Falling In Reverse - "Losing My Life"

Falling In Reverse



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A faded echo drifts here Reverie amongst the hollow passages Altars desolate, faintly tremble Weakening in the stillness Shaken by subtle resonance As horizons grow dark, and despair descends Perdition without warmth, the dissolution of moments Emptiness erase the memory of us all In the decaying light, anguished as our sight dims A helplessness takes hold The loss indesinent, entire worlds fall grey Detached in thoughtless abyss, essence of the host Eternity dreaming in an ethereal void I relent Lead into the null unwakefulness, meditation Bodies lay cold and dead Now unravels this woven earth Falling in to measures beneath And aperture to the parallel As I behold the recission, I am released Carried into the cycle I embrace the end with no resistance Leave this world to drown in its sorrow