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The Best of Ray Charles: The Atlantic Years



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[Verse 1] As I was walking down the street last night A pretty little girl came into sight I bowed and smiled and asked her name She said, "Hold it bud, I don't play that game" I reached in my pocket, and to her big surprise There was Lincoln staring her dead in the eye [Chorus] On a greenback, greenback dollar bill Just a little piece of paper, coated with chlorophyll [Verse 2] She looked at me with that familiar desire Eyes lit up like they were on fire She said, "My name's Flo, and you're on the right track But look here, daddy, I wear furs on my back So if you want to have fun in this man's land Let Lincoln and Jackson start shaking hands" [Chorus] [Verse 3] I didn't know what I was getting into But I popped Lincoln and Jackson, too I didn't mind seeing them fade out of sight I just knew I'd have some fun last night Whenever you in town and looking for a thrill If Lincoln can't get it, Jackson sure will [Chorus] [Verse 4] We went to a nightspot where the lights were low Dined and danced and I was ready to go I got out of my seat and when Flo arose She said, "Hold on daddy, while I powder my nose" I sat back down with a smiling face While she went down to the powder place [Chorus] [Verse 5] The music stopped and the lights came on I looked around and saw I was all alone I didn't know how long Flo had been gone But a nose powder sure didn't take that long I left the place with tears in my eyes As I waved Lincoln and Jackson a last goodbye [Chorus]