Glad To Sad To Say

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Syd: And there they are ladies and gentleman The Residents from San-Francisco! This is Syd Powell in the RAO studios in Houston Texas. I’m here with Mr. Jay Clem representative of Ralph Records. The Residents themselves are in the studio with us, but are refusing to join us in the interview. They are apparently contempt to walk around the studio banging on instruments and making strange noises. Now perhaps Mr. Clem will tell us the very interesting story behind the selection we just heard, Death In Barstow, from the Residents E.P Babyfingers. Jay: Glad to Syd, Babyfingers was originally the third side of Fingerprince, The Residents latest album. The Residents had recorded a three sided LP to be released as such. Ralph Records disapproved this album due to the economic infeasibility, and a compromise was reached in which the extra material was pressed into an EP and is included with the Fingerprince Collectors Edition. Syd: Well that’s very interesting! Perhaps you could explain another story then Mr. Clem. I understand that The Residents simple hate and abhor The Beatles. What can you say about that? Jay: Uh Syd that’s absolutely false, The Residents do not hate The Beatles. They have simply expressed an attitude which indicates boredom with the present day Rock N Roll culture. Syd: Alright then perhaps you can explain to my why the rumour is currently running rampant through australia that The Beatles are in fact The Residents. Jay: Uh such a rumour exists Syd because RAM magazine in australia published a story uh supporting the argument that The Residents are in fact The Beatles. Syd: But this is of course untrue. Jay: It’s absolutely untrue Syd. Syd: But then maybe it explains why The Residents have released their new single with a Beatles song right on it. Jay: Well it may or may not explain that Syd, it just so happens though that The Residents did record Flying a Beatles tune from the Magical Mystery Tour album. You may be more interested to know however, that The Beatles recorded a Residents song on the flip side of this very same record. Syd: Ah ha! It must’ve been really tough to get those lads back in the studio again. Jay: Uh tough it was Syd, in fact, uh, The Beatles don’t even know they were there. Syd: Let us hear this controversial new single right now.