Always On My Mind

The Killers

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Alternative rock
Indie rock



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The chick i wanted i couldn't have You know you h**s be doing that bad But ian trippin off no jit The only b i’ll chase is bags You say that i f**ked with your friend And im like leave that in the past Ima be up lil minute And i can't wait to show my a** Remember i couldn't live without you Now you dying for my attention baby Listening to your friends feelings different I know you miss it baby My love you dismissed it You trippin Watch how i run you crazy B***h the name cokeish don’t forget it So when a n**** make it I'll never go backwards, a never chase afterwards, a hoe please She back that nigha, no cap with the killers, he gone bleed Ima stack with the figures, and laugh at you n*****, she want me Been masking my feelings, the passion I've given, you owe me And I'll never love a b***h, unless that bitch be loving me I then put trust in all you nighas, and that shitt been haunting me And i'll never f**k a b***h, unless that b***h be sucking me I then put nut on all your pillows, from you running from the d And like crazy i might be, for thinking we can be together B***h I'm married to game, we finna f**k this world together And im like crazy i be, for thinking we can be together I feel like f**k all you n****s, b***h just run me that cheddar F**k what you talking, and f**k how you feel I got pain in my heart, and im hoping it heal I got stains from love scars and hard crushing, please chill I'm so done with these h**s, no one loves me for real F**k what you talking, you know what it is So much pain you then you caused, yet im loving you still Gave the best of both worlds, you go miss me for real Never have ever love someone this much, so chill The b***h I wanted could've had her But i left that h** alone N**** switching, people trippin, errthang been goin wrong Stay to myself, gotta maintain, all by myself been standing strong Chasing that bag, I’m finna go Don’t wanna talk leaving my phone Not the type to go and chase nobody Guess it's ‘cuz of pride But since you left sh** I been lonely Need to put that pride aside I need a chick who down for me, and with no wheels she still go ride Come and hold me be my trophy ‘cuz you always on my mind Come and hold me be my trophy ‘cuz you always on my mind I wanna hold you ‘cuz you know me, I’m not in to wasting time Sometimes you blow me, but it's lowkey, Ian trippin' girl it's fine Who do it better, us together, f**k the shade ‘cuz we go shine My mama told me never change, and ima stand on it Let’s go paint a picture it ain't clear, well put your hand on it F**king with my brother, that's cokeish, it ring a loud bell N***** they don't like us Ian trippin sh** all well