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[Intro] Hit-Boy [Verse 1: Hit-Boy] Gun powder in my clothing, load the clip then unload it We the realest you can quote me I'm back and I'm better brodie Made this beat all by my lonely Wrote this shit all by lonely So I'm doly to the stu, I might be the one and only 9 hunnid dollar tee and a two tone Rollie Two hands up, niggas tryna block me like a goalie Thugs and parole, some of my closest homies It's the way these niggas move why we ain't clickin' They fakin' real life, get saved by image I'm sizin' niggas up but this ain't full fittin' I can hear the sneak diss in the play back Niggas will see me, one on one to say that The injection is lethal, I'm thumpin on the needle Put my face on stain glass in the cathedral Back to back deals with Jimmy and Hovito Niggas wouldn't know the feeling Building till I own the building, yeah [Interlude 1: Hit-Boy] I'd like to send the congratulations To my motherfuckin' self Look, hol' up [Verse 2: Hit-Boy] Lacin' up these size 10, steppin' on you wisecracks Started with a small vision, now the screen on iMax Big dawg vicious, God my witness I ain't with the weird shit, so I keep it all bidness HB paid the cost, I got the shit ringin' off See the smoke from the exhaust when I peel out kid Ten plus in this shit and they still doubt Hit I should hand niggas a contract, like fill out this Went through the seasons I had to stand the weather One man band, y'all better band together, I'm 'bout bands Doubts in my flame, nigga I doubt that My nigga see an enemigo, they gon' hop out fast Look back in the race and get passed up quick Pushin' at my own pace, still lappin' you jits I wasn't even surprised when you ass jumped ship We know niggas who do the most, ain't done shit [Interlude 2: Hit-Boy] It's all bidness, no feelings Get money, keep winnin' Look, hol' up [Verse 3: Hit-Boy & BENNY THE BUTCHER] Gotta clean up the mud, I ain't touchin' the feds Then we high like a nigga standin' up on pegs We ain't givin' out the info, don't ask us Mask up, flee the scene in a black truck It's bad luck, fuckin' with squad We mind your ass to the mob The Flex, droppin' a bomb, I had to take the batton Nip' told the world this shit is a marathon, you could sell a billion first week, I ain't scared of y'all (I got this) Let's go Bulletproof the Benz, lost a few friends But made so much, hoes think I play for the Redskins Blowin' smoke out of gas masks (Yeah) Baggin' dough up in trashbag, streets'll double cross like hashtags Pressure wasn't shit to a nigga, I invited it They askin' what I did for the hood, I inspired it Fiends taste the dope 'fore they fire it, who inquirin'? Chasin' down money was tirin', now they wire it Gun smoke in my clothing, they can never say I folded Put a nigga to sleep and then give his mother roses 50K in a sofa, got me laughin' like the Joker You suite the bitch, been two week with you and broke it They ask my motivation, of course it's hunger I walked out of 2019 with Jordan numbers Record label tryna sign me, that's when we lost each other 'Cause I'm really not a rapper, I just talk to hustlers The Butcher, ah [Outro: BENNY THE BUTCHER] Big Griselda in this bitch You know what I'm sayin'? You know I fly to LA Soon as I land, I'm gon fuck with my boy Hit Niggas ain't fuckin' with us, nigga It's classic shit, ah The real is back nigga, we run this shit, ah We run this shit, The Butcher comin' nigga