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Scene 10: The Forest & Laguna Sequence II Scene 11: Galbadia Garden and Irvine Kinneas Scene 12: Far East Station & a Meeting with General Caraway Scene 13: The SeeDs, The Sniper, The Sewers, and the Sorceress End Of Disc 1 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 10. The Forest & Laguna Sequence II [When Squall's team arrives, his other two party members are waiting at the grassy path that leads through the forest.] (Quistis:) "We're not too far from Galbadia Garden now!" (Selphie:) "Heeey, I was just thinking... There might be some bad news from the Galbadian government. What if we get caught and then get broadcast to the whole world...!?" (Zell:) "Whatever happens, happens! Now come on! Let's just keep going! I, I'm worried about Balamb Garden. If anything happens to Garden, it's all my fault. I'm the one who said we were all from Garden... You think the president will retaliate on Garden?" (Squall:) "Maybe." (Zell:) "...Figures... B-B-But, we have a whole bunch of SeeDs at Balamb Garden! They won't lose to the Galbadian army, would they?" (Squall:) "Depends on how strong the army is." (Zell:) "I know, but..." (Rinoa:) "Oh, you're just a great leader, aren't you... Do you actually have fun acting so callous towards your comrades?" (Squall:) (...Not again.) (Rinoa:) "Zell wants your support." (Squall:) (I knew it was gonna be something like that...) (Rinoa:) "Any kind of encouragement will make..." (Squall:) (That's just to ease your mind. Am I the only one who thinks that? No, I'm sure Seifer...) (Rinoa:) "Don't you ever worry about or even think about the well-being of your comrades!?" (Squall:) (I don't believe in relying on others.) (Rinoa:) "Don't you understand!?" (Squall:) (...Whatever.) (Rinoa:) "Are you listening, Squall?" [Squall clutches his head, just like during the "experience" on the Timber-bound train.] (Squall:) (...What the!? ...This sensation...) [Rinoa backs off as Squall topples over. Quistis soon follows.] (Quistis:) "Uhhh..." [...and then Selphie.] (Selphie:) "M...Me, too..." (Rinoa:) "What's going on!?" (Zell:) "I think...they went to the 'dream world'." [Inside the 'dream world,' the party (Laguna/Kiros/Ward, that is) finds themselves walking around a rocky place.] (Ward:) "Kiros, you sure this is the place." (Kiros:) "Positive." (Ward:) "I don't wanna be patrolling the wrong place, like last time." (Laguna:) "Ahh, sorry... This ain't the place." (Kiros:) "This is it. Let's go, commander." (Laguna:) "?" [Laguna takes out a map and looks at it." (Laguna:) "I brought the wrong map. Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this..." R1 --> Nah, just my imagination R2 --> Yeah, a bad feeling... R1: "Nah, everything's cool... Hey, make sure you guys are fully equipped. Well, we are on duty... Let's get a move on and check things out." R2: "Seriously, I have a BAAAD feeling...! There's somethin' fishy goin' on here! You know what the old folks say... The unfamiliar always happens..." (Kiros:) "You mean...'unexpected', right?" (Ward:) "You only got the 'un' part right." (Laguna:) "Aah, shut up! Stop your clamorin' and make sure all your gear's equipped. Now, let's move out!" [The party continues and comes upon an excavation site. Conveyor belts constantly haul rock and dirt out of the earth off to some place offscreen. Laguna stops to look around.] (Laguna:) "But seriously... This place sure is strange... What the heck is this big pile of rocks? You think these are natural rocks used for carving tombstones?" (Kiros:) "Who knows...or cares?" (Ward:) "Speaking of strange... Why have you been...running around so strange?" (Laguna:) "Strange...? What do you mean strange? ...Just bein' cautious. That's the basic rule of thu... ...Hey?" [A man appears in the distance.] (Laguna:) "Looks like we've got company. Esthar soldiers. Still wearin' those flashy uniforms." (Kiros:) "...?" (Ward:) "Laguna...!!!" (Laguna:) "Don't be such a weenie! What the...!?" [Laguna turns around to see three more Esthar soldiers behind Ward. The party crushes the first'un with style.] (Kiros:) "Wasn't our mission just to patrol...?" (Ward:) "Why does it have to turn out like this?" (Laguna:) "Seriously...! I wasn't expecting this at all!" [They lay the other three to llrest, too.] (Ward:) "There's more coming...?" (Kiros:) "There's no end to this!" (Laguna:) "Better make a run for it!" [Laguna sees a ladder on one of the paths.] (Laguna:) "Huh...? A ladder. Guys, it's a ladder. Looks like it leads down." [They climb down into the next area, and Laguna gets a leg cramp.] (Laguna:) "Ooou...cH!" (Ward:) "What's wrong?" (Laguna:) "My...leg...cramped up!!!" (Kiros:) "......" (Laguna:) "Phew... It's fine now! I'm so out of shape. Gotta stretch before I exercise..." (Ward:) "That last battle we had doesn't really count as exercise." (Laguna:) "...What? D'ya say something?" (Kiros:) "...Ahh, no." [The party eventually comes out of a stairwell, finding themselves on a small cliff overlooking the ocean. Some Esthar soldiers also follow them up, blocking off the exit.] (Laguna:) "Don't tell me..." (Kiros:) "Of all the worst possible..." (Ward:) "...Predicaments?" [The party beats down the Esthar soldiers, but more come up to take their place.] (Laguna:) "Arghhhh! I'm gettin' hungry!" [They beat up the soldiers, but more rise to take *their* place.] (Laguna:) "Uhhhh! The tip o'my nose itchessss!" [The Esthar soldiers get another loss handed to them.] (Laguna:) "Darn it! I wanna scratch the bottom of my feeeet!" [They defeat the last of the soldiers, but not before one of them uses a Soul Crush attack on Ward. Afterwards, all three Galbadian soldiers plop down, fatigued.] (Laguna:) "Look, the ocean... We're saved! Lady Luck is on our side! We can escape to Galbadia!!!" (Kiros:) "One would say we've been run down... That's what they'd normally say..." (Laguna:) "Don't say that. It might come true. Didn't your grandmother tell you that?" (Kiros:) "...If you say something bad... It will come true... Yeah, I think she did." (Ward:) "Ggghh...rrrhhh..." (Laguna:) "What'd you say?" (Kiros:) "I think...his throad...was injured... He lost...his voice." (Ward:) "It...was...fu...you..." (Laguna:) "Say again?" (Ward:) "It...was...fun...you...guys...La...guna...Ki...ros...It... was...fun..." (Laguna:) "Ward, that's way uncool. It's not cool to say things like that. Just for that, you're gettin' the Cuchi-Cuchi treatment! How's that, huh!? Want more!? Well!?" (Ward:) "......" (Laguna:) "......" [Laguna looks over the side of the cliff and notices ships.] (Laguna:) "WHOA!!! Check it out, a boat! We're gettin' on!" (Kiros:) "A...vessel... ...They'd...normally...call...it..." (Laguna:) "Boat, vessel, whatever. We're going back to Galbadia!" [Laguna picks up Kiros and flings him off the side of the cliff. Ward gets the same treatment, too. Laguna walks to the side himself and looks over.] (Laguna:) "You guys...sure have guts. You know how high this cliff is...!? [Laguna tries to go down slowly but falls instead, yelling:] (Laguna:) "Oh...sh...! ...No way...! AHHHH!!!" [The sequence ends and the party wakes up, with an anxious Zell and Rinoa waiting around for them to come to.] (Zell:) "Was it Laguna again...?" (Selphie:) "Sir Laguna's in BIG TROUBLE! I hope he'll be ok...!!!" (Quistis:) "Doesn't seem like the first time for you all. What is this?" (Squall:) (If it were just me, I could tell the others it was only a crazy dream...) "We'll just be wasting our time trying to figure it out. Let's keep going." (Zell:) "Yeah, let's go! I think we're almost there." (Rinoa:) "Umm...Squall...I think I may have said too much. I'm sorry." (Squall:) (Forget about it.) [On the other side of the forest, the towering structure that is Galbadia Garden makes its presence on the horizon.] _______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 11. Galbadia Garden and Irvine Kinneas [The party walks towards the Garden, a gleaming red as opposed to Balamb's sea-colored blue. Cadets in flying devices travel around and people walk by without a notice for the new arrivals. Everyone heads inside, stopping at the turnstiles.] (Selphie:) "Wow... Completely different..." (Zell:) "Sure is quiet." (Squall:) "...I like it." [Rinoa giggles, and Quistis walks forward.] (Quistis:) "Could you leave this one up to me? I've been here several times, and I know the headmaster pretty well. I'll go and explain our situation." [Quistis leaves and the party walks around, eventually being directed into a room on the second floor where they can wait for the headmaster's notice. Quistis enters after a little while.] (Squall:) "How'd it go?" (Quistis:) "They understood our situation. And Balamb Garden is safe. The attack on the president in Timber was classified as an independant action. There was an official notice from the Galbadian government saying that Balamb Garden is not being held responsible." (Zell:) "So, Seifer's taking all the blame?" (Quistis:) "The trial's over, and the sentence has been carried out..." [Everyone's taken aback.] (Rinoa:) "...He was executed? ...Of course he was. He attacked the president. He sacrificed himself for the 'Forest Owls'..." (Quistis:) "It was your group that got Seifer involved in all this. You're a resistance faction, right? You must have been prepared for the worst. I'm sure Seifer was prepared, too. So don't think of it as Seifer sacrificing himself for you. I'm sorry. I guess that wasn't much consolation." [Squall walks over to Rinoa.] (Rinoa:) "I...really liked him. He was always full of confidence, smart... Just by talking to him, I felt like I could take on the world." (Selphie:) "Your boyfriend?" (Rinoa:) "I don't really know. I... I think it was love. I wonder how he felt...?" (Selphie:) "Do you still like him?" (Rinoa:) "If I didn't, I wouldn't be talking about it. It was last summer... I was 16. Lots of fond memories..." [Squall walks over to Selphie.] (Selphie:) "You really hated Seifer, didn't you, Zell!?" (Zell:) "Yeah, but... He was from Garden... He was one of us. If I can, I wanna get revenge." [Squall walks over to Quistis.] (Quistis:) "I don't have any good memories of him. I've seem some troubled children, but he was beyond troubled. Well, he wasn't really a bad guy." [Squall walks over to Zell.] (Zell:) "I didn't like the guy, but executed...?" [After talking to the three SeeD members (in any order), Squall will reflect to himself.] (Squall:) (I liked him... wasn't really a bad guy... He was one of us... Seifer... You've become just a memory. Will they... Will they talk about me this way if I die, too? Squall was this and that. Using past tense, saying whatever they want? So this is what death is all about... ...Not for me. I won't have it!!!) (Quistis:) "What's wrong, Squall?" (Squall:) "I won't have it!" (Zell:) "W-What?" (Selphie:) "Are you MAD!?" (Squall:) "I'm not having anyone talk about me in the past tense!" [Squall runs out of the room. He heads downstairs, towards the exit, but someone yells at him from the upper balcony.] (Raijin:) "Yo! Squall!" [Raijin runs downstairs with Fujin close behind.] (Squall:) "What are you doing here?" (Raijin:) "What am I doin'? I'm a messenger, ya know? Brought you a new order from Headmaster Cid, ya know?" (Squall:) "What kind of order?" (Raijin:) "I dunno. Gave it to the head honcho here. Just did what Headmaster Cid wanted, ya know?" (Fujin:) "EXPLAIN." (Raijin:) "We were suppose'ta go to Timber. But the trains have all stopped, so we had no other choice but to come here. Kinda relieved to see you guys here." (Fujin:) "SEIFER?" (Raijin:) "Oh yeah! Wasn't Seifer with you?" (Squall:) "I believe Seifer may be dead... I heard he was tried in Galbadia and then executed..." (Fujin:) "LIES!" (Raijin:) "BWAHAAHAAHAA! That's gotta be a lie, ya know!? There's no way he'd put up with a trial, ya know!? Or an execution for that matter! It's just so not Seifer, ya know!?" (Fujin:) "FIND!" (Raijin:) "O'What...! We're gonna meet up with Seifer? Well, see ya, Squall. We're gonna head off to Galbadia to look for Seifer." [Fujin and Raijin beat it out of the Garden. Squall hears an message on the intercom telling him to head to the main gate, which he does. He talks to Quistis first:] (Quistis:) "Ok, it's time to meet. Let's go." [...and his party's sprints there, but the Galbadian Headmaster isn't present yet. Squall walks over to Rinoa, who looks down the road.] (Rinoa:) "Oh! I think that's him!" [A car grinds down the path and a man gets out.] (Rinoa:) "Just pretend I'm a SeeD, too. It'l be less complicated that way." [Everyone gets in line and salutes the man.] (Martine:) "Good day. I have official orders from Headmaster Cid addressed to you. Following regulations, I have gone over these orders. After careful consideration of our options, we have decided to fully assist and cooperate with Headmaster Cid. Actually, we too, have been planning this for quite some time now. In order to stress the importance of this mission, I must first brief you on the current situation. At ease. You all know about the sorceress being appointed as the peace ambassador for the Galbadian government. However, this ambassador thing is just a cover up. There will be no peace talks, only threats. The sorceress creates fear among people. Therefore, peace talks are impossible. Galbadia is planning to use fear to negotiate favorable conditions for itself. It is clear that Galbadia's ultimate goal is world domination. Garden is no exception, either. It is a fact that the sorceress is planning to use this Garden as her base. ...We have very few options available to us. We entrust world peace, and the future to you. Details of the mission are enclosed in these official orders." [He gives them out to Squall.] (Martine:) "Any questions?" (Squall:) "The orders say by means of 'a sniper'. We have no one with that skill." (Martine:) "Don't worry about it. Let me introduce an elite sharpshooter from Galbadia Garden. Kinneas! Irvine Kinneas!" [Off on a knoll, a man dressed in western attire gets up, carrying a gun on his shoulder. He walks to the party.] (Martine:) "This is Irvine Kinneas. He will be your sharpshooter. Leave whenever you're ready. Failure is not an option." [Martine heads into the car and Irvine points at him.] (Irvine:) "BANG!" [Martine drives off. Squall talks to one of his party members, who will ask about the orders (except Irvine, who introduces himself, makes Zell mad, and calls everyone a "rube"):] [-] (Zell:) "So tell us the new orders!" [-] (Rinoa:) "What kind of orders did we get?" [-] (Quistis:) "What's our mission?" [-] Selphie: "What's our next mission?" (Squall:) "Our next mission... This is no ordinary mission. It's a direct order from both Balamb and Galbadia Garden. We're to... ...assassinate the sorceress. We're to shoot her from afar. Kinneas will be our sharpshooter. We're to support Kinneas to our fullest. Should the sniper fail, we are to attack head on." (Irvine:) "Thanks for the support, but I never miss my target." (Squall:) "Eliminate the sorceress. That's our order. We're going to head to the capital of Galbadia, Deling City. There, we'll meet up with General Caraway to go over the details of the plan. Let's get going." (Irvine:) "Well then... We'll need to choose a party for the trip to Deling City." [Irvine forms a party that includes himself, Selphie, and Rinoa.] (Irvine:) "How's this?" (Squall:) R1 --> (Yeah, whatever) R2 --> (...That's no good) R1: (Yeah, whatever.) "Have a good time..." (Selphie:) "Are you being sarcastic!? You are, aren't you! Well, fine then! We WILL have a good time!" (Rinoa:) "We understand very well." [Rinoa grabs Irvine's arm.] (Rinoa:) "Come on Mr. Kinneas, let's go!" (Squall:) (...H-Hey.) (Irvine:) "Call me Irvine. I'm a pretty lucky guy. Hand in hand with two beautiful girls!" [Selphie fawns over him, now.] (Selphie:) "Irvy Kinnepooo! I'll make you happy!" (Squall:) (Did I say something terrible? Women... I don't understand women.) [Irvine walks off with his catches.] (Quistis:) "I think I feel sick..." (Zell:) "Irvine Kinneas... Loser...!" [Quistis grabs Squall's arm.] (Quistis:) "Come on, Squall. Let's go!" (Squall:) (...H-Hey.) (Zell:) "Squall, let's get going! We have to get there before they do!" ( Squall:) (Grow up! I may need to switch party members often. Let me just confirm how to go about it...) [A tutorial starts. See below.] R2: "I'll decide." [Squall chooses the party.] (Squall:) "There." (Irvine:) "What!? Are you serious...?" (Squall:) "I've balanced out the party." (I may need to switch party members often. Let me just confirm how to go about it...) [The tutorial starts no matter the option.] (Tutorial:) At the Switch, party members and junctions can be switched. To change party members, select Switch Member, choose a replacement, then select the member being replaced. The members will switch places. However, please note that there are times when certain characters cannot join the party. The other command, Junction Exchange exchanges the magic, GF, junctioned magic, and abilities between characters. This way, the replacing member can take over all abilities at once. The process is the same as Switch Member. Select a replacement, then the member to be replaced, to active the command. Please note that this process may change the member's current HP. This concludes the Switch explanation. [Outside, the world map opens up and the party heads to the station to catch a fast track to Deling City.] _______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 12. Far East Station and a Meeting with General Caraway [The party members buy a ticket and board the train. Squall walks in.] (Squall:) "........." [He immediately goes and opens a door into the hallway.] (ID Check:) "Confirming... Access granted..." [Everyone piles in. Selphie goes to the door and it opens.] (Selphie:) "Hee! You caught on!" [She leaves.] (Train Announcement:) "This train, bound for Deling City, will be departing shortly." (Rinoa:) "This is the only train bound for Deling City anyway." (Irvine:) "Hmm... Perhaps it's fate?" [He disappears into the hallway where Selphie went.] (Zell:) "So, what do we do about HIM?" [At his party members' urging, Squall follows Irvine, finding him serenading Selphie with sweet nothings.] (Irvine:) "Selphie... We're destined to be together!" (Selphie:) "Y-Yeah right...!" (Irvine:) "A sigh of love?" (Selphie:) "N-No..." [Now that Selphie's worked up, Irvine starts walking back to the others, tipping his hat to Squall as he passes.] (Irvine:) "Pardon me..." [Squall follows him in, finding him pulling the same stunt with Rinoa.] (Irvine:) "Rinoa..." [She runs away from him.] (Quistis:) "Irvine Kinneas! You're playing a major role in this mission. Now behave yourself!" (Irvine:) "No one understands me... Sharpshooters are loners by nature... We hone our instincts, pour our whole being into a single bullet. The pressure of the moment... An instant of tension... That's what... I have to face alone... ...It's not easy. So like... Just do me a favor, and let me be! You get my drift?" [Zell punches the cabin floor and the women shake their heads. The train also undergoes a shake, probably from the coupling of the other cars.] (Train Announcement:) "Err, there was no damage to the train from that, err, minor vibration...I, uh...repeat...Err, there was no damage to the train from that, err, minor vibration..." [The train speeds out of the station and snakes the railways until its come to a stop in the underground tunnels of Deling City. Once there, everyone piles out and runs up the escalators. The majestic sites come into view, particularly a large arch in the center that rises above the other architecture.] (Rinoa:) "We're going to Caraway's Mansion, right? Just take bus 08." (Zell:) "Sounds like you know this place pretty well." (Squall:) (So this is where Laguna's from...?) [The party runs through the city and approaches the entrance to Caraway's mansion.] (Squall:) (Caraway is the head of the Galbadian army... Could this be a coup d'etat? No... I don't think he's out to overthrow the president...) [The party comes up to the entrance and finds a guard standing watch over the mansion. They can't get past him either...] (Caraway's Guard:) "General Caraway's mansion is right through this gate, but... I can't just let you walk in." (Squall:) "I believe he's been informed of our arrival." (Caraway's Guard:) "Yes indeed, but... I was ordered not to let you through until your skills have been tested." (Zell:) "What the hell's he talkin' about!?" (Squall:) "Test our skills? What does he want us to do?" (Caraway's Guard:) "The [Tomb of the Unknown King] to the northeast. All you have to do is go there. It's real simple, but... You have to bring back proof that you were there. A code number." (Squall:) "A code number?" (Zell:) "We came all the way out here for some stupid test of courage? Who does he think we are!?" (Caraway's Guard:) "There are many students like yourself who wish to call on General Caraway. There was a student from Galbadia Garden yesterday, who has yet to return from the test at the [Tomb of the Unknown King]. The [Tomb of the Unknown King] is located [northeast] of the city. Your objective is to go to the [Tomb of the Unknown King], look for traces of this lost student, and return with his ID number. You should be able to find what you're looking for shortly after you go in. The ID number is written on it. I don't recommend going any further than you have to. You may never make it back alive. Anyway, here's a map for you. Press the [SELECT] button while inside the [Tomb of the Unknown King] to bring it up. Press (/\) again while the map is displayed to escape from the dungeon. But just remember, your SeeD rank will go down." R1 --> Ready to answer R2 --> Buy a hint for 3,000 Gil R3 --> Buy a location displayer for 5,000 Gil R4 --> Talk R5 --> Have him escort us out of town R1: [You don't know the answer yet, so I'll just cover this soon. Look a little ways below.] R2: "There is a GF inside the [Tomb of the Unknown King]. If you feel confident enough, it may be worth the challenge. If that is the case, I recommend you buy the location displayer. You may regret not buying it. [The next hint you can buy is:] "The GF in the back of the cavern has a weakness. 'Stay above ground'. Keep that in mind." [After buying the second hint, he says:] "I have no more hints." R3: "Press the [SELECT] while inside the [Tomb of the Unknown King] to bring up the map. Your current location is indicated by the X mark." R4: "The [Tomb of the Unknown King] is located [northeast] of the city. Your objective is to go to the [Tomb of the Unknown King], look for traces of this lost student, and return with his ID number. You should be able to find what you're looking for shortly after you go in. The ID number should be written on it. I don't recommend going any further than you have to. You may never make it back alive." R5: "Alright, I'll accompany you out. It's quite convenient if you rent a car when you travel outside." [The party is "moved" to the screen with the Rent-A-Car in it.] [The party sets out and finally arrives at the Tomb, with or without the aid of a motor vehicle. As they enter the grown-over structure, two female cadets come fleeing out of there, one of them shouting:] (Female Cadet:) "F-Float!" [They run past Squall and leave; Squall does the opposite. Inside he finds a gunblade lying on the floor without a master.] (Squall:) "Student ID No. ______" [The actual number changes each time, so it's not listed here, obviously.] [Squall heads back to Caraway's Mansion after the short excursion and goes to the gate guard.] (Caraway's Guard:) "Yes, what is it?" R1 --> Ready to answer R2 --> Buy a hint for 3,000 Gil R3 --> Buy a location displayer for 5,000 Gil R4 --> Talk R5 --> Have him escort us out of town R1: Enter ones (list of numbers, from 0 - 9) Enter tens (list of numbers, from 0 - 9) Enter hundreds (list of numbers, from 0 - 9) R2: [Already covered; look above] R3: [Already covered; look above] R4: [Already covered; look above] R5: [Already covered; look above] [When you put in the right three-digit number, he'll say:] (Caraway's Guard: " '_ _ _' That's correct! Please, right this way." [The guard lets them run to the mansion.] (Squall:) (Both Balamb and Galbadia Garden are joining forces with the general from the Galbadian Army. ...Why? ...No point in me thinking about it. 'SeeDs aren't meant to question why.') (Rinoa:) "Umm... Is my contract...still in effect?" (Squall:) (...What is it this time?) (Rinoa:) "Don't leave me in this house, ok? Want me to explain why?" (Squall:) (This might take a while...) "You should know by now. Just tell us what to do and we'll do it." (Rinoa:) "Okay, then. Thanks." [The party enters the General's office, but after awhile, they start to stand around waiting. Squall goes to Rinoa.] (Rinoa:) "Hmph... He always does this! So discourteous...making people wait. I'm gonna go complain. Everyone just wait here." [Rinoa exits and comes back a second later.] (Rinoa:) "Oh, by the way, this is my house. So don't worry." [She leaves again.] (Squall:) (...Hope it doesn't lead to any trouble.) (Zell:) "What the hell's goin' on!?" [At moment, the General enters.] (Squall:) "Where's Rinoa?" (General Caraway:) "She has not receive the type of training you all have, and may become a burden. It's for the best that she stays out of this operation." (Selphie:) "So you're Rinoa's father?" (General Caraway:) "I can't remember the last time she called me that." (Zell:) "So the father's a top military officer, and the daughter's a member of an anti-government faction!? That's bad... Really BAD!" (General Caraway:) "Yes, indeed. It's a serious problem. But it doesn't concern you. It's our problem." (Squall:) (That's not the case...) (General Caraway:) "Besides, we have far more important things to worry about." (Squall:) (Garden's directive and Rinoa's orders have the same value to us.) "Once our mission is accomplished here, we're working for Rinoa, as per our contract. I don't know what your situation is, but please don't interfere when the time comes." (General Caraway:) "And if I do?" (Squall:) (What's his problem?) "We're all SeeDs here. We'll act accordingly." (Irvine: ) "Hey, hey, hey... Fellas... We're here to knock off the sorceress, right? So let's get down to business." (General Caraway:) "...... Ok, let me explain the plan." [The General walks outside and Squall can form his party. (General Caraway:) "I'm sure you know about the Galbadian government reaching an agreement with Sorceress Edea. (Squall:) (So the Sorceress' name is Edea... Edea...) (General Caraway: ) "There is going to be a ceremony tonight to commemorate the event.] [The party follows the General out into the public streets and to a curb on one of the main intersections.] (General Caraway:) "It'll be held at the Presidential Residence. During the ceremony, you will split up into two teams and get in position. The [gateway team] will enter the gateway and stand by. The [sniper team] will stand by at the front of the Presidential Residence until the ceremony is over. This is where the [sniper team] will wait, right here, where I am standing." (Squall:) (So, we're gonna divide into 2 teams: the [sniper team] and the [gateway team].) [The party turns to face the destination. It has a high podium and a large gate in front of it. A large digital clock also stands on top.] (General Caraway:) "That's the Presidential Residence. Once the ceremony ends, a parade for the sorceress will begin. That's when the gate will open. Lay low until then. The parade may be cancelled if there is a commotion. We must avoid that at all cost. Once the gate opens, the [sniper team] will move out. With the parade drawing the crowd and the guards' attention, it should be rather easy to move about. The [sniper team] will head for the roof of the residence. In the [corridor] by the sorceress' room, there is a [hatch] that leads to the clocktower. There's a clock tower there housing a carousel clock. You'll find the sniper rifle there. Stand by in the clock tower until exactly 20:00. The parade will begin by the gate. The sorceress will be riding on the parade vehicle. After it leaves the gate, the vehicle will turn left. Like this. This way." [The General walks the empty street, mimicking how the vehichle will go when the ceremony is initiated.] (General Caraway:) "The parade will circle once around the city along the outer road and return to this space. It will return on this side. Then it will turn right... ...and head this way. Here's where the [gateway team] comes into play. [Everyone heads to the giant arch in the town's center.] (General Caraway:) "At exactly 20:00, the parade will pass under the gateway. At this point, the [gateway team] will operate the console to drop the gates. The sorceress will be trapped inside the gateway. At 20:00, the carousel clock will rise out of the roof, carrying the [sniper team] up as well. There will be no obstruction between the [sniper team] and the sorceress. Take the open shot............BANG! That is all. Now we wait. You're free to go anywhere. Go check out the city if you wish. Just one thing. Stay out of trouble." (Squall:) (Who do you think we are? ...We're not like your daughter.) "We are SeeDs." (General Caraway:) "...... Report to my [residence] when you're ready. We'll hold a final meeting then. After that, we'll proceed with the operation." [The General relieves himself out of the tour and walks away, giving the gateway and sniper teams time to prepare...'cause they'll need it.] _______________________________________________________________________________ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 13. The SeeDs, The Sniper, the Sewers, and the Sorceress [When all is ready, the two parties mosey on back to Caraway's estate, ready to put a thwart the Sorceress' plans. General Caraway is waiting for them.] (General Caraway:) "It's time to form the teams. The sniper and the leader of this operation will form the [sniper team]. The leader's role is vital." (Squall:) (...What does he mean?) (General Caraway:) "If the plan fails for some reason... ...or should the sniper miss... ...the leader must carry out a direct assault against the sorceress. The plan was devised carefully, because we intend this to be a covert operation. But our ultimate goal is to eliminate the sorceress, and we must achieve this at all cost. Even if they uncover our identities. So, who's going to lead the operation?" [Everyone looks at Squall.] (Squall:) "I will." (General Caraway:) "Fine. I'll leave the rest up to you." (Squall:) (...The [sniper team] is decided.) "Irvine and I will make up the [sniper team]. The [gateway team] will be..." [The other SeeDs stand up.] (Selphie:) "Whoo-hoo!" (Quistis:) "Roger." (Zell:) "Let's DO IT!!!" (Selphie:) "So who's gonna be the leader of the [gateway team]?" [Zell starts air-punching, like his role's in the bag.] (Squall:) (Sorry, Zell.) "Instructor Trepe. ...Quistis Trepe, you're in charge." (Quistis:) "Ok! Leave it to me." (General Caraway:) "Ok. Let's begin." [The General and the sniper team leaves for their positions. At that moment, Rinoa runs in and bumps into Quistis.] (Rinoa:) "Hi! Finally got out of there! Did that man say something?" (Zell:) "No, not really." (Rinoa:) "Where's Squall?" (Quistis:) "I'm sorry Rinoa, but we have to get going." (Rinoa:) "Hold on a sec." [She takes out a bracelet-type thing.] (Rinoa:) "Take a look at this!!! This is called an Odine Bangle. I found it in that man's room." (Zell:) "Odine!?" (Selphie:) "Whatcha gonna do with it?" (Rinoa:) "It's supposed to suppress the sorceress' powers. But, its effects are still unknown. So I don't think they're going to use it for this mission." (Zell:) "If it's Odine brand, it should be pretty effective! They're NO. 1 when it comes to magical goods." (Rinoa:) "Right! Right!" (Quistis:) "So what exactly do you want to do with it!? Are you planning to have the sorceress put it on!? Who? When? How?" (Rinoa:) "That's what we're going to discuss!" (Quistis:) "We don't have time for that. Squall and Irvine are already standing by. We have an operation to carry out, too. You understand, don't you? This isn't a father-daugher quarrel. This isn't a game." [The gateway team leaves Rinoa to herself.] (Rinoa:) "Who said this was a game...? I understand what's going on... It's not like I don't have a plan..." [Outside, the General and the sniper team are leaving the residence. The gateway team is just emerging from the doorway.] (Squall:) "I'll make the first charge when we make the full-on attack. I'll try to buy some time." (Irvine:) "That won't be necessary... I'll get the job done." [The party walks out into the street, where soldiers are blocking the streets and crowds are already amassing in the pre-ceremony excitement.] (Irvine:) "So lie... Is it true that SeeDs aren't supposed to question their mission?" (Squall:) (There are times I'd like to know myself. Like...now for example. But...) "What do you care?" (Irvine:) "So like...if you knew that your enemies were pure evil, you'd get more fired up to fight them, right?" (Squall:) (...An enemy that is pure evil? Right and wrong are not what separate us and our enemies. It's different standpoints, our perspectives that separate us. Both sides blame one another. There's no good or bad side. Just 2 sides holding different views.) [The parties come to the archway.] (General Caraway:) "The [gateway team] will wait inside the gate until 20:00. You can enter through this door. The sorceress will pass through the gateway at exactly 20:00. In that instant, lower the gates using the control console located on the top floor and trap her inside the gateway." [Quistis, Zell, and Selphie enter the structure and Caraway walks off. The sniper team heads to the curb where they'll wait to get their positioning.] (General Caraway:) "You two will wait here." (Squall:) "General, why has the sorceress decided to have such an extravagant parade?" (General Caraway:) "She wants to establish her place in Galbadia Garden, sine she has chosen it to serve as her base." (Squall:) (So that's why Galbadia Garden wants her out...) (General Caraway:) "It's starting. I'm returning to my residence. Good luck." [The General leaves. At that moment, Quistis abandons her position in the arch and walks out a bit.] (Zell:) "Instructor, what's up?" (Quistis:) "Maybe I was too hard on her..." (Zell:) "Too hard?" (Quistis:) "I'm going to go apologize..." (Zell:) "You mean...Rinoa?" (Selphie:) "But...but...We can't just leave our post!" (Quistis:) "We still have time until 20:00. You two wait here." (Zell:) "We can't just..." [Selphie runs off after Quistis.] (Zell:) "Hey, wait up!" [The party follows Caraway silently until they get to his residence. He doesn't see them. Inside, Caraway finds his daughter sitting on the ground still.] (General Caraway:) "It'll be chaos out there soon. You'll be safe here." [Rinoa waves him off, so he leaves. She hears the door mechanism start to operate.] (Rinoa:) "Oh no! He's gonna lock me in!" [She runs to the door.] (Rinoa:) "I... I can do it..." [Hightailing it out of there, Rinoa makes it out before the door locks. Unfortunately, the gateway team runs in.] (Quistis:) "Rinoa, I'm sorry I..." [The door mechanism locks the door.] (Quistis:) "!" (Selphie:) "!" (Zell:) "!" (Quistis:) "??? Did we get...locked in?" (Selphie:) "...That Caraway guy!?" (Zell:) "We're smack dab in the middle of a family quarrel here!" (Quistis:) "This is bad. I'm worried about Rinoa, too." (Zell:) "What do you mean?" (Quistis:) "Rinoa's probably on her way to see the sorceress as we speak. She wanted to help us..." [Fade to black. Rinoa's somewhere unfamiliar, which, by checking the screen name, the player finds out it's the Presidential Residence. She starts climbing on some boxes, aiming to get up to where the sorceress is.] (Rinoa:) "I'm not a SeeD, but... I can do this... This isn't some kind of game..." [Rinoa uses the boxes as stepping stones to the roof. She enters the sorceress' chamber and finds it draped in veils for the most part, with a single chair in the middle. The lighting's pretty somber, too.] (Rinoa:) "Umm... Excuse me... I'm...the daughter of, um...Galbadian Army's, um...General Caraway. I...thought I'd...come pay my respects...You know...'cause of my father and all... So, I... um...brought you a small gift. Please..." [Rinoa approaches but is knocked back by some force. The Odine Bangle in her arm starts to shake and soon she's hanging from thin air, unable to let go." (Rinoa:) "Ugh." [She drops to the ground, unconscious. FMV time. The woman who's sitting in the chair stands up, her red-beak-like veil disappearing and two large sheets of cloth coming out of the fan structure on her back. She walks to the door and simply walks right through it, out to where the podium overlooking the crowd is. Vinzer Deling is nearby, too.] (Irvine:) "Here she comes." [The Sorceress walks to the microphone, with Rinoa behind her in some hazy trance state of mind.] (Irvine:) "H...Hey... That girl...!" (Squall:) "Rinoa...?" [Edea speaks into the microphone.] (Edea:) "...Lowlifes. ...Shameless filthy wretches. How you celebrate my ascension with such joy. Hailing the very one you have condemned for generations. Have you no shame? What happened to the evil, ruthless sorceress from your fantasies? The cold-blooded tyrant that slaughtered countless men and destroyed many nations? Where is she now? She stands before your very eyes to become your new ruler. HAHAHAHAHA." (President Deling:) (...?) (Edea:) "A new era has just begun." (President Deling:) "E-Edea... Are you alright...? Ede...!" [Edea outstretches her hand and Vinzer is stricken by something. She lifts him up for the crowd to see, as purplish gases flitter around him.] (Edea:) "This is reality. No one can help you. Sit back and enjoy the show." [The crowd cheers for Edea's speech. Edea tosses Vinzer's body out of their sight, and his dead (?) body smokes; she then turns back to the microphone.] (Edea:) "Rest assured, you fools. Your time will come. This is only the beginning. Let us start a new reign of terror. I will let you live a fantasy beyond your imagination." [Edea leaves the podium, walking by Vinzer's lifeless (?) body. She walks into the screen with the hatch to the carousel and stops.] (Edea:) "Let us end this ceremony with a sacrifice." [She uses her magic and something happens outside. FMV Time. Two lizard-like creatues that had adorned the face of the gateway arch come to life and run through the streets. They jump up towards Rinoa, who's still in her dizzy swagger up near the podium. Irvine and Squall can see the tails of the creatues whipping the air from where they stand below.] (Irvine:) "Hey, hey, hey, she's in trouble big-time! We've gotta go help Rinoa." (Squall:) "The parade hasn't started yet. The gate's not open." (Irvine:) "You've gotta be kidding!" [Back at Caraway's house, Quistis is looking out the window.] (Quistis:) "Oh no! It's starting! We need to get out of here, quick." [Examining the room, she takes a martini glass from the wall and goes to a statue in Caraway's room, putting it in its open-palmed grasp. It spins back, revealing a passageway.] (Zell:) "NO WAY!" (Selphie:) "Pretty sneak-y!" (Quistis:) "Let's go." (Selphie:) "But we don't even know where it leads!" (Zell:) "No use stayin' here!" [The party descends a ladder and comes into the underground sewer conduits, complete with water-wheels and the whole works. Above, the crowd's chanting signifies that the parade's in full swing.] (Zell:) "It's starting." [FMV. Up above, Irvine and Squall watch as the gates fling open and the festivities for Edea are put in motion. Dancers lead the way for Edea's float, with the woman of the hour sitting in a throne. And, back from the dead apparently, Seifer Almasy is also in attendance by her side, if one pays close attention." (Irvine:) "Now's our chance. Come on! What are you waiting for!? Rinoa might die!" [The two start running as the FMV starts. Seifer waves to the crowd with his gunblade, smiling at the fireworks and neon displays all around him. Squall and Irvine run through the FMV in interactive style, heading into the opened gates to help Rinoa. They take the same route that Rinoa did up, except they come out by the podium. Deling is still lying there, but they pay him no mind. Inside, they find the two lizard-creatures standing over Rinoa's lifeless body." (Squall:) "Rinoa!!!" [The battle starts with Irvine.] (Irvine:) "Oh, I forgot to tell you...For my Limit Break, Shot, pull the trigger with the [R1]. Got it?" [Squall and Irvine defeat the two creatures (Iguions). Squall runs over to Rinoa, who, surprisingly, is aware of her surroundings.] (Rinoa:) "I was scared..." [Rinoa clings to his arm.] (Rinoa:) "...Really scared." (Squall:) "It's over now." (Rinoa:) "I was scared... I was really, really scared." (Squall:) "You're used to battles, aren't you?" (Rinoa: ) "I couldn't...I just couldn't. I couldn't fight alone..." (Squall:) (...You're not ready for all this.) "Better get going." [Rinoa clings to his arm again after he bats it away.] (Squall:) "I haven't forgotten your order. Just stay close to me." [Squall and company head into the hatch where the carousel is. A gigantic sniper rifle lies carelessly on the floor. Squall picks it up and hands it to Irvine.] (Squall:) "Irvine Kinneas, it's in your hands now." [Irvine takes it slowly and walks off by himself.] (Squall:) (Huh...? Why'd he get all quiet? Oh, he must be concentrating. Loneliness of the sharpshooter... I guess he has a point. Can't hear anything from in here. ...What's going on with the parade, I wonder? Seifer... So he's alive.) "Rinoa. Seifer's alive. He was in the parade with the sorceress." (Rinoa:) "...What does it mean?" (Squall:) "Who knows." (If I were to face the sorceress directly... Would I have to go through Seifer? ...That's the way it goes as a SeeD. You can't choose your enemies...) "I may end up killing Seifer." (Rinoa:) "You're both...prepared, right? That's the kind of world you live in. You've had a lot of emotional training. But... Of course, I'd rather it not happen..." (Squall:) (............) "It's all up to Irvine." [Squall walks over to the sharpshooter, who's twitching a little.] (Squall:) (Huh...? Is he freakin' out!?) "Don't tell me you're getting the jitters..." (Irvine:) "I...I can't do it." [Squall slaps himself in the face. The view switches back to the sewer-bound gateway team. They navigate the serpentine area and make it out. But where, one asks? Right inside the gateway. They go up and see the parade in full bloom.] (Zell:) "Phew! Just made it." [Everone looks outside, seeing the clock strike the hour of no return. The carousel opens up and the sorceress' vehicle passes underneath the gateway.] (Zell:) "Instructor, now! Hit the switch!" [Quistis pulls the lever.] [The gate blocks the vehicle inside when both of 'em fall. On the carousel, Squall yells at the hesitant Kinneas.] (Squall:) "Irvine Kinneas!!!" (Irvine:) "I...I can't...I'm sorry, I can't do it. I always choke like this... I try to act all cool, joke around, but I just can't handle the pressure..." (Squall:) "Forget it. Just shoot." (Irvine:) "My bullet... The sorceress... I'll go down in history. I'd change the history of Galbadia... Of the world! It's all too much..." (Squall:) "Enough! Just shoot!" (Irvine:) "I can't, dammit!" (Squall:) "Irvine, calm down. Everyone's waiting on you. I don't care if you miss. Whatever happens, just leave the rest to us. Just think of it as a signal. A sign for us to make our move." (Irvine:) "Just a signal..." (Squall:) (That's it.) "Please." [Irvine kneels down, holding the sniper rifle steadily.] (Irvine:) "...Just a sign." [Irvine aims an fires, but the Sorceress, who's had ample time to prepare on account of his slowness, puts up a barrier and absorbs the impact without a scratch. Irvine plops down on his failure.] (Irvine:) "...I'm sorry." (Squall:) "It's ok. Your aim was perfect. Just leave the rest up to me. I'm goin' in for the sorceress. Irvine, Rinoa, just be ready to back me up. Take care of Rinoa." [FMV time. Squall jumps off the podium and hijacks an unattended car, making no time in riding to the Sorceress' float. She stands waiting, as does her right-hand man, Seifer. Squall pulls himself up.] (Seifer:) "Well, this is how it turned out." (Squall:) "So you've become the sorceress' lap dog?" (Seifer:) "I prefer to be called her knight. This has always been my dream." [Squall and Seifer duke it out...] (Seifer:) "Squall, you're mine!" [They keep fighting.] (Seifer:) "Thought I was dead, eh? Not until I fulfill my dream!" [Squall starts to hammer away.] (Seifer:) "Ugh, not bad..." [...and Seifer eventually coming off as the losing party.] (Seifer:) "I...lost...!?" [Squall stands over the defeated Seifer.] (Squall:) "You're losing it, Seifer." (Sorceress Edea:) "...A SeeD. ...Planted in a run-down Garden." [Edea attacks this time, but Irvine and Rinoa run in as backup.] (Rinoa:) "I can fight if I'm with you! That's why I'm here!" (Irvine:) "I have to redeem myself." (Edea:) "...the accursed SeeD." [Edea starts casting high-leveled magic, but it doesn't do much good in the face of the unwavering strength of SeeD. They finally defeat her after awhile.] (Edea:) "Impudent SeeDs!" [Edea forms a giant chunk of ice out of thin air and careens it into Squall. It goes right through him. He falls in slow motion off the edge of the float and the disc ends on a cliffhanger...sort of.] End Of Disc 1