his prison of manipulation/ Chorus V-3 I could have been a servant for you but lied/ I don’t want to sell my freedom for coins/ I rather die a man than live a coward/ My bars bring hope back to life like a Jesus/ I need you dear more than forever now/ By the way it amazes me on your hardest days you still be positive/ Let me thrown on one of my evergreen brims/ Some love the pain others watch with grief/ I keep all the extra official documents locked in my case to keep it brief/ I’m not even shocked or in disbelief/ One day I will attain status in an apparatus being lavish in a tan Jeep/ Keep it simple I believe it’s in you/ A sad disposition the frown gesture/ I’m up at night kicking your butt Carmen Electra/ We have to keep it balance like your doing problems in algebra/ I’m not in the mood today so so if you kill me my outer shell will blow up Galaga/ Song 10 Chorus If you don’t use the you lose it/ Don’t come here if you going to abuse it/ My gift from good is priceless so I duel it/ Tomorrow ain’t promised so why you up for stupid?/ V-1 Yo I sweat profusely looking around hearing clandestine rumors/ Vacuuming up pieces of exploded parts from new caprices/ Big Jim the I want to put my name on a vermillion plaque/ Let me extend a handshake my only wish is my first hit to earthquake and Ground break/ Immoral actions only get you described as arrested/ Tested my character because I know it counts/ My eyes see green dollar signs inside of loaded amounts/ Not into drugs never even had to scale or toted an ounce/ Bubbling on the stove it must be some country bacon/ The smell woke up me out a nightmare/ I was drowning in my own conscious feeling guilty and pitiful/ Of how I was living with the people I was around Les Miserables/ In my lab yearning for more ingenuity/ Building you up beautifully a class act leaving out some promiscuity/ I keep an eye on my money like mall security/ Pin point my location this master is ardent in his versatile acuity/ Chorus V-2 Laser scenes in the sky I see quasars pulsars and ray beams/ A star fell out the sky and landed on its zone/ I can hear you on through the grape vine on my headphone/ If I dudes wanna see my reputation in shambles let them attempt/ But if they go amiss this will be the last time they give their kids a goodnight kiss/ I’m out for me in life a vandal a rogue a wild west desperado/ You ain’t a man yet you still a boy on the strings of Gepetto/ I’m so blind to your tricks this that they make mad/ Hello to the new artists who want to throw away their ideas/ Put it all together supercontinent from Pangea/ Then their sugar levels spike out their pancreas/ Don’t be upset you will thank me for this/ Put on you big wig and get emotional like Madea/ Lose yourself for the moment then zoom out and then save it soon/ I heard my aunt the infirmary abs she.Won’t make through/ A coupe of steps back I see the bigger moral point/ Now or never it’s your choice how do you deploy?/ Chorus V-2 Miracles are just spouted out in my walk with Christ/ A higher power gives me his blessings as Act nice/ In the front I stand to eat so I get no back bites/ Big Jim gonna put it on like big l did/ I stay underwater with spongebob catching delicious squid/ Hit you on the radio and then turn my doorknob/ I punch beats and put fruit in my glass/ The goal was to get a bout a million in lyrical imperialism to get the finest denim’s/ I’m on a great hunt I’ll be back in 8 months/ I may show to the Emmy’s on Intergalactic trunk/ You want to pay homage I’ll make you vomit/ A plus report I’m long so I can’t be short/ In school I was deemed a dork but know I do me kick ass like Bloodsport/ Off the road I race dramatically/ Actually I’m strategizing to get wealthier and by me a yellow pit bull terrier/ I’m taking off from the weed I seen an airplane carrier/ Chorus V-3 More the merrier sharing is caring / I had enough of rappers talk about sex and bling/ Instead I leave a quite when I sing/ No one can do everything but everyone can do something/ Brash reactions when get no cash advances/ Damn the devil on my level wins and parleys again/ Feed my ego to this noticeable sequel/ I can’t help she gonna tell it/ Wrap it up in a sub sandwich / Her beauty mark is adorable/ Our president present behavior is deplorable/ Low income to heavily rich is crazy / Women in the mirror she looks too hazy/ Breaking demons around me so I can tread/ Out the oven let gather my fajitas to enjoy/ Moving slow some amoebas and retarded divas/ Near the vault open it up safe wait my fault on my occult you ain’t going on pause/ Chorus V-3 Trepidation over the use of words exaggeration/ I’m going to stellar stepping to new heights/ Grazing the fields and gazing the sights/ Grading my paperwork kind of busy thinking about life bug off jerk/ Hustle hard and smart keep your circle small/ Grab my rock so I feel I’m walking tall/ Small talkers get mauled and get one of my dogs huge paws/ I’m a bourgeoise threat fucking up the set like Nathan/ Hi I can’t seem to cool down/ Making fun of me ahaha are you clowns?/ I’m at the club having a great time just being in the moment/ The toll needs to be paid that’s a large price to pay/ Bypass dying people on the side of the street uttering getting shunned and suffering/ I black and white I’m your living domino/ We pull out raps like when your tonsils gone/ This is my last creation the reaper came to dredge my life/ Chorus