The Monkees - "You Bring The Summer" [Official Music Video]

The Monkees



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[Verse 1] Rest In Peace to all my niggas, judge free my shooters From up in hunts, riverbend, DC, aunt taloola All my niggas in the system, names in them computers Brudda took 7 for the dope, should’ve said he was a user I remember blitzing niggas on that avenue But gettin money, fuckin bitches what I rather do Bro nem like Morris bart one call that’s all they bring them ladders through I ain’t got no pics for who I hit bitch it don’t matter who My momma cried she searched my room and found another gun I told her chill out if I die can’t get another run If I get caught I could bond out and get another one Could get a lawyer if I die can’t get another son I be thinkin bout millions that’s what my whole day bout But I can’t rush it I let God do him and watch shit play out Bitch gone come quick if I rob then I bring that K out It is what it is my sister said she want that play house (she want that playhouse) Gotta lot of bitches gotta lot of hoes I ain’t just bragging that’s real life Ion even text her ion even call her I could still fuck her shen I fell like Bro got hit and he still hype Pop a train and give her real pipe I slide through when you don’t feel like Give her dick and make her feel right Glock 26 with the monkey nuts, got nell with me he be swingin too Leave ya hole in ya head like a dolphin, leave ya stomach open like a kangaroo I’ll wet a nigga like he by the coast like he gotta room at the catalina If he facin forward when that choppa hit em, make me spin around like a ballerina That AK go click clack, better take off when that sound near We outchea, we don’t never duck, ain’t nothin quackin bitch around here 223 with the scope on it, my new bitch she a lil boujee I ain’t got potnas, ion be with niggas, all my friends dead like lil uzi Need a skinny bitch with a lil booty, you already know how it’s finna go Imma dick her down, imma freak her out,imma call her brother, put him in the door I’m in the band with this nick cannon, I ain’t talking weed but I sip shit She jump on the dick like a frog, but she ride that bitch like a ripstick