The Sun Is Always Shining On TV by A



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Yo before i used to write songs But uh write Writing songs Not making to sense to me right now You see I use to write songs But writing songs On paper and pen Man fuck that shit Nigga I just freestyle Every Every song Nigga I ain't got time to write no fucking song right now (chuckle) Nigga i don't have time to right a song Maybe i might take a chance and right a song Nigga i use to write all my songs Nigga Writing a song Nigga I don't do that no more Oh man Take the pen and the paper Write a song Yo I'm tired i'm tired Of writing song Yo Every song is from the top of my head I'm tired i'm tired I'm tired of writing song Nigga every time i come to write a song I don't wah fi write a song I see they listen to me With their ears open long Let me tell you that I do it like i taking down a thong Could a wrong Could a write Could a spring Could a sprung Nuff of them are fi talk about me Like they know who i be They don't know ABC To a 1 2 3 I still do me Nuff of them wah fi come and try Underestimate me Could a estimation Nuff of them Wah talk about me Whats a estimation For a nation Still do it like position Them talk about me Move like election Drop bombs like a taliban Them wah fi talk about the sun I do it so good What i proclaim is That i prolong Nuff of them wah fi talk like I'm just wrong Damn What's a right To a do Everybody wah fi talk about me Nuff of them don't know me Nuff of them don't know me If you want to Go and buy my CD Nuff of them wah fi talk Nuff of them wah chat Every time i come They come behind my back Nuff of them wah fi talk about bomboclatt No Jamaican I still do it like slack Nigga Could a kick Could a kick a cat Nuff of them are talk like ha ha ha ha Block block block a Could a shatta Niggas always talking like Who the fuck i be ABC 123 None of them are Full wise Still full but I still do me Like i put on the TV Nuff of them are talk Like they cya see me In the dictionary Damn I just do it Hero cause Nuff of them wah talk like an underwear I just do it like a spare I just do it cause i can Niggas wanna talk like Who the hell care Damn I could spell position I do it so good Cause you know i still do me Damn I'm on top my game Everyday yeah i still do me Oh damn Its another way i play Cause i can I do it cause i can On my microphone I just do it like a dog need a bone Could a scheme could a this Could a chrome (chuckle) Nigga moving like a spinning barrel Nigga all i do is i just talk Nigga i don't really give a fuck with none of your'll Niggas That like to fucking talk alot