The Executioner

My Solid Ground

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My Solid Ground



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Face to face with my enemy Face to face with my remedy I see the outcome of what you did I am the act that God forbid Stare into the abyss And feel its wrath engulf you Forever marching forwards Through blackened tribulations Hooves and sulfur in perfect orchestration The day of darkness grants us The massive devastation Your madness is your weakness The time has come to confess The violence and disproportionate wrath Has turned into a total mess Evil minded creatures Wrapped around my finger Suit yourself if you can't resist me I can catch your filthy soul In the palm of my hand This is where I stand, kill me if you can You have come to take what I have to offer In a world of sheep I'm the wearer of wolf's skin I speak to your sons and daughters The gospel of the horns The flesh and all sins I open the door to anybody out there Welcome to no man's land Just for one day, just for today No more killing if you're willing To accept my wish No more killing ground, no more death around No more killing ground, just for one day No more killing ground, no more death around No more killing ground, so come what may I have crossed the border I will cross the border again and again Where insanity reigns and darkness is eternal I am King, The One Superior You double crossed the light And let the high priest consume you Surgery of the soul. It's too late, can't wait Surgery of the soul Close your eyes and let this priestess seduce you Surgery of the soul, execution the only solution Surgery of the soul Bearer of plagues, I will be your bearer of chaos Bearer of death, you will be my bearer of pain Light will shine through darkness Chaos is my order, ashes to ashes Du kommer aldrig bli förläten I feel it's time to kill and now I know I'll punish every man, I am the fire below Light will be my darkness, blood will be my water In ashes I will perish, du kommer aldrig bli förläten I am the fire below In ashes I will perish, du kommer aldrig bli förläten Hands are tied, lips are blue The vows you gave are no longer true Marching on the brink of extinction Gasping for air while searching for you Everything is everything, this war is so devastating Born to live, born to die The bond that is between us we can't deny I deal in pain and mass destruction We must regain The Plague Attraction I burn in Hell with all the others I will be the answer that matters The bridge you cross I will burn with pride The everlasting fire is where you'll die Mourn me not, for you know what's to come When all is said and all is burnt My mission here is done The mother of all whores Abominations of the Earth Filthiness and precious death Is brought down with His birth Glorified in harlotry, unclean, ravished, divine I am the Beast and your flesh is mine No way, this is not okay Keep your filthy hands off of my dignity Everything is everything This war is so devastating Life to death, death to me Your pain is everything, now I see You try to tell me you can save me You curse the Devil, I'm his lady You're like me, you'll to become this horror We can be in union with each other No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper And every tongue that rise against me I'll condemn This is the heritage of the servants of the dark And the righteousness is in me You make me laugh, you make me cry You make me wish that you will die I can't be free while you're around I'm going back to solid ground I've tried so hard to catch the rainbow The more I try, the less I see I'm going to quit trying I'm going to rest my tired feet I've come to this final conclusion As long as I bleed, I am free Only one last prey in my wildest dreams No one's going to turn me around I can't hold back my feelings no longer I've traveled too far, I can't let this one slip out Of my fingers, can't let go