December African Rain

Johnny Clegg

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Best of Live: At the Nelson Mandela Theather


World music
South african



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Hum Standing on the Earth seagull flying Standing on the Earth the sky is bleeding Standing on the Earth sun is leaving Leaving us behind Once there was an African love song Helped us on our way Made our hearts feel as strong As the African Day Chorus: Bye bye December African rain -- The long gone summer has passed And I hear the owls calling my name -- The firelight has danced its last Across your face my friend -- And though I love you I somehow know this is going to be the end -- Now the sun has disappeared And all that remains An old tin mug and a photograph So wipe away those tears and remember the good times Hum oh Standing on the Earth, moon is rising Somewhere in the world -- spirit flying Standing on the Earth -- leaves are falling Taking us away I never knew whom I could love more -- you or the land Till I stood lost upon that shore -- naked and alone Chorus 'Cause all the birds have flown away The night is closing in It's so hard to say goodbye to eyes as old as yours my friend Where did the time go? Can you tell me where did the time go? Time life show Life time go Where did the time go? Where did your life go? Can you tell me where did your life go?