Children of the Night


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Children of the Night - Single



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[Intro: MKULTRA] (Leaders are deceitful) Yeah (Your leaders are deceitful) Okay I'm the infrastructure (What?) [Verse 1: MKULTRA] I'm the infrastructure, the bones that shape your comfort (Woo) I create the game, I make imaginary numbers (Cha-ching) I feed on abudance, I escrete who are disgusted I'ma skip a fractal, Butoh dancing like a puppet I make good and evil super smash for my amusement I'ma move the people, Master Hand, I am a nuisance Your leaders are deceitful, think control is what God's doing My chaos magic sacred, testing theories, making movements [Chorus: MKULTRA] Want, we want, we want some answers No, we don't get what we want (Okay, yeah) Want (Ayy), we want, we want some answers (Sing) No (Yeah, uh), we don't get what we want [Verse 2: MKULTRA] Gave the troglodytes fire, I'm who wrote your trials Guy who penned your odyssey, I gave you atrocities So you could overcome and become strong ontologically I'ma pop your colony, I make cosmic comedy Earth people larvae start to warp for the eschaton Time speeding up towards the singular encephalon Metapod evolving, all the walls dissolving Come and join the goblins, other side of your quadrant I'm inside the blob, my word is the law I build up new posits, burn 'em down, it's on I'm who melt the clocks, bitch, now its time for Chöd It's the claw, Kali Ma, open your heart for God End of ends, beginning of the dead On the other side of time, fifth dimension, we ascend Seventh sense (Ding), something not yet comprehended But we setting things in motion but, before that, we must end it [Chorus: MKULTRA] Want (Yeah), we want, we want some answers No, we don't get what we want Want, we want, we want some answers No, we don't get what we want [Verse 3: BIGGSLUGGATHOR333] You see this chaos magic sacred, I taught it to the ancients Synthesized the lessons so my brothers can awaken I once devoured God, just as Saturn ate his children Descended down from Eden as a slithering reptilian The evidence was hidden but the world is my creation I deal with all your hatred, all your sins and degradation The serpent of the light crucified upon the cross The crown of Kether waits for those who learn to take a loss I will Cain all the Abels and reap what is mine I have wandered through the deserts hidden outside of time Veiled is the truth unless you sacrifice an eye Hang from the tree of life to resurrect through the spine In the eye of the mind all perceptions do reside And as children of the night you will soon embrace the light Forged the sacred blade just as I forged your DNA All forms of life contain infinity within their veins [Outro] Think of consciousness as being like a stream As one progresses further, he enters deeper into its phenomena And his contact with reality, his realization of the cosmic Becomes more extensive and profound