The Floor


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The Floor



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[Grim] I destroy what I see foe, tell your people to keep close I will leave you broke with your cheek bones Bring your boys see your egos get steam rolled I would love to see your fucking team show where we go Looking scared of defeat so you creep low And take foul shots on the net like a free throw You fucking maggots couldn't dagger the deep throat Saluting to the fucking death of faggots as we toast I'm like Bill the butcher, cut it with a cleaver I abduct ya, spill ya mothafucking guts like it's procedure Run amuck in the arena The God's have (come/cum) like Zeus and Hades double teamed Athena Fuck with me my rugged team proceed to beat ya In the dirt is where a mothafucka such as me will leave ya All y'all really need to cut it with the queer shit Or I'll put metal through you dick suckers like a pierced lip [Hook - Tabs] Understand it you are standing on sacred ground We're here to break down your barricades and take your crown Rush your continents, here to crush your monuments We the conquerers so pay homage to the dominance [2x] [Tabs] This kid is foul, I will disembowel your god-king And stick a spike through that dick's head like a cock ring You deserve slow torture, your whole aura is hot pink Try and test, I would stare in the eyes of death and not blink I rock mics around the whole planet, I'm nomadic You grab mics and throat gag it cuz you a known faggot Some broke back clone bastard I'll black out and go savage and wake up covered in blood and bone fragments The prophecy of my birth was etched on a stone tablet Like the mythological phoenix that rose from its own ashes When it's verbal war time I evoke panic Cuz I got more lines than a phone operator with a coke habit It's invigorating to watch these instigating fuck mouths When we reduce your monuments to a dissipating dust cloud I've struck down pharaohs in battles, hear the trumpet sound The king is dead and I'm wearing his severed head as my fucking crown (Hook) [Coal Cash] I crush my enemies to see them driven before me I'll snuff your pedigree for my destiny's glory Density of my energy can mentally crush the planet The havoc that I disperse could rip the universal fabric It's Dead Rabbits, beheading faggots as I cross 'em out Soul of Geronimo, the blood will flow when I pull off your scalp I'll hawk your mouth, getting doused in a bloodbath The wrath that I've become won't let you run from the flood path H.P. Lovecraft, this is The Call of Cthulhu The hoodoo that I cast hits like the wrath of the Zulu Duel with a voodoo doctor, got the chakra to chop through you The guru of death, eat through the best of the true school Rulers of conquest, who wants next in the melee Better pray we ain't upset, your whole set could get waylaid We slay with blades made to bathe in your faggot blood A fucking savage turn the average into maggot grub (Hook) "Erect a monument to me for I alone am your king The virgin sand is my queen a royal legend I will be"