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[Intro] You hurt She got you mushy You mushy, you mashed potato She got you like a wet napkin and you in your feelings You hurt The, the, the pain Of giving Grows deeper, grows deeper Grows deeper, grows deeper Grows deeper So you come out your mama's womb shaped by her pain, but it's the pain that shapes us and then you go out into the world, life happens, you see horrific things, people do horrific things to you. Hurting people hurt people, sometimes even our parents call us out on our names, you know. So when we don't talk about the things that we have witnessed, the life transitions that have occurred, when we don't talk about it... [Verse 1: Rapsody] The, the, the pain I fail to understand you nigga Grew up with you niggas, you all grew up with each other Why you shoot at niggas? You can't fight? Throw a right? Duck a swing? What up with y'all? Know you got some pain, but come on my nigga What happened? He called you out your name? A bitch, a fag or somethin'? You ain't different from each other, why you even frontin' homie? You ain't really 'bout that life You don't wanna go to jail, you don't wanna lose your life Real niggas don't kill brothers over a pair of Jays or Nikes [Verse 2: Rapsody] The, the, the pain Of watching us kill each other And watchin' them kill each other Know all of us don't love us And some of us think it's corny To call another a brother, or call a sister a queen Who messed up your self esteem, my nigga? You ain't gotta live or die by the trigger You ain't gotta hide your pain in bottles of liquor The world'll never ever understand this dilemma Oh, the pain nigga [Verse 3: Rapsody] The, the, the pain Of black men disrespected by the world No peace at home, disrespected by the young girl No emotion for fear of being weak They human just like you and me Chill for a second, chill for a second, breathe No asthma pumps, they grab, spill plasma Girl don't you see, he need you by his side week That don't make you weak shit baby I understand your pain nigga [Verse 4: Rapsody] The, the, the pain Of black women disrespected by the world Too much attitude, anger We ain't supposed to love our bodies Fuck you, I know what you think about us Overlooked by our own cause we ain't exotic America been suckin' our titties too long Mad they can't break us, America we too strong I know the pain, frustration, all the lies, deceit The love of watching a mother beat a child in the street Oh the pain of it [Verse 5: Rapsody] The, the, the pain Of a man who never knew the man that made him Weren't man enough to raise him Teach him how to raise his fist When others tripped, or how to shoot a ball Look a man in the eye his emotions and all that Teach him how to survive a world that don't give a fuck about him Oh the pain, no one to teach him the game of life How to piss in toilets right, how to respect another man While they runnin' gangs and them triggers bang, bang All fuckin' night [Verse 6: Rapsody] The, the, the pain Of a daddy's girl without a daddy Look like daddy, daddy absent Want a man to fill that void She yellin' at him 'spank me daddy' Daddy wasn't there to pay, she try to fill it with his thang He ain't got a daddy neither He don't know how to really please her Break her heart, no daddy for her to run to Or him to have some fear for her Protect her walking down the aisle when she meet Mr. Right Ain't no daddy if he mess up and threaten his life Pain [Verse 7: Rapsody] The, the, the pain Of a mother who went half on a baby And got a whole lot to deal with He peaced out, she piecing it together by herself, shit Look this real pain, the only one at his games The one she can make between work and shit Tryna make excuses why his dead-beat absent Pain knowing she can't take the pain away, hard truth Only scar she can't banish for her baby's love [Verse 8: Rapsody] The, the, the pain Of a man that wanna raise his child, love his child Baby mama crazy, she don't never let him see his child System treat him fucked up, money, money Always treat his mama like the victim Pain in his ass, she make it hard to do the right thing It pains him, he can't be around for his offspring She lied to his child, grew up calling fucked up The pain knowing he won't ever fix what she messed up Pain [Outro] Our so called Leader said they'd speak for the people The, the, the pain From giving Grows deeper, grows deeper