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[Intro] (Real hip hop, it's real hip, real hip, real hip hop, hip) Sounds without focus is just noise [Verse: Focus…] I knew I couldn't leave it alone 'cause ya'll need me Been workin' with Andre Young, I'm job's easy I been to studios so long, it's on GP Lookin' like it's groundhog day, we on repeat (Repeat) Beautiful companions with curves and deep throats The life I live, I get the freak out in cheap clothes I never have to worry about banditos Comprende, legende live by G code A toast to the future with drunk [?] The air from thе smoke from blunts and pre-rolls Real talk, moon walking likе captain EO And we bigger than half the rappers we quote Ya'll know I flow a little different The huts are reprimanded all the way to the pacific I'm mad dripping, I'm that gifted with mad vision You mumble at the fact I'm still focus I'm not switch, I don't follow The kings have risen, your crowns hollow You say nothing, I spit wisdom Too many loses to count, but the wins sticken And everything I'm saying is non-fiction the plot thickens I love the money 'cause that money talk is sweet trip Vagina like Vegeta 'cause I'm Dragon Ball Z Get behind us, the hook up, and she ain't got to call me 2020 got me back into the raw me [Verse 2: Zumo Kollie] I might pop a purple and make my heart race A tab and a half in my calm place For God's sake, dealin' with you niggas like you whine, yeah It's the end of the road for you boy I ain't hearing all the noise, this booth is soundproof Nigga, what you gon' do when the sound surrounds you Woo, you gotta hear the truth in stereo While you tie noose around the gram, wiz superior The man, myth, the miracle, I'll be that 2017 scenes from the laundromat Shock the market, Wall Street, better on black Your reign too short, the game don't stop, it's just the hard facts Cognac for the days I used to face the whole fifth We ain't chasing no trink, we ain't chasing no bitch In the wind, takin' shifts, take a risk Head dunk for the licks 'fore I ever learned to mix like (Mix it up son) Like, what is that a [?] say about me? Huh Don't interrupt me when the money countin' Clean the fuck up, man, not worry about it Wrap his head, [?], dig the ground, we [?] Pardon me, c’est la vie until the day I ghost PBD, we made a scene, bitch, you know the coast I learn to tenure the from my pa, he was hit on the road I'm on a road down low 'til we crack the code You sell your soul, I sell it back, what can I get for that They want the formula, to sprinkle crack, assemble that Serving where your [?] at (Oh) Learn to be a villain in a villa where a billion get pursued So ya'll want me do, your big income in suffer I come and run the summer, hit cousin for the number Small boy go and play ball, work on your jumper See who ya'll call me, fuck up the league, straight from rocker Uh-huh [Outro: Zumo Kollie] Stupid It's because you lack focus Ha-ha, yeah Don't forget my mans dot, nigga