Nights in White Satin

Sweet Jane

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Nights In White Satin





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I’ve heard some people sayin’ they think I have a problem with women That I’m some sort of, misogynist or somethin’ And I just wanna take this time to assure all of you, that I do infact love these hoes I try to be nice to these bitches but society sexualizes ‘em So it isn’t my fault if my dick is inside of ‘em I lie to ‘em and tell ‘em I’m as rich as they come They say they’ve never tasted anything as rich as my cum See I don’t just treat hoes bad, I beat hoes Like Sweet Jones, when I punch a bitch, my meat grows I usually keep a bitch in the trunk, but I’ll let her sit in the front if she deep throats I get a headache, and I’m splittin’ a blunt Sippin’ 40’s, gettin’ horny I make the bed shake when I’m hittin’ the cunt Me and Big Mike are tag teamin’, we love D.P We’re gonna have her ass bleedin’, like rough T.P But then, after I smash it tends to be the ones that passion ends I come/cum and go like fashion trends My cash is spent, I got no lettuce But I’ll still make a bitch fulfill my gross fetish I mean, I might be into some weird shit But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you All it means is you might get choked out every once in a while I told this one bitch she could wait long enough to see a tree growin’ But you’ll never see me down on one knee with a ring, Tebowin’ I’d rather scoop me up a groupie from the audience Get a fuck buddy and study the way her body bends My drunk sloppy henchmen tryna get some pussy too We’re all hittin’, shovin’ every inch in After a couple bottles of liquor I get an itch for a fat bitch I wish these models were thicker If he isn’t pickin’ up his phone, Sketch is with Skeezus Without a condom on his bone, catchin’ diseases I came to bring the dick, hard cock nice and slick Let’s go inside this lil’ chick I’m low-down and dirty, when I’m flirting the hoes frown I’m so focused on her tits when she talks, there’s no sound I’m daydreamin’ of a night smashin’ Here’s the summary of the song: sex is somethin’ I like havin’ I hope this clears things up, on how I feel about these bitches And if there are any bitches listening right now If you’re a big, fat, dirty slut, I love you Or if you’re just a skinny little cum bucket, I love you too You fuckin’ whores