One Way

Golden Bug

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One Way





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Verse 1: Everything changed when the boy got a deal Got less times with my hands on the wheel Now the boy booked for a tour so real Got a new life and my attitude changed Couldn't trust kin in my life ain't the same I had dreams not in a range I want to live life for a change I don't do xans I don't take pills I've been depressed Caught in my feels Thinking bout exes Wanna call back Left on you on read Doing these tracks Remember those times When you wouldn't turn back Girl I want love I don't want slack Really thought you were the best that I ever had Guess I got desperate Caught off path Knew some girls Knew some bad Lost my v to a chick in a bed Guess I got caught by the devil in a dress Now I look back old self dead But he want back Back in my head Back to the life that I put in the grave Back to the dude that was hiding his shame Now I feel stuck in my life nowadays any Verse 2: I say a lot that I never do Man I fail in the duties of my life and my times due I should pick up the phone and dial God now But I feel worried and my time ain't slow down Almost 18 now Stuck in my sin and I can't get out Stuck path in the devils house Get me a one way trip to a golden couch But its really all fake Yeah it was dope till it got me in chains Now im reminiscing life when I got saved Now im stuck in a trap in a major way Want to make waves But I feel stuck like castaway Tell tom hanks That I really don't want to die today Without knowing for sure Came in the game and they want to throw curves People ain't real and its getting on my nerves Life sucks and it never works Guess im all by self Probably take life and just put it on the shelf God hear my cry cuz im calling for help Feel like I can't hang on like a patients health Im unwell