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[Lil' Phoenix] We came in with the try-tracks, blew up like a dye pack Now we a team, yeah and I hope you're alright with that And before you get excited, Alex doesn't fuck his cat Yeah we tech geniuses, put that under Matt Yeah we going on tour, to LA Lil Crown is comin', hope he doesn't mind the lag Soon when we are older, we'll be there to stay But for now, gotta hop on the plane The Royal Phoenix tour, comin' to you bitch Oops, we cut the shirts, well, hope you like to stitch How you guys feelin'? I gotta little twitch The music video is comin'. Yeah, you know I flipped the switch We comin' on hardcore. You know we are grindin' Gettin' all them deals, you know we are signin' Yeah I got the light, yeah, it's fucking blindin' Came from nothin' to somethin'... oh stop cryin' If I took the "B" an made it "V" like X, I'm like vro We may not be in the gang, but we at the Gucci store We ain't like the others, we dont need to grab a hoe 'Cause we got a main, and a side, full dinner bro [46 Savage] 46, I'm here, yeah I'm with the gang Phoenix be main, but you know we both bang You know we dropping bangers, like Alex's fangs You know they walk up, you know they like 'DANG' You know we got the butterflies. Up and down The doors, the knives, and no frowns We all lords, yeah we got crowns It's the best feeling, lookin' into them crowds You know we goin' at the 310 High We passin' all the "great's", yeah, peace, bye If we sat on our cash, we'd be in the skies I'm buying twin a car, yeah you know that's not a lie We got good whips, we ain't talkin' nae nae's Comin' up clean, yeah you know we fuckin' blaze We put you up smooth, we put you in a khaze I ain't talkin' 'bout the white boys from fuckin' FaZe Yeah we white. But we still in the rap scene I ain't got no chocolate stick, you can't call me Pirouline Cream filled, like your girl, and she ain't mean She'll tell you 'bout last night and she was keen [Lil' Phoenix] Woah there David, slow the fuck down There's no need to get THAT real, there's no need for frowns Psst. As a side note, I also got down With that girl, but you don't need to say that out loud You say I got no flow? This is my own flow You say I got no bars? You need a recharge On your hearing-aids, I can count more bars, than times you got laid And you say I'm just a bitch, think you need a replay This is my moment, step back Grizzley And Kodak too, she want's to kiss me Keep callin' 'em shawty, what are you? A mini-me? Of 50-Cent, you know you love these bitches deeply She used to say you love, you used to say that shit back Now you got scars, look where the fuck where you at All you need, is Lil' Phoenix, put you on track All you rappers talk about is "Gang, Click Clack" Gotta step back, they'll put your ass in jail When Alex steps in, you know you need to bail Broke my BK, now he ridin' like a sail Now come on the mic, show them how to wail [Alex] Yeah, I'm ridin' in the foriegn, black rims, custom Plates, on this Bih. Yeah it got no dust, mom If we gon' fight, I'll be Jerry, you be like Tom Yeah, I'm a little mouse, but at least I ain't a pussy bomb Well, I'm a pussy destroyer, hope that's alright 'Cause I'm 'bout to destroy your girl, all night Yeah, I know you're scared over there. You won't come fight Talk all this shit and then bitch out. Yeah, that's right I broke up with my ex-one, 'cause she fuckin' used me She was tryna get up on my friends, I said, bite me 2 days later she was on my pants. Say she want me The only thing I could think was get up, off me Me and my team, wink, we stay rollin' Eatin' your bank account, let's call 'em coalin' Kodak ridin' in a foriegn, but you know it's stolen I ain't like Roman, I don't wanna go bowlin' Look at my money, see it rising high You want me for my fame, I see it in your eyes When we stroll up on your block, we catch you by surprise 310 Gang, pullin' up, yeah you won the prize [Lil' Phoenix] JDA, shootin' like the NBA To the a, b, c, you know we play Call us Miley, 'cause we party in the USA ... Fuck sake You like Yo Gotti? I gotta Bugatti Droppin' them bars, call me Lil Yachty If you talkin' money, you know I got a lot-y You know how you are, you got me fucked up shawty Now you got no words, call me Hopsin Watch your computer, 'cause I'm ddos-in' You know I'll Mike Tyson your ass, if we boxin' PTSD, watch out for the pull-pin