Do What U Want (Solo Version

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[Verse 1: bsp] There are many rappers around who have tried to best me (yes!) They want the secret sauce, well here's a recipe (wow!) Step number one, melt some butter in your saucepan (melt!) Add flour, brown sugar, milk, and some salt, man (damn!) Stir it all together till it is dummy thicc and bubbling (ooh!) This is the treat for which the rap game is groveling (yuh!) Pour this mixture into a sturdy baked pastry shell (yum!) It's hot just like my bars, yeah if you beef it's steak in hell (damn!) Now the time has come for some meringue up in yo face (yeah!) First, beat your egg whites like I beat Scarface (tony!) Slowly beat in sugar and some cream of tartar too (ooh!) I make delicious treats, you make garbage stew (bish!) Add all your meringue on top of the filling (wow!) Next is the step that all the hotties are shilling (fye!) Put it all in the oven with the temp at 350 (yuh!) It will be delicious unlike anyone who diss me (boom boom!) [Verse 2: slightly_senile] 2020 vision My rhymes dope as nuclear fission I'm fishing for words, letters and verbs (Haven't you heard?) I'm stuck in the corner, losing my religion This verse demands your attention It's the end of the world as we know it So I let go of all my foes and feel heroic But what do you suppose I'm supposed to do? Stuck up in my room, left without a clue Luckily, I got the homies in my Genius crew So let's look back at the year in review R.I.P. to Malcolm, he turned our world blue Oy vey, how time flew, so I say "adieu" to a Jew Next up to bat, another member of the tribe Got up and dropped the Toosie Slide A couple loosies on the side, it's a vibe Great music keeps coming in a slow rush I had to brush my teeth with all the apples that I eat People stopped in the street when Fiona dropped her masterpiece But no discussion would be complete without RTJ, Freddie G or Kenny Beats So many new duos debuting, got critics rave reviewing It makes me wonder what the Alchemist has brewing But that concludes with my ballyhoo-spewing If you ever need to reach me, you know what I'll be doing You can find me on the Hooch, drinking hooch and canoeing [Verse 3: Ferbinho] All these chains got me freezin' It's a cypher, we teaming And these bars I'm releasing They don't have any meaning Annotations are useless So they won't be included 2020, the New Age Fixing cubes, call me Rubik [Verse 4: ScopeY] So sick with these raps I got these other rappers sticking on masks When you next to me it makes me want to go pick up and axe And I mean the bodyspray, bro, 'cause you stink real bad I'm the manager, man, and I make the Karens real, real mad I don't need a license to drive you out of here, no Throw a clock at your head so you can watch where you go Time sure flies when you're in your prime constantly I'm always on fire like something that bursts into flames easily Going apeshit with the monkey bars, sliding on banana peels Hairy enough to be the king of the jungle, that's just how I feel Yeah, let's pop some shit, my beard is ready for the apocalypse So smooth I'm tracking my own moves with some microchips And what I'm seeing is that I am somehow under your skin All that can be said is that you're gonna need more chin None of your frowns can stop me from grinning, I keep on winning The end of the world is just my beginning [Verse 5 : Payre] I ought to bring the illest (Shittiest) bar in the house 2020 get the fuck away, people be in rouse Say we gon' be doing the Cypher I say hell nah I be playing as Cypher (Valorant) Been a tough year, the world would be a better place If the cops would be color blind, tie your shoelace Don't you dare step on people's face Folks out there tryna get out the box Keep your up-votes in the dox Proved my point, I make the poopiest bars Elon be sending the SpaceX the the Mars Ya'll be changing the diaper Peace out, I be laying the traps like Cypher, yo! [Verse 6: BecauseImGrubbinMore] Beginning imminent winning with premature grinning The whole world is on fire, and my verse is the kindling Release heat when I bequeath my pen to these sheets My pen the utensil? Or what hangs to the soles of my feet? Y'know, the same one she suck when I wanna go skeet And after that I use to make her sex drive deplete Nah nigga it's both, cuz I be fuckin the beat My tool raps run ya brain like school athletes I shed light so you can see what's built when I'm done Cuz I promise I ain't reference skeet just to talk about cum Or not even to talk about how yo girl think I'm the one But to really show you niggas how the game is my sons [Verse 7: Serta] Exploring your girl like I'm Vasco da Gama And she was traded, don't want no drama Writing bars that got touched by Midas That you're judging through your bias Easing throught the track back-to-back So many lines going your way that it's hard to track Scoring hits like I'm Cristiano If this was a real verse the track would score 10/10 in Fantano Channeling my inner self in lyrics While going through you, forensics This verse got you trying to find the Charles Peirce These lines are full of controversy, I'm a problematic Prince Making that bread like I'm from Aljubarrota [Interlude: Pessoa] Bippity-boppity-boo I just want 2022 [Verse 8: OscarTheGoldfish & PolitikZ] Any bars I would write are fucking shit So I'll just post some PolitikZ I'm a spiritual lyrical individual Spiritual miracle lyrical individual Spiritual miracle individual Skippin' and flippin' and dippin' And skippin' and flippin' and dippin' The illest, the killest, the skill of the willest I'm the realest, I'm the realest I'm bringin' real hip hop back, don't you ever forget it Fuck Lil Wayne and the government's corrupt Fuck the government 'cause I don't give a fuck I'm the realest in the game 'cause I'm underground And fuck that mainstream shit 'cause I don't give a fuck I'm a spiritual lyrical miracle Lyrical spiritual illest of miracle lyricals Flippin' and dippin' and skippin' [Verse 9: Ace Woe AKA @kingkillmonger] Alright, I done sat back... Safe and sound like a hazmat Navigating this catastrophic battle rap Y'all soundin' like some kinda poetry slam brat pack But I digress... Burn the pen, grab my backpack Ready the molotovs, rockin' a black mask Hit city hall widda blowtorch and a spray can Then I'm out-the-door like a flat tax Nah, for real tho, where you at-at? Protesting hate crimes from the Slack chat? Ain't no change gonna come when you stand back... To the culture that's a back stab Only mofo here with balls enough is YeahTim Bars so hard the 'Luminati probly tryna grab him Now Genius wanna act like a multi-cultural grab bag But when the shit hits the fan is you still a fan, man? [Outerlude: Ace AKA King] As for the rest of y'all... New figures just new figures, don't get involved Unless you want a clapback... [Verse 10: Ayden Morris] Three hundred stacks Yeah, it's the end of the world so I don't have long Yeah, it's the end of the world so I don't have long I'm with my girl and I'm puttin' her on To that new ish, that trill ish (Yes, sir) Keeping' it clean for the kids (Heck yeah) Not my kids, just the kids in general I'm big with the wits and I'm big on my spiritual (Thank you, God) This verse is a journey and it's straight off the dome No Weekend at Bernie's, this ish is woke Yelling “Black Lives Matter” til' the white folks know I'm white but I've never done Coke Pepsi either, it's all about that H2O What if I rhymed something with orange? Can't even think over this loud door hinge Wait, I just rhymed something with orange My mom just texted me about some flooring Man, this verse is kinda boring How many of y'all are snoring? Don't be sleeping, we don't have long It's the end of the world, man, we don't have long If today was the last, would you even listen to this song? Or would you be thinking about all you did wrong? Don't wait until tomorrow to make peace, do it today Another day isn't promised, the end of the world is on the way Don't you hate when your phone changes "otw" to "On the Way"? My phone did that to me the other day One sounds like you're in the shower and the other sounds like you're almost there But who cares, just spend time with your people, try to be aware That today could be the last, we might no have long I ran out of things to rhyme with long Semi-cleverly at least This verse is over, I never claimed I was a beast This shouldn't be a political statement, but I don't mess with the police (This beat is fire) (Probably) [Verse 11: tonymontana] Corona, climate change, the world is ending But none of those as deadly as the bars I'm sending I want all the smoke here, from 'hat, mod, or ed I'm a slice of pizza while you just a flatbread Red, bright, tasty, delicious marinara sauce So if you're feeling bold its not me you should cross And my dressing? It's greasy so please don't slip Because I won't help you up if you fall and trip Even when I'm writing this I have a migraine But I'm still gonna pop out so tuck yo chain Used to Understand Rap but I've since grown And I think that's a wrap, peace and watch the throne [Verse 12: Kerserz] Yo, I'm dropping all the names in these bars like Jay-Z Y'know these motherfuckers are still driving me crazy Locked inside there's nowhere to hide in my pain So all I can do is sit in pride and stare at the rain (yeah) To stop my brain from taking a blade to me It's got me confessin' that my eyesight is'l hazy But who can blame me when I just want to be free Deeper into depression, I've become another roped-in suffocatee So sick I'm convinced my demons tryna lift me from the sea Drowning in this - I'm a fucking Titanic and the Iceberg is my creed [Verse 13: BenRodz] I don't really know how to write a verse, so I'ma write what I'm feeling This year has been crazy off the chain People everywhere protesting that Black Lives Matter Police are acting like they don't care about people's rights The Coronavirus kept me in lock down and quarantine for three months I swear I almost went crazy worrying over the news and the cases And all of the people dying And then the police killed George Floyd and everything went off the chain I'm just trying to get back to my fam on Genius, and get back to what I love doing Everything that's happening right now got me so worked up I don't even watch the news anymore I just gave all of my worries to God And put everything in His hands I'm not gonna worry about what's going on anymore Just remember Black Lives do Matter And justice for George Floyd Alright that's all i can come up with Peace fam, and thanks for the welcome backs! [Verse 14: Geniusgeniususer123] I'm a lyrical spiritual miracle individual Rapping subliminal criminal rhymes to you Drown you like a swimming pool Well pronounced multi syllables Kill and pillage a villager killing pillager filling it with killing and pillaging ill rapper Lyrical spiritual miracle individual End of the world cypher Dick swiper, sick typer, click riper Sick dick flicks with brick piping mad dick Cocaine imported, sell bricks to buy a fucking house Coke illegally exported, blow you out of the water like the coral reef exploded Throw a coke in the oven, call that baking soda Coka cola motorola hola So chronic, flow robotic, go so fast I mow the lawn and Ancient rhymer robotonic full personic pull robotic So much bombs go faster than rammadan and farrakhan [Beat Switch] [Verse 15: Morfyeezus] Let me tell you how I feel right now/ I don’t worry bout the deal right now/ Head still high/ Because I’ve been taught how to get by/ In rough times/ Problems are at their prime/ But don’t mind/ Soon it’ll all be fine/ These mexican lessons/ Truly are a blessing/ Because I don’t know what I would do without them/ During all this mayhem/ I’m a proud chicano/ Big Mexico - Americano/ Took the best of both sides/ It resides/ All inside/ My big mind/ Speak the language, broken by the schools/ Mix the spanglish, spoken by the foos/ I’m a vato, tried hard not to be a cholo/ Don’t need a gang I’ll be fine solo/ And I don’t cry no mo/ Pops said I gotta be a man, so I show no/ Single tear/ I cannot have fear/ In this world that’s so big/ You’ll snap if you’re a twig/ Altered Fiction, that means we live reality/ And it’s very scary, far from normality/ So most of the time I do have fear/ I saw a man on the corner with a sign saying that the end is near/ Screaming loud “it’s the second coming!”/ Shouting “Why aren’t y’all running?”/ Because I ain’t afraid/ I done made/ It thru 2012/ Plus I done pushed through all by myself/ It can’t be the apocalypse now/ If it is, well, hell, I’m pretty proud/ I’m proud of what I’ve done/ And awards, I maybe never won/ But deep down I still know I’m the best/ And I don’t need no test/ As some proof of my skill/ Cuz I’m ill/ Always thrill/ Have no chill/ With a will/ Like that of a warrior that kills/ For his land, but I feel/ What B-Real/ Said back in Cypress Hill/ That something hard you can’t Understand/ Is how someone just can/ Kill a man/ Killing one another/ Leave behind their mothers/ Make sisters and brothers/ Care for each other/ It’s really all madness/ Pleasures become sadness/ Nights are at their blackest/ Careful when you open your eyes, it can turn your mind to fragments/ Reality check I’m not trippin/ The homies, eses, boolin, crippin/ I can tell their sanity slippin/ See it in their eyes holding back tears from drippin/ They laugh it off, say it’s just the hood/ I live there too, so i understood/ What can make a man kill/ Survival, the world doesn’t stand still/ Just for anybody/ Life’s rocky/ And that’s what momma said/ She’s always telling me things that get to my head/ Helps free my mind of obscurity/ Even if I live far away from purity/ It’s dark outside, and don’t even got a flashlight/ But mami says I got one inside And it shines very bright/ Plus I got everything else I need, right?/ You have great tasting meal/ And a home/ Distractions for good feels/ And a very smart dome/ Got 2 legs and two arms/ And a body that can withstand harm/ 2 eyes so you can see/ True beauty that brings glee/ Straight to the eyes of the beholder/ And she says that I am the molder/ Of my life/ I can cut through all the evil just like a knife/ Maybe more/ Like a sword/ Though I miss my innocent days with dinosaurs/ Way before/ I knew the lore/ Of the poor/ And I once was the lord/ Of daydreams, all aboard/ A trip to la-la-land/ Is all I want, but right now I stand/ My feet are planted on the soil of real life/ And know I realize/ Even with ghetto eyes/ That we don’t need to fear, cuz we’ll fly/ Be just like butterflies/ What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, so even though you might agonize/ Recognize/ That it’s what makes one beautiful, so glamorize/ Minimize/ The worries/ Life will pass you by in a hurry/ So just live, laugh, and love/ Do all of the above/ Because there’s beauty in the struggle/ It comes in a bundle/ Don’t forget, stay humble/ And you might trip, and you might tumble/ Because I swear that you won’t crumble/ So just take it from me/ And this is just a little thing I did for free/ [Verse 16: PierFrancescoCosta] It's funny how life can almost knock you out like One Punch Man As personal trauma meets the turmoil: the mix is frightening And you can sit and laugh when Open Mike Eagle says it But I challenge you to do the same when kids are trembling So educate yourself, take love off the shelf And above all, never be a clone: be yourself Even though you're not Zanardi, you should pick a lane The one that makes things simpler, that takes them off their pain BLM should have taught you one main thing That the weakest person can still make a difference So, apply it to your mind, let it heal Until the only Corona you will fear, it will be Miz You're sick and tired of believing your lies, I know You've fled away too many times from your past, I know But if a flower can still grow through the cars Then we can get saved, let be healed from our scars, I know [Verse 17: hampered] Hampered is pampered, trampling the tampered Rappers scampering while I hammer the campers These wack raps be blastin' back like these Mack's are taken aback A black jack plaque on top of the Nit Nack Shack Lyricism splatters the dapper master slacker as I kill him like a cadaver disaster Pack it up pudding I'm putting my footing on the gas As I harass the class with forecasts of raining glass on the Sassafras I'm clashing with trash in the mass of mass as I splash like Nash Through the brash grass I pummel you all playing Super Smash These rhymes steady deadly as Shelly is already ready with the machete In the Serengeti sweaty and jetty as it rains confetti When's this verse gonna end? I'm condemned with friends as my evil extends I recommend you defend before I descend and pretend to ascend to your content Alright this lasted too long I'm past the past and at last I have finished my sermon As I'm hypodermic like Uma Thurman [Verse 18: masterhype] Woah, can't wait to hear the beat drop Woah, rock-a-bye baby with a treetop (Let's go, let's go) You'll never be my heir, even if you eavesdrop Keep butchering my name, then work at a meat shop Got a traphouse in my treetop (Woah) Used to pump work like a Reebok (Woah) B. Simone ain't got no choices Now she work 9-5's and get exploited DaBaby fuckin' hoes and poppin' pills, he must feel like a rockstar Well, don't get arrested again, you silly mobster (Ayy) Woah, can't wait to hear the beat drop Woah, rock-a-bye baby with a treetop (Let's go, let's go) Yeah I'm big ballin', that's why I'm well endowed (Hey) And that's how you kill the remix to a remix for Wild 'N Out (Ayy) [Verse 19: half-ghoul] This is the shit that will take my fuckin' mind back I ain't from down under but know this some suicide rap You think that you hard but in a fight you hide fast Say you got a drum, something like a hihat You fuckin' know that I cap, greatest of the century Try hit me with that gat, shots be what you send to me Bitch, I send it back-back, you in last-last I get a stack-stack, show my dad what he coulda' had Aimin' for ya' snapback, 187 on the street All the bars that I spat, hommy all over the beat Pull up with the gang and you fuckin' know we delete When I'm fuckin' done people start callin' me Mikami Bitch I know you want me gone, you wish that I was a stain But your wish is my command, might go and splatter my brain I might go and pull up to your house and bang Bitch, I think I died back in 2008 Don't go outside, that's where you found the pain Fuck those who state that the new sound they hate You think you the illest, you think you the best My lyrics the realest, leave you in distress I been tellin' you, why you ain't be gettin' it? I’m a demon hiding among civilians Y’all too fucked up so to that you oblivious I ain't a hero, burn the Enchiridion Chew you up, don't spit you out, soon become like a Kakuja Bitch, now I've evolved, look at past me, what is wrong with ya? I know you ain't believe in me, but I think I'll astonish ya Got a fuckin' crowd around, sorta like a moshpit does Look, I'm only half Ghoul but your girl's still gotta eat In one way I'm like Kaneki, I'm thinkin' "What is wrong with me?" Something like a prodigy, I'm rulin' shit but not a queen Please don't get me on a beat 'cause I will murder, honestly [Verse 20: Trappezoidal] Thought it was a straight shot to the paragon But daring 20 squared? I think I'd better not Was staring at this cube intensely with an arrogance But trapped in these four walls are dark and scary thoughts I'll count on one hand the good times of 2020 Just one more finger to flip off the pork and sentries The lucky numbers up for "good and plenty" We're taking to these streets before we eat the gentry I feel stuck inside an inverted world that's all deep sixed Whose tenets change as frequently as that one guy from apprentice did It's stranger things and stranger day to day what the feeling is It's the 12th hour so don't mind the inconveniences There're many reasons why this year caused so much grief Maybe one to four that gave me moments to reprieve But fuck the minutes, take a minute to appreciate the streets That's my 16. Covid can fuck off, and fuck the police [Verse 21: Tabby Kat] This year has me tearin' my hair out 'Cause the government does not seem to care 'bout The people over which it rules Instead it uses its tools To fuck the world up, the most for minorites Depending on color, people are made different levels of priorty And I don't want to be some white savior But I personally disaprove of the orange bastard's behavior Towards people of color and about this thing called covid He had the oppurtunity to slow it Instead he sat back and said "Fuck it, let's see where this goes" And now he's got it, I hope that he knows That most don't give a fuck if her recovers Because he's the cause of death of our sisters and brothers He had some info And instead of using it he told the smart people "You don't like my plan, then go" Problem is, the plan he spoke of was nonexsintent I fucking hate you donald, I said it and I meant it (Fucking Bitch) [Verse 22: itsFiras] My first verse out in the open and I'm ready to spread it Like patient zero, not knowing shit's about to get tragic You were acting tough but I called your bluff, son And now you're closed inside, are you bunkered or locked down? But karma came at your door fast like Ramadan Now you're breathing heavy like you ran a marathon So just mask up, people, like we're gonna make a heist The reward is worth it cause we talking bout your life And you parent's, your grandmas', your grandpas' and cousins' You don't think about it, but you maybe killed a dozen Going to that party or that rally instead of protectin' Your family from infection, i hope we're connectin' Like a Zoom call in which you're not paying attention All you care about is TikTok, tweets and mentions Don't inject the disinfectant and don't drink the bleach! I never imagined this was something that they had to teach But if you trust that man i guess that's not his fault, is it? Natural selection's about to pay you a visit The flow so exquisite, smooth and sophisticated Makes you wonder if your favorite rapper could have made it And there is no debating that the kid is ill, he has it Like one of the parties got COVID and chose to scrap it Did it dawn on you or you still think you're winning? Your fanbase is shrinking more and more every minute Even though the news don't cover it or try to smother it Like the cop did to George Floyd, knee on esophagus The resistance is strong and not done with it And you know they're immune to your fucking rhetoric End of the world cypher Rhymes so sharp that will just slice up your fibers Your Highness, with the lyrics you have to decipher Broadening horizons, the view has never been wider (Out!) [Verse 23: LecraeFan83] I used to rap, idols in my mind Lecrae and all those he reached Now I found my rhyme scheme And the theme of my life is sad boring love stories I’m trying to sing, but I wish I could sing like Ed or Craig I wish the green thumb didn’t mess with my insecurity I wish I had a girl Still missing her, while I’m hating her So many people around me I’m bound to ground one eventually When you see me, what do you see I’m being myself, everything I don’t wanna be That’s why I can’t believe myself in my dreams Its shallow but deeper than you’re ever gonna get I’m trusting God internally Sometimes it feels like insanity There’s a lot on my chest, less than most I wanna just vent, but don’t wanna offend, or cause the pain I hate I’m tired of the politics I wish the NBA and NFL would stop and play ball Wish people would research their heroes BLM, and Jesus wasn’t white, but I’m tired of the same old record playing I’ve heard it all, I’m a white man, I don’t know anything anyway Look at the facts, listen to Chuck Use the right names for your cause I’m praying for Kanye 2020, but no one ‘ill know who got my ballot I’m a pretty peaceful guy, I have my convictions They’re stronger than the pain of the earth But I’m not stepping on your toes I believe in Jesus, and that He has standards that I couldn’t reach So He reached for me, so we can both stop stretching End of the world is coming Wish I had someone to watch “All the Stars” with Ima listen to Powfu as the world ends Wonder if the King’ll let me bring my headphones with me And I just realized I'm verse 23 Michael is the king, and I'm just being me I love some, for no reason at all AN dothers I hate for nothing Will you buy my CD if I deliver it? Or is it all over? Am I God? Or is He controlling the ride Cause I don't like the highs and dives I just wanna be high, above those who hate me for me [Verse 24: Careblech] I don't know why all of a sudden everyone's a wannabe scientist Like, where did you come from, no one even knew you exist? And suddenly you got a science degree and the recipe to make history? Don't talk to me, this ain't no joke This year is bad and you make us broke What's up with that? (Huh?) Future told me "mask off", fuck it, mask on (Mask on) Now start acting right, dont do others wrong Let's stop this end of the world and put a mask on [Verse 25: Pixie Lee] At the end of the world What's the last thing I've seen? It's been masks up and down Masks up and down What has the world came to? We fight over this, fight over that It isn't fair, stop the fights Nothing's ever right anymore Close the damn door And don't fight anymore We're gonna go masks up (masks up) And then masks down (masks down) Pixie out (Lee's out) [Verse 26: JPtheOG] I'm quick with the knife so they callin' me Yuri I called up yo girl asking for some paizuri Dont roll wit the snitches my friends ain't the jury If someone start testin' they gon' feel my fury Pull up in the phantom Goin' ghost on ya girl like she a random Came on the beat, spat the fire like Natsu Flame ain't goin' out, Amaterasu They askin "JP when yo shit gonna drop?" Dont know but this shit gonna stop the clock (Za Warudo) Im a hot nigga like Bobby Shmurda King of the sharks like my bitch is Gawr Gura Im the king of the world, they can't stop me I write my rhymes, like kakashi they copy Whats good [Verse 27: gamemast15r] Hi, I’m back for a cameo that nobody asked for I burst back from the underworld and right through the cracked floor But I’ll probably be going back because I’m not surprised These stupid crackers out here arguin like they want us to die I told ya’ll it was the end of the fuckin universe but we starting in layers So the Earth’s gotta go first, start departing with prayers Even when you vote our leaders in the same department of traitors Old white narrow minded views slash compartment dictators Divided segregationist america, but everyone else defends it Everyone complains about the parties but no one votes for the independents Hillary Clinton didn’t care she used african americans to get some numbers Kamala Harris boosted her career and locked up innocent weed carriers Donald Trump’s the worst; he started the purge like big game hunters Downplayed coronavirus and separated families over him needing barriers Biden is sniffing necks and when it comes to sex it sounds like he prefers his fans And Mike Pence is a piece of shit who should be locked in a conversion camp I don’t care if you don’t wanna hear me so pardon me But I’d rather have our U.S. President be Cardi B Fantasize her ass on my face while she fart on me Woman At Power positions getting me to party deep Tho to be fair would she be any better? Well I don’t know But I’d prefer her over Kanye West committing voter fraud in Idaho [Verse 28: Eduardo] God's face [Verse 29: Mental Masturbator] Been had writers block for a minute Hard to get this shit up off my chest with all of this in it So i stay smoking till my head hurting And I sip till that shit be spinning 2020 really fucked me up Put a stump in where i was supposed to be Got me kinda fuckin stuck Be living off unemployment hope this stuffs enough Smoking blunt by blunt Taking front by front Ain't tryna flip a pack The way i smoke the shits a drag Im always stoned im always last Too far gone to call me back You ain't ever gonna see my ass I'll give you smoke I'll beat your ass like I'm your dad So shut your mouth or ima treat you bad Shit I'll fuck yo mom all up in your house Shit, on yo bed Bitch on your couch I'll bust on it then I'll break her mouth I guess the drought of my bars ran out I got it flowing like a fountain out the spout All i need is a stacked account a thick old bitch and a brand new house Hopefully 2021 got that shit for me If not I mIght start lashing out [Verse 30: MC Greebe] Covid got you stuck? Are you down on your luck? I’ll remind you why, it’s cause society sucks Biden and Trump should just be biting their tongues I'm biding my time until a better candidate comes The end of the world came right out of left field Since the feds didn't tend to the ills which left many men killed It was their intention to kill By depressing stressors meant to leave us mentally ill Like covid forcing seniors on respirators Or Chauvins employed to murder Floyds and Taylors When we’re croaking it’s clear they want us choking From a boot or a noose, but know that no king rules Only emperors with no clothes, that is Except for red-tie suits blue uniforms and white robes [Verse 31: Milk69Man] How the fuck you gon disrespect me? (How?) Others have tried and failed to best me (Nope) I got the sticks all around my house so don't contest me (Brr) All these bad bitches gon' try to impress me I'm on top of the game like Giannis No one can top me, lets be honest Always said I'm gonna make it, I promise But I'm not LeBron, so lemme change the topic [Verse 32: louiedro] 2020, bars at half capacity For poetaster rappers that's a massive scale tragedy A minor inconvenience if you've honed this shit to mastery Imitation, the sincerest form of battery The world is shattering and so we have a cypher Pepper Keenan, Philip H. Anselmo, I'm a lifer And while I'm here I got something to say Unless your name Elena don't be talkin' 'bout Drakes You ain't clappin', you just yappin' You're an actor and a fibber You ain't blastin', you rehashin' 'Cause you're strapless like a slipper You ain't with a, gun or a knife, it's apparent you just talkin' Instead you'd run for your life like it's a marathon in Boston You drop bars like an amateur robber Man, get the fuck off the mic, this ain't amateur hour You better, carry some power, I'm the man of the hour 24/7 man, your clan gets devoured I'm always making fast plays like I'm Derek in Scour I hope you're preparing to cower in the manner of cowards 'Cause I'm mechanical, an animal, malevolent prowler I'm a cannibal, I'll fry you like a death metal growler, corpse [Interlude: Entendreyy] Ayy, it's Entendreyy "Bling blow" the opps like Cartier Their AK in my hands like André [Verse 33: Entendreyy] I guess I'm a little bit late to the party— Thirty-third verse, but that fazes me hardly (Ayy) So where do I start? 2020 just sucks The economy went "bang" with our bucks And then there's the election, racism, and of course the pandemic The politicians are corrupt, the oppression's systemic We can't handle the virus, shout out to the medics, though But we need a medic in the studio, RIP to my verse Yeah, go get a doctor and a nurse Bars so hot, these are my fireworks (Get it) I got on the cypher and exploded 'Bout to go viral like COVID This ain't "The Race," but if I ran, you'd be outvoted Dayum! These lyrical skills are ascending This cypher's lit, I'm excited to be attending And this year, the world is actually ending [Verse 34: Critz] Half of these rappers be mad at me Cuz I got bars like I'm locked up for assault and battery Hit you till your liquids flow like a broken battery Overloaded mental capacity scattering the mind and the matter, see My boundaries haven't been found you see I went from my ABCs to hearing "Ooh, heat" And now you see I'm just goofing and using excuses To write down some bullshit and spit it with some music, idk if i could use this over abused shit I'm just goofy with a loose leaf I'm stupid But I'll still take my shot like I'm cupid [Verse 35: Charlie_Heat_Version] Tell me who in this cypher's wanting more? Half of them begging, I ain't saying they're poor The other half talking on media starting wars And I'm talking more than big when I kick in the door What I'm saying is there's no life after death When I caress the pen, its like a sharp knife and they bled For the people with the feds that went right at my head Y'all should've U-turned or drive to the left instead But I give respect to the rappers that under six feet Like X, Mac, Peep, Juice, and Malik B I'll still stick to my roots and keep on swimming In circles finding why these early legends leave Meanwhile the pandemic and the elections under our skins Giving us bad vibes forever all up in this jig Everybody's something though and that is including the kids So us adults, vote Election Day and let's finish our business [Interlude: Skitty] Why hello there, my name is Skitty And I can guarentee this next verse will not be shitty [Verse 36: nile_river7] Whoever mentioned me in this, Thank you. Y’all got bars Gotta up my penmanship to be mentioned amongst the stars Benny the Butcher, Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lamar What black person surname Jackson ain't greatness just like Lamar Running game insane, throws balls really far He’s a Raven not a Birdie his stats are just sub par And just like a raven I scavenge my competition I prepare for my tests and you failed your emissions [Intelude: PGF-23] Look, i tried my best, and this is what was made So, yeah [Verse 37: PGF-23] Now we can all agree, 2020 was bad George Floyd, forest fires, and we can't forget that COVID-19's a pain in the glutes And that's facts Remember, this is the start of a decade But, in this whole year, there were so many memories made Not good ones, but bad ones, like, oh my days M.I.A, I might just go insane because 2020 is a whole tragedy Speaking of that, let's go back to verse 35 One line, it was about people who died So, 2020 added onto that And all I gotta ask is, just, why? (Why?) Pop Smoke, Kobe Bryant, and even Gigi The trio's in heaven now, I hope they can see me And then, Mr. Chad Now, that's some wicked crap Oh, and there's Nip Like, see? Why, 2020? Wait, no, that was 2019 The fact we lost this much people is actually frightening Now, we’re all on the edge of our seats, because it’s the end of the world But not for me Wait, i'm not done yet if you thought that I don't have a tic, but i certainly got a tac My real artist name is BoostJam, by the way Oh, this verse? BoostJam wrote that My flow too ill, might give you some corona No, not Corona, I meant corona (Not beer) My pockets fat, my pockets swollen My pockets fat, my pockets swollen Ok, actually, i'll be honest, i'm cappin' But I am gettin' a PS5, yeah, that's happening That's one good thing about 2020 Now, onto the next verse, I hope it's better [Interlude: PGF-23] Yeah, 2020 is bad, but.. what about 2021? [Beat Switch] [Verse 38: 1B2] (Why y'all gotta switch the beat on me like that?) (Aight) Like Bakugo, I'm blasting you back, lil bro I'm the Mad Max of mad raps Baby and Thugger, you know I'm bad bad But the third bad go to my girl, she got a fat ass (sorry this a bad rap) I put the shotgun to your head, I won't lie to you The opposite of a turtle, I put the shells inside of you Half and half, angry and rich, Sad Frosty, I'm a loner (B. Lou) Imma king, got a sick crown on my head, I got the corona Pop a perk and I get lazy Blood leaking, I'm going brazy Taxi Driving, pull it out on you quick and you get shot down Pull up to your bando, like quarantine, put it on lockdown [Verse 39: 1B2 and CheeseSandwich22] Switch flows like my hoes change clothes Suicide doors and i got my wrist froze RIP Von, you know he ran that O block Buy a new one if my phone drop, you know I let that thing blow If you on my block, I'ma wipe your nose No tucking my diamonds, Imma let it show And I pull up with that ice from my head to my toes I got your girl next to me taking edibles He slippin her a roofie and she slippin to a doze I didn't even touch her, I'm just being a gentleman I am the plug, if you want it, I'm getting it I got girls white as snow and some are brown as cinnamon [Verse 40: OnlyTheGang] It's the end of the world It's the end of the world Shottas and 223s will end his world Make him freeze then make him curl Me and yo girl gonna take a whirl I'm finna end her world He is dead inna minute His family gonna dread his ending My lil bro be filming Just to have proof that I drilled em Lil Draco