No Secrets

The Treble

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[Intro: Flava Flav] They claim we're products from the bottom of hell Cause the black is back and it's bound to sell Picture us cooling out on the Fourth of July And if you heard we were celebrating, that's a worldwide lie Yo Chuck, the fat generals man, trying to pull a 226 on you, G! Yo man, show 'em what you got! [Verse 1: Chuck D] This style seems wild Wait before you treat me like a stepchild Let me tell you why they got me on file Cause I give you what you lack, come right and exact Our status is the saddest so I care where you at, black And at home I got a call from Tony Rome The FBI was tappin' my telephone I never live alone, I never walk alone My posse's always ready, and they're waitin' in my zone Although I live the life that of a resident But I be knowin' the scheme that of the president Tappin' my phone whose crews abused I stand accused of doing harm, cause I'm louder than a bomb [Hook] Come on, come on (Louder!) Come on, come on (Louder!) Come on, come on (Louder!) [Verse 2] I am a rock hard trooper to the bone, the bone, the bone Full grown, consider me - stone Once again and I say it for you to know The troop is always ready, I yell "Geronimo!" Your CIA, you see I ain't kiddin' Both King and X, they got rid of both A story untold, true but unknown Professor Griff knows, "Yo, I ain't milquetoast!" And not the braggin' or boastin' and plus it ain't no secret Why they're tappin' my phone, although I can't keep it a secret So I decided to kick it, yo And yes it weighs a ton, I say it once again I'm called the enemy, I'll never be a friend Of those with closed minds, don't know I'm rapid The way that I rap it Is makin' 'em tap it, yeah Never servin' 'em well, cause I'm an un-Tom It's no secret at all 'cause I'm louder than a bomb [Hook] Come on, come on (Louder!) Come on, come on (Louder!) Come on, come on (Louder!) (Yeah!) Come on, come on (Louder!) Come on, come on (Louder!) Come on, come on (Louder!) (It's yours!) [Verse 3] Cold holdin' the load, the burden breakin' the mold I ain't lyin' denyin', cause they're checkin' my code Am I buggin' cause they're buggin' my phone - for information No tellin' who's sellin' out - power buildin' the nation so Joinin' the set, the point blank target Every brothers inside, so least not, you forget, no Takin' the blame is not a waste, here taste A bit of the song so you can never be wrong Just a bit of advice, cause we be payin' the price Cause every brother mans life is like swingin' the dice, right? Here it is, once again this is the brother to brother The Terminator, the cutter Goin' on an' on - leave alone the grown Get it straight in '88, an' I'll troop it to demonstrate The posse always ready - 98 at 98 My posse come quick, because my posse got velocity Tappin' my phone, they never leave me alone I'm even lethal when I'm unarmed Cause I'm louder than a bomb [Hook] Come on, come on (Louder!) Come on, come on (Louder!) Come on, come on (Louder!) (Yeah!) Come on, come on (Louder!) Come on, come on (Louder!) Come on, come on (Louder!) (Right) [Verse 4] Cause the D is for dangerous, you can come and get some of this I teach and speak, so when it's spoke, it's no joke The voice of choice, the place shakes with bass (Called one for the treble) The rhythm is the rebel Here's a funky rhyme that they're tappin' on Just thinkin' I'm breakin' the beats I'm rappin' on CIA, FBI, all they tell us is lies And when I say it, they get alarmed Cause I'm louder than a bomb