Kenny Loggins




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[Verse 1] Now, while we're here alone And all is said and done Now I can let you know Because of all you've shown I've grown enough to tell you You'll always be inside of me [Pre-Chorus] How many roads have gone by? So many words left unspoken I needed to be by your side If only to hold you [Chorus] Forever in my heart Forever, we will be And even when I'm gone You'll be here in me Forever [Verse 2] Once, I dreamed that you were gone I cried out trying to find you I begged the dream to fade away And please awaken me [Pre-Chorus] But night took a hold of my heart And left me with no one to follow The love that I lost to the dark I'll always remember [Chorus] Forever in my heart Forever here, you'll be Know that when I'm gone You'll be near to me Forever in my life Always thought I'd be I'd be yours [Outro] Forever