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Cherry blossoms dancing in the wind Whistling a tune same key I’m in Gotta go, got to keep marching on To the beat of a D tuned kettle drum Rattles and creeks like my broken feet Stumbling down avenues and dusty old streets Well I wanna walk'em all I am gonna walk'em all They mine with turbines they’re roping in the wind Kinda like this state I’m in It’s calm and quiet and blowing off steam Time to sleep, they got time to dream I dream about you constantly Side by side you next to me Well I wanna have it all I'm gonna have it all Never really thought things would pan out this way - must confess Never really paid it any mind I spent a lot of time helping out future conquests - I guess I Never really thought i’d find the time to cross the line Rowing over northern waters angry and gray Make a man feel twice his age I stand at the corner of two dead ends One dies while the other one begins I can castle my king with my crumbling rook Learned every rule in that worn out book now I'm gonna bend'em all I'm gonna break'em all