Melody Lane

Uncle Acid

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Melody Lane



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I'll take a walk behind Melody Lane I'll follow her as she turns through the rain They say she's good but I can't feel the same I want her I saw her dance when she first hit the scene Creep joint romancing with amphetamines But tramps like me stay in shadows unseen I want her I'm not her kind of lover My mind will not recover I just went my time with her MELODY LANE I'm not the kind to kill her I just want drugs to thrill her We'll spend the night together MELODY LANE Her face lit up under yellow street light With eyes of fear as she caught me in sight I won't hurt her, but she knows that I might I WANT HER She pulled a knife as she lunged in the dark Cut up my arm like a bloody remark The curtains twitched and the hound dogs did bark She left me for dead I staggered on my way home past leering eyes and taunting voices As blood dripped from my flesh wound I knew my thoughts Would scream in terror FOREVER AND EVER... Too bad she's gone, Melody Lane