Two time



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[Hook] The champ is here [Verse 1] Flow can't be seen Like it took one in the face I'm heavy nigga, tow can't be seen Like I'm repossessing a Chevy nigga Don't hang with those niggas those can't be safe Even in they panic rooms I will soon be forest to the floor of this Stethoscope to the door of it Listenin for the break And I don't care how long gettin the combination takes I be concentrating on the crack, get it straight I was so high up the food chain that which I mentioned before I ain't know how to make I master shake like Aqua Teen Hunger Force Already number one in the hood, G It's like my third deal off Could Be Get it focused, one of the coldest you gonna run across Like it was stolen from a under boss Spent for stack and sold to another boy He might never get it back So whoever got it getting whacked if they ever get caught Now that's what I call reaction to a chain snatching Game got bout as much compassion as The Passion So it gotta make a comeback, just like a champion [Hook] [Verse 2] I run it back to that last piece of action My necklace was took-en by detective I don't stress it I just gather up my essence As real as the view through my Cartier correctives, yeah But now back to the punchin Back to flo' like crunching Got a 6 pack on the low now I'm sunk in Look like I'm driving from the back seat With a bird shotgun like I'm hunting You see what happened I made a call, and she got fly I was pumping, hit her up Then I sent my dog to go and pick her up Camouflaged fitted cut to the left velours, how I did it up And to the whole Westside, I tip it up And over to the single baby mama with no job that gotta WIC it up To all my niggas in the CCDOC waiting on they quick collect to come So they can live it up And to my niggas that liquor they livers up and distribute cut in the belly Sit it up [Hook] [Verse 3] In the abdomen is Madison from which I came But this my gang FNF crew, first and fifteen Bear arms like Labatt Blue Oh yes its bullets in the toasters as many as the clips that the gun hold And they itchin to come up out the magazine like the posters that unfold So my heat like Tigerbeat I got the shotgun and the driver's seat So if Lupe's a coupe, my man is a sedan If there's more than 2 of us, then you up against a van If I'm leavin, then you leavin If your niggas wanna come, y'all can ride with me It's just gonna be a lot of squeezin Ya understand? That I don't need Caroline calculator to divide defeat Just lean a little closer The flows are his as roses is So override your pride and decide retreat It's suicide to meet Like a broke stock broker and a sidewalk Y'all niggas ain't fly as me That's why I defy physics and y'all niggas collidin, peace I'm up here with the Leers Y'all down down there with the airs Emperors in the mirror, you're playing with a pair Nigga I is we Twice the MC like mc-squared Trust, I make it relate I got the poker-face and I'm hiding a flush Still riding the beat With a air that still smells like roses from Andre 3000 My housing surroundings is what made me me And that's two times the G You see how I doubled that the third time, nigga please [Hook]