Crazy Train

The Flys

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Universal Soldier: The Return


Alternative rock
Power pop



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Verse 1: Ima bout to flip the script dyslexic actors Doin big things despite my stature Forget consequences it’s not a factor My minds upside down like my mom had me backwards I kill bars so my enemies all want me benched I'm Like AMC ya tuned into the walking dead They send me hate mail w/ CAPS in the letter head I treat em like Snoops bandana never red You mad I rap with an image so unghetto? Im not a puppet no strings no japetto My brains off but my hearts always on tempo So when I sing its all true no falsetto Lets make the walls echo with your assumptions And buy music chock full of pure redundance I’m done with it. I’ll run scissors in hand trippin' Belligerent, no shit given, Man listen.. Chorus: If ya mad go ahead and take a number though I'm the anxiety inside you that you come to know Bet I'm sittin' in regret? hardly... SORRY THAT I'm NOT SORRY I've made mistakes. Karma kicked my ass twice Still stickin' out my tongue in the fast life Bet I'd do it all again though I'm awfully... SORRY THAT I'm NOT SORRY Verse 2: I’ve got alotta Ex’s w/ the same story They’re pissed off and they wanna place the blame on me I’m just lost I recall you said you’d wait for me While I did my thing but now your life has no more space for me And now im feelin’ like Macaulay cause I’m home alone Throwing stones at glass houses while im on the phone With record labels steady claimin that my flow is dope Im sorta stoked im birthin’ hope like my water broke Won't take a thing back Because my fails made me Im on the crazy train flying off the rails daily They never thought the next big to air maybe A pale lady with a mic who likes to wear paisley Just to cause a stir and leave my ma concerned What happened yesterday? That shit is all a blur I can't wait up I’m ready so I’m jumpin on it No patients/patience like doctors on unemployment Chorus Bridge Chorus