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The Platters

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[Jaykae] Yeah I'm ready Oh Yeah It's leaping season Man I'm either too fucking busy Or too busy fucking Every day I'm taking over a new city stuntin' Go and ask somebody who's really running our city Who matters yeah and who really doesn't What a pity Grow with me Pull your socks up, take a stroll with me Something misty you can see the hole in me Buying bottles of this shit like ? no Diddy Nah drink won't take my problems away But my thoughts overload and my conscious'll play Someones in trouble then it's gotta be Jay Do you like my new flows yeah I got them today A vet now til 12 I was an up-comer Got a feeling that it's gonna be a good summer So much things on the hoods wish list So I'm gonna make sure it's gonna be a good Christmas Hard times June we deserve this shit One way traffic can't swerve this shit Grindin' for time had to earn this shit Takes years of silence to be heard this quick Straight up And if you're feelin' froggy release another anthem (leap) They mustn't be talking money cos they talk to me an' I never seem to understand em (Don't ask big man questions) They won't let a man live his life without stress the Police I can't stand em (can't stand em blud) And the worst thing is these hoes ain't loyal but neither are the mandem Sad but true, bet you're screwing if that was you Them guys that'll lie and tell you black was blue (what boys?) Tell em catch up Now I'm not fuckin' round this time it's clear Sick of talkin' 'bout this time next year You know me fam I get shit crackin' Just take a look at me this time next year I'm nearly 23 you feel the energy Josh was my little bro you seen the chemistry Feels like I got a whole leap of enemies Now you're way back there if you been ahead of me Shout out Tom you hear the melody (trust me) So nah nah don't give up for anythin' Live yours fuck everythin' Yeah thats life with a Y An eye for an eye Three deaths in one year I ask why to the sky The motorbike crashed but I ride til I die Don't think I'm bad I'm just tryna' get by I smoke til I'm sober Know I'm a soldier Dealt with my shit I never moaned to an older Still looking over my shoulder From a stone to a boulder like snow but I'm colder Yeah fuck it man I'm great And if your friend's on the wrong path put 'em on a straight I used to want her now I got it on a plate Is it cos I'm Jaykae or cos I lost a bit of weight? Oh Yeah [Dapz] They never expected this They never expected this For real Listening to 2Real and things don't seem too real Cos you died on my Mum's birthday I saw her face and cried thinking about Alison's pain The golden boy you played a major part in helping Brum shut down If you was around Froggy would not I ain't forgot RIP Depz the boss Cah we miss you bro You're not here but you're here in spirit Thank god Jaykae found the spirit to put down the spirits Yeah that's the spirit It's more than a lyric This is a diary to remind me how I've been living Writing but it was already written so don't tell me about spitting You know like that Find yourself in a stakeout, big ego Confidence is frightening living that life with a Y Private guy in the public eye Not too social can't be social sights cah man have got a social life Plus theres only so much This could be us or niggas be like I can like DSAW been taking advice from Kyle and CS to read more Read between the lines now I'm not around some man you saw me round before When the helpers helping out Who's helping the helper out? I decided to help myself and now I make a bit of change Cah things have changed from back in the day I'm climbing ladders Go Small Heath and reason with braddas Tryna follow [?] but same time follow my dream And find that balance Shake man's hand with my right hand only Roll with my right hand man only You know the pattern Dad told me this was bound to happen Cos son you have too much talent Now I feel like Floyd when he had to fight Rickie Hatton I had a serious passion for when I used to listen to Serious and Passion Now me and my mandem are in fashion Fans rate us so they pay attention Gal rate us so they crave attention I feel man feeling a way I can sense the tension I know but choose not gas em They want me on a Scrappy Doo vibe let me have 'em let me have 'em Killin' this shit one love Deppy clap em Still can't fathom what's happened it's mad It made me realise I'm a dad Tryna be grateful even though things aren't great all the time It's make or break only a few survive West Brom's where I reside I do this for my ting for my fam (don't say a word) Almost but not quite Got promoted to top flight It's leaping season, soon see me and my legion taking over your region I'm tryna move right and put negativity aside Do a good deed I'm nice I've got a voice of course I'm gonna speak Tell 'em if they feel froggy then Are you mad? Yo