Tokyo Dome LIVE




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[Verse 1] On the other side of the famous idol rapper Stands my weak self, it’s a bit dangerous Depression, OCD They keep coming back again from time to time Hell no perhaps that might be my true self Damn huh feeling estranged in reality The conflict with ideal, my head hurts Around the age of 18, I developed social anxiety Right, that was when my mind was gradually polluted [Verse 2] At times I’m scared of myself too Thanks to the depression that takes over me And all my self hatred Min Yoongi is dead already (I killed him) Comparing my dead passion with others It’s now a part of my daily life [Verse 3] On the first visit to psychiatric ward My parents came up with me We listened to the consultation together My parents said they don’t truly understand me I don’t understand myself well either Then who would understand? Friends? Or you? Nobody knows me well [Bridge] The doctor asks me if I've (censored) I answered without any hesitation that I have [Hook 1] Habitual saying uh I don’t give a shit I don’t give a fuck All those words uh Those words are said to hide my weak self Those days I wish I could erase Right, that performance day Which I don’t remember very well The day I confronted myself When I hid inside the bathroom Because I was scared of people [Verse 4] That time I, that time I I thought success would make everything fine But you see, but you see As time goes by, I feel like I’m turning into a monster [Verse 5] I’ve exchanged my youth for success And that monster demands for more wealth At times it puts a collar on my neck To ruin and swallow me with greed Some try to shut my mouth and say I should swallow this forbidden fruit I don’t want it They want me to leave this garden [Verse 6] Shit shit I got it so stop it I’m the root of all this so I’ll stop myself If my misfortune is your happiness I’ll happily stay unfortunate If I’m the figure of hate I’ll get on the guillotine [Verse 7] The things I’ve only imagined turns into reality My childhood dreams are in front of my eyes The night when I performed in front of an audience of 2 Now Tokyo Dome is right in front my nose My one and only life I can easily live it passionately than any other My fan my hommie my fam I hope you don’t worry Because I’m really okay now damn [Verse 8] I’ve denied my nature many times My address is idol and I won’t deny The anguish that dug into my mind countless times There’s no answer at the end of wandering [Verse 9] My pride which I thought I had given away Has turned into self-respect My fans, keep your head high with pride Because who can do it like me uh [Hook] Seiko, Rolex, AX hall and gymnastic stadium The heads of thousands nodding to my hand gesture Show me the money It’s not that I couldn’t but I didn’t shit [Verse 10] Selling ourselves or not You all say we couldn’t do it but we didn’t shit The root of my creativity has tasted The sweet, bitter, and shit of this world Those days when I tried to sleep on the toilet floor It’s all memories now uh they’re now memories My shoulder which shattered Thanks to the accident I met During my part time job The debut which I clung as if it was my life Who do you think you’re fooling By pretending you’ve gone through all the miseries [Hook] Seiko, Rolex, AX hall and gymnastic stadium The heads of thousands nodding to my hand gesture Sorrow created me uh look at me closely uh Selling ourselves or not you all say It's not that we couldn’t do it But that we didn’t want to, shit