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Dead Hippie's Revolution



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Mary Jane 3x [Verse: Sindian] Me and Mary Jane climaxing her clouds are dense She's my relaxation when the Goddess tense Cop a fat cipher just to make some sense Puff that magic dragon, spit fire bliss Build a golden fortress, stones all in that bitch High rising on them, bel-air with my prince School a nigga quickie, jewels he gonna dig up Spread my nile crocodile, neteru sugar Slither dripping my tongue a blunt licker Wet, stardust all on that dick Listening to my lyrics just to reminisce Lift them sheets Nefertiti writing them hieroglyphs Pusha T Richmond wave spitting them Malice clips Im wavy trill motherfucking ill Goddess Era spitting 32 better fucking chill Sub-zero darts Mary jane heat the thrill Like I'm MJ zombies gonna pop a pill Boy she loud glowing got me stuck on still [Hook: Sindian] Mary Jane take a walk with me Spitting them jet bars talk with me High as the sky universal hippie Such a addiction got me itchy Cut from the earth raw so it's trippy Sucking on that blunt left that shit a hickie Black roses in my garden so you know I'm picky Sacred vine sacrificing smoke a Yeezy [Verse 2: Sindian] Im the dealer of lyrics Mary Jane got me through the ceiling rock a fitted Backwoods split it loud gonna fill it Loading up the mothership through portals I"m steering Open up my book of rhymes, trees on the lyrics Now that's growth, bars stars Sirius On the road to awe, fountain pillars Bitch I'm raw resurrecting Dilla Cam on that killa, kid slick Gillie Aiming for a milli, gold chain silly Sniff a Nicki Minaj, cocaine billy Smoking a foxy donna, brown tone phillie Damn I'm so witty It's duck season and these rabbits looking silly Me and Mary jane bopping on that Diddy Eagle spread taking back over Gotham City [Hook] Universal hippie 3x Sacred Vine sacrificing smoke a Yeezy