Stepping Razor

Peter Tosh

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Equal Rights



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Verse 1: Yo, the red light means stop, if it’s flashing it means cop Caught ‘em red handed with the rhyme tryin’ to eavesdrop Red dawn, red sky at morning like warning A shiny red apple that reveals a rare poison Exploitin’—push the red button over nothin’ We say, the only Red Alert I wanna hear is the DJ You better get to work on the replay You couldn’t sell it for a red cent on the Ebay Red faced, embarrassed 'cuz all of the red tape You put up couldn’t stay or delay my escape I appeal to the voters in blue or red state It’s a red letter day, unload the dead weight Wore the red badge of courage, the red mask of death Red sun in the East, red rain in the West Took the red eye to jet from one place to the next 'Til my record done seen more plays than a ref Chorus: Whatever you want, we got it Whatever you need, we got it Whatever I do, Red Alert Whenever my crew...Red Alert Whatever you want, we got it Whatever you need, we got it Whatever I do, Red Alert Whenever my crew...Red Alert Verse 2: I’ma paint the town red until all the wack rappers found dead Or in a bed at the Red Cross instead I’ma drop a red herring, throw the dogs off the scent Yo, roll out the red carpet, there’s a star on the set I got hip-hop in my red blood cells But I’m still in the red I don’t get 'nuff sales Which should be a red flag, no one said that life’s fair and It could all get shot down like the Red Baron Preparin’ for rhymers from here to Red China I redline the track 'til you have to rewind the Last rhyme that I say, it gets better each time ya' Bring it back to the start like Herc and Bambaataa Red dot or red beam, both winnin’ points for the red team Cryin’ fake tears at the death scene Cryin’ "REDRUM" at the next scene to get green And put a motherfucker on ice like the Red Wings Chorus Verse 3: In the blue, white, red you get your rights read Take it back to that chain gang rap like Shinehead When the Scoviet Union unleash the Red Army, at least we said sorry The Rec is all over the street like dead bodies You know it’s too late Red October Halloween pitchforks and red capes Yes, I sent grapes out of town on Fed Ex Peter Tosh in the mail, Steppin’ Razor Red X Red stamp, insufficient funds on my rent check On some Jeff Foxworthy, you might be a redneck On some Redd Foxx, dirty, I ain’t clean it up yet I came back upset like a Vietnam vet I said if you can’t see me then raise the red lantern The new scarlet letter is G, for Grip Grand, son Red hot, it can only get hotter Like a handgun goin’ through shells like Red Lobster