Rain Man

Melody Fields



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[Intro] Yeah-yeah Boom Bap Project Uh-huh, Uh-huh Is back in the building All you fake motherfuckers Rhymesayers Lets start it like this son Guess who's possessed Boom bap Real life sucka Welcome to the Shakedown That's as real as it gets [Verse 1] Look out, the heat come at the streets'll be rumb'd And the beat will keep thumping, the fiends will keep wanting The piece will be served and won't cease in disturbing The peace on these vermin 'till they finally retreat From a hard knocked life came a hard headed man Y'all try to keep up with the times but got your head in the sand We moved on, new day, new problem, new songs Same old attitude and aptitude to move on Boom bap pros with a flow renowned It'll take a nation of millions to slow me down Another hard rock melody to warn our enemies Last one was for respect this one's for world supremacy Who got the tendency to grow with exemplary Shows, evidently the boom bap pros Like a rose I was grown from an inner city stone We don't stop the rock till the northwest is blown [Bridge] Welcome to the Shakedown What up kid Real life sucka Boom Bap Guess who's possessed Welcome to the Shakedown Feeling no more That's what I consider real [Verse 2] Call me the rain man, the package you can purchase Like your new favorite name brand, the indie circus straight hand Forever entertainment[?] who champion the lame man The passion and the pain yep we built it with the same hand Found a voice, had a calling in the music That should have had a policy before they mass produced it Preaching the truth, these new kids will do six[?] The blue ribbon brutes meets a YouTubing movement We travel far and came back Now they rapping about a car on a lame track, you witnessing the payback The pioneers of clap-off, We blam-blam, you backed off And grandstand your backdrop with northwest and crack-hop The sandman effecting your dreams, your esteem, your regime You're just a worthless human being With a scheme and a hate tread, who's souls rose to bake bread We stone cold these grown folks to reinvent the basics [Bridge] Welcome to the Shakedown Feeling no more Real life sucka Old bap bip Guess who's possessed Welcome to the Shakedown That's as real as it gets [Verse 3] We ridiculed the fact these cats already has-beens From the get there never was cause to pay attention Slip in to obscurity as quick as they came Only remember who they sounded like but never they names Here's a straight shot of realness, gotta get up and move Cause when Boom Bap in the building its the Temple of Doom There's a method to the madness, we put focus on the lyrics We use talent 'stead of image, now that's marketing genius Charades plague these fake kind of so-says, you all kind of so-so Remain with the same swagger and shame braggadocio The cubic zircome bezol[?] chain fashion no-no's The back of your favorite rap mag fashion po-po's Walkin' the ledge with a crutch and a leg rest Sand all the rust off off things you haven't said yet I'm where the breads at, these hustle on the red cats That fully on the steadfast, beheading all the setbacks [Outro] Welcome to the Shakedown What up kid Real life sucka Guess who's possessed Welcome to the Shakedown Feeling no more That's what I consider real