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Save me - Remy Zero Lyrics (Smallville Theme)



(INTRO)‎It’s game over for u niggas!
It’s payback time (okay)
Yo Unrecable, let’s show them how we do it right here in Africa! (u know what time it is, are u ready??)
Right! (It's AB1, the raptomaniaaaaacccc)
This is A-B-1, raarrr
Ever seen a nigga spit a 152 on a 16 of 9 beatz each, yo check this out...‎

AB1 is here to stay, hope ya’ll niggas roger that
Just like It was yesterday, they said that the shit that I spit is crap
Mehn u can say what u wanna say, but still I would be heading to the top
Ya’ll muthafuckaz know I don’t play, cus all I do is tit for tat
Giving tasty bars but they not made of cocoa
I kill em with the fast flow then I go slow
Like am straffing a bitch on the top of the roof, Imma fuck ya’ll niggas up, no homo
Take a seat, please joko
N let’s take this poco-a-poco
I would tell u straight to your face, ya’ll niggas live in a world of lies, all u do is blow zo-bo
Word on the street is am the best in the town
Real Nigga shit, no more playing about
Danger is lurking around, so shut up your mouth n quit with the bragging n yapping about
Huh, now u got me screaming Oh God
U had better take a look a bit closer
Cus I could just, murder u niggas in cold blood
Or better still put ya’ll niggas in a coma
See, the bad guy, he don come, with an awesome jam, in the long run, the bitch twerk the bombom, am so stubborn, u ain’t got no option, take caution, if u want some? Come get some
I switch styles, as the beat goes on
Lyrical acrobatics when the tongue is in motion
Making em bounce, like they were driving on a road bump
Rest assured, this musical piece is a dope 1
Wen u struggling to get to the top, everybody acts like nobody cares
But never ever get too comfortable when u start to get ahead of your peers
And that’s the more reason why u haters keep moving like a projectile
Am giving a big shout out to all of ma real gees frm the north and the westside
Wen I burst the beat open like a weaklow, n turn it up till the point of crescendo, see me coming from the point of zero, to the 1 that now makes me a hero, uh, bingo, and for your own info, if u tryna fuck wit me u betta get a dildo, cus am so fast u would think I got a tank ov nitro
Kill every beat is a must
Wen I come through the place like a boss
I pounce on your beat, am attacking the rhythm wIth such an impeccable force
What u even tryna say
U are making a mistake
Why u no dey hear word? Don’t u know that the stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave?
And no come dey do anyhow
Or this your white shirt we go turn am to brown
No think say na common play we dey play
If na beef u want, we help u slaughter the cow
Me I don’t Fake it till I make it
This niggas steady underrating
These days u can’t tell who your friends are cus people claiming to be hommies are hating
Oun je mi ti ji na e ba mi so
Kini awon oloshi fe ba mi so
Je kin lowo je kin lola all eyes on me Oluwa jowo ma je kin shi so
Ta lo so kpe mi o le finish beat yi
Tele tele ti mo n rap ni English
O da kpe o ti ya were
O de fara bale ko si anybody to le double-crossi mi
Trouble is all what u be looking for
While am steady on my grind tryna make that doe, just came here to spit and to burst that flow
So on your marks, set, get ready, let’s go
And please quit testing me for the Lord’s sake
Claim u are the head, then I come as the ache cus am captivating n am elevating by dropping lines that are devastating
Please name 1 rapper that’s fucking with me
Hell yeah, there’s is no one
Many in kings in this rap shit but overall it’s still AB1
To all the peeps I got in the building
N my fans that are feeling my music
Never mind this critics n all this haters that find my lyrics amusing
They all static, they all ain’t moving
The more reason that I win but they loosing
This niggas raising false alarms but I just keep on snoozing
They can’t deny that I shine so bright, n I feel so fly like a bird in the sky
Or whether u hate or even though u like, I would never say a goodbye until the day that I die
What the fuck am I supposed to do with this microphone, imma just set the beat on fire
They done broke me down, so many times but am comin up in the game, I would never retire
Look, even if u don’t have sense, why can’t u just pretend to have sense
Place your dick in your earlobes n just fuck what u heard cus I won’t tear u apart just to get on your nerves
Life has always taught me not to always take my size wen I cut
Some would tell me that I would feel super normal if I get so high on this skunk
But I can’t rely on this junk
Am still dropping those rhymes like am on drugs
Pull the trigger when I must
With my niggas on the block
U would never be alive in your corpse
N when the going gets tough Imma go in harder
Cus I’m a die hard fella
Real niggas like we stay grinding all day in a vicious manner
Many people wanna be like me but remember say android and bb pin no get the same pattern, I would put u to rest like domino so make u just start to dey pray say make I no para, jeez
Even as an upcoming act, I dey kill
Any kinda beat turn up the volume now, please
I make hell wanna let loose when I drop n I spit, make a nigga wanna stop n just freeze
Muthafucka just get on the ground, get on your knees
Cus I’d be coming through with a pose to get that cheese
We take bullshit from nobody n that is the fact that u gatta believe
Tryna get the cake every single day, am waitin for the motherfucker that would stop me now
So just watch me now
Cuz even if am an operating system, u would never shut me down
N I got a hot head, boiling at 360 degrees
My rap musik’s secular, like it’s 360 degrees
D to the O to the P to the E, that’s the definition of me, u can answer A.B, but u can never be like me, am the best in the game call it B.I.G, get it B.I.G, ya’ll niggas all wanna be V.I.Ps, but Imma tell ya’ll niggas, R.I.P
Cus I blew it all up now it’s lost in the clouds, replacing many niggas u can call me pronoun, n like a damn peacock am feelin all proud, n now I got your bitch screaming out loud
Shutting down the place it’s what we do anywhere that we go
N the life of whiling away in studio is the only thing that we know
And I bet that my style is what u can’t try
No matter how hard that u try to spy
So simple, but am yet so straight, I set the rules, u had better comply
Bitch am on ma grind, chasing the paper
N I got no time, for any hater
U going through my bars like a prison invader
Imma just lock u up, call me your jailer
Woah, So serious, I ain’t joking, why the fuck u standing n posing, am bout to shoot your ass, pistol relaoding, so why don’t u just start bolting?
Like u just heard the king n the beast of the jungle groaning, I just spoke English but if u no hear, I go follow u speak broken
So smell comot for here, u dey form jackie chan u no dey fear, I go put lines all over ur face like the worksheets of microsoft excel, better just take a taxi straight to hell cus even if u go buy I no go sell n don’t bother coming back to me cus I go just finish your career beyond repair
Cuz this is the 108 gang, snap musik, formerly TOP to the C-L-A double S
Ya”ll ready know that the team is the best
Take it or leave it, nothing more, no less
No rapper from north, south, the east or the west
That can put AB1 to the test
Am feeling this beat like the heart in my chest
I go finish them if u like start to dey vex
Life is an iron n I forge ahead
U reap what u sow, no needle n thread
So am never gon stop till I make it to the end
U know my reason ain’t not far-fetched
N Imma just let the talent manifest
Lemme make ma mistakes n then try to amend
So any rapper like me, would just get repelled or instead, maybe just get expelled
Lyrically possessed, musically obsessed
I leave a nigga with nothing to spit, speechless
Capital A, B to the 1, spit that shit that make u really perplexed
If u are looking for a battle, be my guest
Imma put an end to your sorry quest
Am on the road to riches, no need for the manifest
Haters wanna hate but it don’t make me fret
Cuz now I got all eyes (ice) on me am like a living cooler
Just blame it on the fact that I rhyme super-duper
N all this jiggaz getting obsessed with the money n the fame
The more reason why they don’t really wanna work hard again
But I flow so clean like my lines are bathing
This game is a bitch n am still straffing
So to all u boiz, still rapping
Every ship has a single captain
So just sit back n enjoy the hits that I make, am moving too fast, and won’t go for the break aaaaaaannnnnnd, I think the beat is injured, please get a first aid
And In a rap battle, I tackle the rivals, n when I start flipping, they say that I babble
Life is like a jungle, n am out here picking apples, until I stumbled upon a pretty black damsel
N when she’s with me, u can tell there is chemistry, but no slaked lime
She they blow, she dey give me head like she’s a player and a ref at the same time
But the kinda terror am unleashing, can cause u serious bleeding, seeing indeed is believing, so am doing this so u would believe me, hehe, ya’ll niggas make noises but ya’ll pregnant with nothing to offer, huhn but Imma lock em up with my bars like I was a law enforcer
N all this babies, displaying childish behaviours, they keep miming like they do in primary school, they don’t know their ages, we need a lot of replacements cus the ones we have are so shameless, so immature and untalented but they still wanna achieve greatness (woah)
I gotta just drop a few punchlines but no freestyles so u better come n buy, Imma producer n artiste combined
If they eff with me I would give em a rough time, Imma tough guy n am one of a kind, I kill the beat cus it is not a crime, feel like I gotta rush cus ain’t got enough time, so like a stopwatch I wish I could stop the time
I, came from the botton n I made it here
With the rap music as my daily bread
Nigga u don’t wanna pick on a boy like me
Imma bad boy never leave your girl beside me
Cus am far, brighter, than the early morning sun
N able to drop flows faster than the bullets in a loaded machine gun
(Let’s go)
Imma do it double time, u see the way that I finish n kill the beat, am bringing it back to the street, I know that u feeling the heat, nigga
Everybody now call me a beast
My Enemies just wanna diss
Am at the point they will never reach, nigga
Your hip-hop is a flip-flop, when I go h.a.m on the beat, am like a big dog
See, your people they call me the bad guy
Everywhere that I go, I’m known to kick a hard rhyme
Imma take it up another level, never see me coming heavy
Ain’t no telling how many bodies we bouta kill n bury
With the way I murder them n send em to the cemetery
U should prally figure out the possibility already
Stepping up in the vicinity with the intricate lyricists
Know I got the ability n also the agility
Am killing with no sympathy
Check out the versatility am made up of when I hold u down in captivity
I Started rhyming cleverly so Imma get the better fee
And verily, am bringing the melody with integrity
This stupid comedy rappers that wanna get ahead of me
Is nothing but a felony, they cannot change my destiny
U better listen carefully
U cannot get the best of me
U try to get the best of me
Then u would face the penalty
I turn u to an enemy
Split u with a vasectomy
Just blame it on the fact that it keeps running in my pedigree
I’m numbing the feeling of all of the hate that I feel that am gettin from all of these haters
I’m killing, they hating, breaking every record, still they underrate us
Haa, look at the way that I kick back shit, taking over the city cus I would be the nemesis
Telling u that imma get em when I see that u be coming in the muthafuckin premises
U hating take a middle finger
I would be the one to make it bigger
Check a nigga, steal a nigga, pull the trigger, kill a nigga
When I come n I murder u with the fast rap, tell me, what the fuck u think u are gonna do
Just fuck anybody that wanna get in the way, I stand my ground, I can take it over the back in a minute
Then I make it to pop in a minute
U might think I got my kitchen in the toilet with the way am cooking hot shit for u niggas
And dropping this bombs when am making up for the lost time, breaking away, taking away, obstacles on the way, blowing this up when am rocking the rhythm, feel the fury when we coming through, u better run away
I wanna be there, gotta b there, wanna get in, gotta get in, don’t get in my zone
See this rappers wanna be taking a couple of shots at me, but I gotta velocity, so I bet u muthafuckaz can’t keep up with me
N simply cus am the raptomaniac, this niggas wanna steal my lines, kleptomaniacs, hahahaha!
As e fit dey possible say Buhari go sign budget, so e go dey possible ma break this world record
So sorry that I can’t apologize for what just happened
It’s Jaybeatz on the mix, n am outta here, wooh