The Original Evergreen-Puff The Magik...( 1995 Before Die Antwoord )

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Hip hop
Die normality corporation



Voice 1: gee, it sure is hot today, i'm parched
How about some lemonade?
Voice 2: yes that would be great
2 please..
Child: pineapples anyone?
Voice 1: oh wow! look
Enemies: yeah we'll have some of those! hehe (inaudible grunts)
Child: hey what about my money?
Enemies: sure here's your money! (spits)
Child: hey! (slaps)
Enemies: get outta here!
Voice: hey why did you do that to that kid?
Enemies: why wanna make something about it? hmm, lets fight!
*various kung fu noises

OK lets quit with the flexin'
I'm asking
Hows about kickin and relaxing?
I'm done with the construction
Filled with that concoction
Say what the hell and kill a few braincells
And its swell cos just as well
I'm in the mood to hit the tube filled to the brim with doob
That be sending us to never never land
I never ever had a spliff that i couldn't handle
The vandal, lit it with my candle
Getting pretty mangled
With the boys in my seven leafed poison
And then i pause and feel the effects of Hiiiiigh
My name is Watkin
What could be better than this B?
I'm feelin doobie doobie doobie...

Just puff the magic and drag-on

Just call me the baker man cos i bake all day
Pass it to the left and then it comes back my way
Then i swayyy but i you i never stumble
Cos B is back and i don't mean no bumble
I mean the baking B, i'm on the one that's on the rise
Baking that shit til i get the chinese eyes
Like Popeye needs spinach, i need my weed
Remove that seed and i'm ready indeed
So jump on that bus like Reeves and speed
Cos every man has one basic need (aha!)
So let's use that seed like the good lord instructed
Don't fret about the pigs (oink!) cos they all corrupted
And i once i get baked, baked like a cake
I'm just like a king, and that's when i sing..

Its just one of those that i'm feelin' kinda lazy
Time to hit the crazy stuff, that make everything hazy
Puff it up i can handle but i'm not bragging
I'm puffin' out smoke like puff that magic dragging
That sagging, expression on my mug comes by
The funky drug that gives me
That i don't a fuck attitude i'm the dude with the doob
And i feel i'm in the mood
So back up punk, i wanna jack up!
Mr. farm animal with the gun hates it
Mr. farm animal fucking confiscates it
And i get nailed for possession, piggy starts stressing
Time to learn my lesson
But i still..

Puff that magic and then i drag it on
STRONG, taking hits like king kong
Nothing wrong when i'm blunted to the max jack
With those big swazi heads in my backpack
Ready to rollll in more ways than one joe
Strollin' saggin' draggin' on
As puff another puff another weedy
And the pigs roll up they looking pretty seedy
So i make like speedy and i jet never getting wet
From the mad tech that those pigs in blue be packing, macking
As if they where the king
But they knows who bears the motherfuckin' ring, let me sing

Puff it up, puff it..

How can ya hate it?!
My pre-fabricated bong that gets all my stress elevated
Now you can get a hit from my shit make the cherry go REDDER, now ya feel better
Holding the cold and the spell is been casted
Hoo-wheee! now i'm getting blasted..
Pause it, quick i want a hit, give it to me i can feel the magic flowing right thru me..
Now wave ya blunts in the air
And puff it up like you just don't care
And if you're feelin high like the evergreens everybody say OH YEAH..