Tripical Moon


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Progressive Psy Trance Picks Vol.26



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Big Kah No Names No Names Ain't saying No Names Ain't saying No Names But you ain’t 'bout that life Stop making those claims This hater’s bizarre He took this shit too far But I ain't saying no names 'Cause you know who you are Witch! Hit up my DM's Talking real crazy But I ain’t the moon You cannot phase me My parents from New York That ain’t how they raise me Never seen you pull up Guess my vision is hazy But don’t think you big Cause you talk that shit On and off the court You still a witch Wearing Ambercrombie and fitch Don't switch up Nah And don’t start DM’ing me Don’t try to be relevant You so tall and white Yo crusty ass looking like slender man I ain't Saying No Names Nah, I ain't saying No Names You may drive it down the court But you need to stay in your lane This hater's bizzare His forehead bright like a star But I ain't saying no names You know exactly who you are Funny: how you got no votes Funny: ‘cause you from Poolesville Funny: ‘cause you supposed to be a baller But it’s shade you threw Damn, you really made your girl cry Damn, you’re the one person no one likes Damn, we damn near graduated high school And you still picking fights? Got that diamond earring I hope you still good at hearing Imma put on my Jordans And then run it like some errands To your girl, you domineering But to me you just despairing Abra Kadabra Got your dumbass dissappearing You only have balls When it is digital Don't see you in school To me you’s invisible People like you are so typical Tryna get physical Cannot think critical I am am too lyrical I am a miracle You finna jump me? (psssshhh) I find that hysterical You the captain only by name But you's a witch headass all the way Got groupme fingers by night Ain't ever said shit to me in the day But there’s really nothing to say The disses weren't coming your way Shouldn'ta got mad in the first place Cause I ain't NEVER said your name I Ain't Saying No Names I Ain't saying No Names- But anyone can dissed And anyone can get flamed I'm lit like a cigar But you ain’t gotta be alarmed 'Cause I ain't saying your name You know who the f*** you are No Names Bowie No Names Letterman No Names Hasselhoff No Names Beckham No Names Guetta No Names Spade No Names Chapelle No Names Blaine I Ain't Saying No Names I Ain't saying No Names- But this ain't Nintendo I Ain't playing no games I Ain't Saying No Names But I bodied this beat Now collect the remains “I hear fairy tales bout how they gon' run up on me But run up when you see me then and we gon' see*