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INT. KAREL PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY - DAY OVER BLACK PAT What, are you kidding me? Sundays? I love Sundays. I live for Sundays. The whole family's together. Mom makes braciole. Dad puts the jersey on. We're all watching the game. Yeah, it drives me crazy, and yes, I was negative. FADE IN ON: INT. KAREL PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY/PAT'S ROOM - DAY PAT SOLATANO stands in the middle of his room, his back to camera. PAT (CONT'D) You didn't even know that I loved it, Nikki, but I did. I just didn't appreciate it, or you, before." There is a knock at the door. MALE ORDERLY (O.S.) Come on. Time to go. PAT I lost all that. I blew it. But you also blew it. We can get it back. We're gonna get it back. It's all gonna be better now. I'm better now and I hope you are, too. And I'm GONNA APPRECIATE--" Another knock at the door. Pat ignores it. PAT (CONT'D) Hey, I'll be there in a minute, okay? MALE ORDERLY (O.S.) Doctor's waiting. Let's go. PAT I'll be there in a minute. Pat returns to his speech. 3. PAT (CONT'D) That's true love. See glimpses of Pat's room: mayonnaise jar filled with water, black trash bag strewn on the bed, handwritten sign taped to Pat's wall, "EXCELSIOR". INT. PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY/ HALLWAY - DAY PAT HURRIES DOWN THE STAIRS. INT. PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY/ DISPENSARY - DAY PAT HOLDS SMALL PAPER CONTAINER WITH PILL. TIPS HIS HEAD BACK AND DUMPS THE PILL INTO HIS MOUTH. DRINKS WATER, OPENS MOUTH WIDE AND STICKS HIS TONGUE OUT to show he swallowed. PAT WALKS, SPITTING OUT THE PILL. PILL LANDS ON FLOOR. INT. PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY/ROOM - DAY A GROUP OF PATIENTS SEATED IN A CIRCLE WITH A DOCTOR, HAVING A GROUP THERAPY SESSION. PAT IS INCLUDED. DANNY Yeah, that's when I had long hair. People say I talk about my hair too much. DANNY SITS BETWEEN TWO OTHER MALE PATIENTS. DANNY (CONT'D) And it was just the way I wanted it, but he cut it back too far. He cut this side back too far trying to even it up. I didn't tell him to do that. I said, "Just cut it the way you cut it...." PAT Once you get in the right frame of mind, I think anything's possible. I think we get, we so often get caught in this state of negativity and it's a, it's a poison like nothing else. 4. EXT. PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY - DAY PAT works out: drinks water from his plastic mayo jar, does squats, sit ups, push ups -- A WOMAN'S FOOT STEPS INTO FRAME NOT FAR FROM HIS FACE -- WITH RED TOE NAILS IN A WHITE FLAT SANDAL -- Pat looks at the foot -- then looks up -- HIS MOTHER, DOLORES SOLATANO, dressed in a dress. INT. PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY/HALLWAY - DAY CAMERA TILTS UP OVER A MALE DOCTOR, DR. TIMBERS, AS HE WALKS WITH DOLORES. PAT FOLLOWS. CAMERA MOVES BACK WITH THEM. DR. TIMBERS ...technically, you can take him out against our recommendation, but you assume a lot of liability in the eyes of the court. And he's just getting used to the routine here. DOLORES I don't want him to get used to the routine here. Eight months is already long enough. INT. PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY/OFFICE - DAY CS - A FORM WITH THE HEADING: HOSPITAL DISCHARGE APPROVAL FORM PART OF THE FORM, WHICH STATES: ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE HOSPITAL BEARS NO LIABILITY DOLORES SIGNS HER NAME. INT. DOLORES'S CAR - DAY PAT CLOSES THE REAR PASSENGER DOOR, GETTING INTO THE FRONT PASSENGER SEAT. DOLORES IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT. THE CAR BEGINS TO MOVE, DANNY APPEARS., CARRYING A SUITCASE. PAT Hey, Mom. Can we give Danny a ride to North Philly? DOLORES STOPS THE CAR. 5. DOLORES What? I don't understand. PAT Mom, no, it'll be fine. It'll be fine. DANNY OPENS THE REAR PASSENGER SEAT AND GETS INTO THE CAR WITH HIS SUITCASE. DANNY I guess everybody's leaving today! Hello, Mrs. S. An honor to finally meet you. Pat told me all about you, how God made you rich in character, and you're the mighty oak that holds the household together, and not to mention the lasagna you make on game day when the Birds play. EXT. HIGHWAY - DAY DOLORES'S CAR DRIVES TOWARDS PHILADELPHIA. INT. DOLORES'S CAR - DAY PAT Danny was in for assault because of crystal meth and alcohol. DANNY Bad combination. PAT Yeah. On top of an anxiety disorder. DANNY That was when I was an X-ray technician with my ADD and my anxiety. I had a lot of access to medication and I took advantage of it. That's when my hair was long, too. But my hair only grew when I was older. When I was younger, my hair didn't grow because my brother... (TO PAT) Remember I told you about my brother, he had a Jheri curl, and I couldn't get a Jheri curl because my hair didn't grow long enough. I was so jealous of my brother... 6. PAT (TO DOLORES) He's obsessed with his hair. DOLORES'S CELL PHONE RINGS. SHE ANSWERS AS SHE DRIVES. DOLORES (into cell phone) Hello? PAT (TO DANNY) It looks great now. DANNY You like it? PAT It's good now. DOLORES (into cell phone) Yes, it is. PAT TOUCHES DANNY'S HAIR. DANNY (as Pat touches hair) Wait, you're going the wrong way! DOLORES (into cell phone) What? Are you sure about that? I'll bring him back right away. DOLORES HANGS UP. DOLORES (CONT'D) You lied to me, Pat. Danny's not allowed to leave. PAT All right, Mom, just hold on a sec. EXT. STREET - DAY DOLORES'S CAR BEGINS TO TURN AT A SMALL INTERSECTION. PAT (VOICE OVER) Let's just talk about this. 7. INT. DOLORES'S CAR - DAY DOLORES REACTS AS PAT GRABS THE STEERING WHEEL. PAT Mom, just listen-- EXT. STREET - DAY DOLORES'S CAR SWERVES TOWARD THE LANE AGAIN. A PASSING CAR HONKS AND SWERVES TO AVOID DOLORES'S CAR. DOLORES Don't tou-... INT. DOLORES'S CAR - DAY DOLORES REACTS AS PAT GRABS THE STEERING WHEEL. DOLORES ...-ch the steering... EXT. STREET - DAY DOLORES'S CAR MOVES. THE PASSING CAR HONKS AND SWERVES TO AVOID DOLORES'S CAR. DOLORES (VOICE OVER) ...wheel! INT. DOLORES'S CAR - DAY DOLORES PULLS THE CAR OVER AND STOPS. DOLORES Pat, this whole thing was a mistake. PAT I'm sorry, Mom. You okay? DOLORES I am out on a limb for you with the courts right now. DANNY It's my fault. Pat didn't know. Pat didn't know. He's my friend, so he was rootin' for me. (MORE) 8. DANNY (CONT'D) I'm havin' a disagreement with the hospital, but we're working it out. Take me back to the hospital, but take Pat home, he's fine. Trust me. You'll see, he's fine. It's my fault. DISSOLVE TO: INT. DOLORES'S CAR - DAY THE EMPTY REAR PASSENGER SEAT: DANNY GONE. PAN TO: PAT, IN THE FRONT PASSENGER SEAT. PAT Mom, can we stop at the library? I wanna read Nikki's entire English high school syllabus. DELORES LOOKS AT HER SON, WORRIED. PAT (CONT'D) Mom, it's a good thing. I'm remaking myself. DOLORES SMILES. PRE-LAP INCOMING DIALOG FROM HOUSE: RANDY (O.S. PRELAP) DeSean Jackson. What happened to DeSean Jackson? INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/LIVING ROOM - DAY CAMERA PANS L. ONTO PAT'S FATHER, PAT SR., AND HIS NEIGHBOR, RANDY. RANDY Come on, tell me that one. PAT SR. It's insanity. He spikes the ball at the one yard line. The one- fucking-yard line. I mean, get into the end zone, dummy. I mean, he celebrates before he's even in! RANDY You know something? It's nothing new. Your team does that all the time. They get close... PAT SR. LEANS DOWN, SHUFFLES RESTAURANT DESIGN PLANS ON COFFEE TABLE. 9. RANDY (CONT'D) ...and then they blow it. They got an inferiority complex. PAT SR. STRAIGHTENS AND TURNS TO RANDY. PAT SR. Wait a minute, what are you talking about? What makes the Cowboys America's Team? RANDY Because we are, we're America's Team. PAT SR. You should be ashamed of yourself. We're in Philadelphia, what's the matter with you? You're a fucking traitor. RANDY What's more American than a cowboy? PAT SR. You know what's more American? RANDY What? PAT SR. Benjamin Franklin, that's what's more American. RANDY Benjamin Franklin? PAT SR. Benjamin Franklin. The founder of our country, here in Philadelphia. RANDY You mean the guy with the... INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/FOYER - DAY THE FRONT DOOR OPENS AND DOLORES AND PAT STEP INTO THE HOUSE. RANDY ...little glasses and the long scraggly hair? 10. PAT SR. What about the lightning with the kite? He stood in the storm with a kite. RANDY If he wasn't on the hundred dollar bill, nobody... A FRAMED PHOTO OF PAT'S BROTHER JAKE ON THE WALL. PAN TO EMPTY SPACE WHERE ANOTHER FRAME HUNG -- RANDY (CONT'D) ...would even know who he is. FALLEN FRAMED PHOTO OF PAT, ON THE TABLE BELOW. PAT SR. What are you doing? No, no, no, no. Don't touch them, don't touch them. RANDY I didn't even touch `em. Why are you--, don't blame me. PAT SR. Who did this? Who took, who took, who took the... INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/LIVING ROOM - DAY PAT SR. LEANS OVER, STRAIGHTENS MULTIPLE REMOTE CONTROLS ON TABLE. PAT SR. -the remotes like this? Did you do this, Randy? RANDY No, I don't touch them. As a matter of fact, I don't know why you need so many. Hey, there she is! Look how beautiful! PAT SR. (turns, sees Pat) What?! What's this?! RANDY Hey. PAT SR. STEPS CLOSER, PATTING PAT ON THE ARM. PAT SR. Everything good? 11. PAT (awkward, unsure) Mm-hmm. PAT SR. Ahh. PAT SR. EMBRACES PAT. PAT SR. (CONT'D) Where is it? PAT SR. TOUCHES PAT'S SHIRT. PAT It's right here. PAT SR. You got it. Ahh, well, we got that. We don't want them to steal that. PAT SR. PULLS A GOLD NECKLACE OUT OF PAT'S SHIRT. PAT You still got yours? PAT SR. Yeah, I got mine. PAT SR. LOOKS AT DOLORES. PAT SR. (CONT'D) So what, you don't talk to me? You didn't tell me you took him out. DOLORES Well, he's ready. Look at him. PAT You didn't tell Dad you were picking me up? DOLORES Don't worry about that. PAT SR. I wanna make sure when you come out that you're okay, and she didn't say anything. (to Dolores) You didn't tell me? DOLORES The court said yes. Don't worry. 12. PAT SR. Yeah, but what did the doctor say? Because the, the court listens to the doctor. PAT Yeah, and the court said-- PAT SR. The court listens to the doctor, THE DOCTOR-- PAT Dad, relax. The court said it's fine, okay? Let it go. DOLORES Don't worry. PAT Dad, I'm in there because of the court. That's the agreement that we made months ago. It was a plea bargain with the courts. The lawyer, he instructed me, he said that what we should plead that, and then I would serve eight months and then I'd get out. PAT SR. Yeah, no, I just-- DOLORES It's all under control. PAT SR. Well...okay, okay. Congratulations. PAT Thank you. So what are you doing with yourself? PAT SR. You know, I'm gonna start a restaurant. A DRAWING OF A RESTAURANT ON THE COFFEE TABLE. PAT SR. (CONT'D) It's gonna be a cheesesteak place. PAT How you gonna pay for it? PAT SR. I'm gonna pay for it, don't worry about it. 13. PAT From your bookmaking? PAT SR. Who told you that? PAT Mom told me. Outside. DOLORES I did not. No, I didn't. PAT You just told me outside, Mom, what are you talking about? Five minutes ago, we were walking up the stairs, you said, "Don't say anything, but Dad lost his job and he's bookmaking." PAT SR. Why, Dolores? Why did you say that to him? He has the wrong idea. (TO PAT) Everything's fine, Patrick. I'm more concerned about you than anything else. PAT Good, Dad. Good. PAT SR. Okay, the question, the big question, is what are you gonna do with yourself? PAT What am I gonna do? I'm getting in shape, I'm getting trim, I'm getting really fit for Nikki. I'm gonna read Nikki's teaching syllabus and get my old job back. PAT SR. Nikki sold the house. She left. Didn't your mother tell you that? PAT Let me tell you something. You don't know anything about my marriage, okay, Dad? All right? Our marriage...we're very, very much in love, okay? Just like you two. PAT SR. Listen, Patrick, she's gone. She's not around anymore. Nikki left. 14. PAT What are you doing, Dad? You know what? Excelsior. Excelsior. PAT SR. What does that mean? PAT It means you know what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna take all this negativity and use it as fuel and I'm gonna find a silver lining, that's what I'm gonna do. And that's no bullshit. That's no bullshit. That takes work and that's the truth. EXT. SOLATANO HOUSE - NIGHT INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/LIVING ROOM - EVENING PAT SR. AND DOLORES SIT, READING. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - EVENING PAT SITS, READING A BOOK. SIGHS. HE TURNS A PAGE. PAT LIES ON HIS BED, READING. DOLORES ENTERS AND SETS A TRAY OF FOOD ON THE BED FOR DINNER. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT PAT SR. AND DOLORES GET INTO BED. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - NIGHT PAT'S HAND TURNS A PAGE. PAT LIES ON HIS BED, READING. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT PAT SR. TURNS OFF THE LAMP ON HIS SIDE OF THE BED. DOLORES IS NEXT TO HIM. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - NIGHT CU - THE BOOK PAGES. 15. PAT SITS IN A CHAIR, READING. PAT AS HE READS. PAT TURNS THE LAST PAGE. HANDS CLOSE THE BOOK. CAMERA TILTS UP ONTO HIS FACE. PAT What the fuck?! CAMERA PULLS BACK AS PAT THROWS THE BOOK. EXT. SOLATANO HOUSE - NIGHT THE BOOK SMASHES THROUGH THE ATTIC WINDOW, SOARS THROUGH AIR, LANDS ON THE FRONT LAWN. PAT (YELLING) Stupid fucking book! INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT PAT SR. WAKES. CUT TO: PAT PACES IN HIS PARENTS BEDROOM. PAT (YELLING) I just can't believe Nikki's teaching that book to the kids. I mean the whole time -- let me just break it down for you -- the whole time you're rooting for this Hemingway guy to survive the war and to be with the woman that he loves, Catherine Barkley... HIS TIRED PARENTS LOOK AT HIM FROM THE BED. DOLORES It's four o'clock in the morning, Pat. 16. PAT ...and he does. He does. He survives the war, after getting blown up he survives it, and he escapes to Switzerland with Catherine. But now Catherine's pregnant. Isn't that wonderful? She's pregnant. And they escape up into the mountains and they're gonna be happy, and they're gonna be drinking wine and they dance -- they both like to dance with each other, there's scenes of them dancing, which was boring, but I liked it, because they were happy. You think he ends it there? No! He writes another ending. She dies, Dad! I mean, the world's hard enough as it is, guys. It's fucking hard enough as it is. Can't somebody say, "Hey, let's be positive? Let's have a good ending to the story?" DOLORES Pat, you owe us an apology. PAT Mom, for what, I can't apologize. I'm not gonna apologize for this. You know what I will do? I will apologize on behalf of Ernest Hemingway, because that's who's to blame here. PAT WALKS TO THE DOOR. PAT SR. Yeah, have Ernest Hemingway call us and apologize to us, too. PAT EXITS, CLOSING IT BEHIND HIM. EXT. STREET - DAY PAT SR. AS HE JOGS TO PAT. HE WALKS TO THE SIDEWALK AND BEGINS STRETCHING. PAT SR. JOGS. PAT SR. Why didn't you run with me? PAT I was reading. 17. PAT SR. Please. Do us a favor, don't read for a while. PAT GROANS PAT SR. (CONT'D) What are you wearing a garbage bag for? PAT I'm gonna go run now. PAT BEGINS TO JOG PAST PAT SR. PAT SR. Wait, wait, wait. You have to fix this window. PAT STOPS AND TURNS. PAT I'll fix it when I get back. PAT SR. Fix it now. DOLORES ENTERS. DOLORES Get in the car, Pat. You have to go to therapy. DOLORES EXITS. PAT I don't wanna go to therapy. DOLORES You have to go. It's part of the deal. You can't live with us and not go. INT. OFFICE/LOBBY - DAY PAT STEPS INTO THE LOBBY. THE FEMALE RECEPTIONIST SITS AT HER DESK AND SHE PUSHES A SIGN- IN SHEET TO PAT WHO ENTERS, WRITING HIS NAME. SONG FADES IN: `CHERIE AMOUR' BY STEVIE WONDER. PAT Is that song really playing? RECEPTIONIST We have music sometimes. 18. PAT That song is killing me. Could you please turn it off? RECEPTIONIST I can't. PAT What do you mean, you can't? RECEPTIONIST I don't have the controls. I'm sorry, I-- PAT (INTERRUPTING)) Did Doctor Timbers put you up to this? Is there a speaker here? PAT WALKS TO A MAGAZINE RACK. PAT (CONT'D) Is, is the speaker here? HE OVERTURNS THE METAL MAGAZINE RACK. WAITING PATIENTS STARE, A MALE THERAPIST OPENS HIS OFFICE DOOR, LOOKING AROUND. THE RECEPTIONIST REACTS. PAT (CONT'D) I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Okay...I'm sorry. I'll fix all this, okay? PAT PICKS UP THE MAGAZINES, EMOTIONAL, EMBARRASSED. INT. DR. PATEL'S OFFICE - DAY PAT That was a messed up thing you did, Doctor Patel. That's a messed up thing. I'm sorry, but that's.... DR. PATEL You can call me Cliff, please. PAT Yeah, well, Cliff, that's not the way you're supposed to meet people, okay? Why don't you write that down in your, I don't know, your little book you write stuff down in. 19. DR. PATEL I'm sorry about that song. I just wanted to see if it was still a trigger for you. PAT Bravo. It's a trigger. I'm not gonna take any meds, I should just tell you that right now. DR. PATEL You have to take medicine. PAT No, I'm not gonna take any medicine. It makes me foggy-- DR. PATEL (INTERRUPTING) No, you will have to take medication. PAT I don't want any meds, Doctor. Look, I am not the explosion guy, okay? My father is the explosion guy. I'm not that guy. He got kicked out of that stadium he beat up so many people at Eagles games, he's on the exclusion list. I had one incident. DR. PATEL One incident can change a lifetime. PAT But I'm ready. I'm ready to take responsibility for my side of the street. She just needs to take responsibility for hers. DR. PATEL What's hers? PAT What's hers? Are you joking? Let's go back to the incident. I come home from work after I EXT. HOUSE - DAY-FLASHBACK THE HOUSE WHERE PAT AND NIKKI LIVED. PAT'S POV GOES TO HOUSE. 20. PAT (VOICE OVER) I left work early -- which I never do, by the way, but I got in a fight with Nancy, the high school INT. OFFICE/DR. PATEL'S OFFICE - DAY PAT ...principal. I come home and what's playing but the song from my wedding. The song that you so charmingly played out here today for us. That's playing and I don't think anything of it. Which is odd, `cause I should have. INT. HOUSE/LIVING ROOM - DAY - FLASHBACK CAMERA MOVES OVER THE FLOOR AND STAIRCASE, WHICH IS LITTERED WITH CLOTHING. PAT (VOICE OVER) I come home, what do I see? I walk in the door and I see underwear and pieces of clothing and a guy's pants with his belt in it, and I walk up the stairs, and all... THE SONG PLAYS INT. OFFICE/DR. PATEL'S OFFICE - DAY PAT ...ll of a sudden I see the DVD player, and on the D-... INT. HOUSE/UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - DAY - FLASHBACK CAMERA MOVES IN ON A SMALL MUSIC SYSTEM. PAT (VOICE OVER) ...-VD player is the CD and it's playing our wedding song, and then I look down and I see my wife's... CAMERA PANS L. ONTO A PAIR OF WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR ON THE FLOOR. 21. INT. OFFICE/DR. PATEL'S OFFICE - DAY PAT ...panties on the ground and then- INT. HOUSE/UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - DAY - FLASHBACK CAMERA TILTS UP FROM THE UNDERWEAR ONTO THE BATHROOM DOORWAY. THE DOOR IS OPEN AND PAT'S WIFE NIKKI IS VISIBLE THROUGH THE TRANSPARENT SHOWER CURTAIN. SHE FACES THE WALL IN BG. PAT (VOICE OVER) ...I look up and I see her naked in the shower... INT. OFFICE/DR. PATEL'S OFFICE - DAY PAT ...and I think, "Oh, that's kinda sweet, she's in the shower. What a perfect thing. I'm gonna find her and maybe I'll go in there. We never-... INT. HOUSE/BATHROOM - DAY- FLASHBACK PAT SEES NIKKI, VISIBLE THROUGH THE SHOWER CURTAIN. PAT (VOICE OVER) ...fuck in the shower anymore. Maybe today we will." I... INT. OFFICE/DR. PATEL'S OFFICE - DAY PAT ...pull the curtain back and there's the fucking history... INT. HOUSE/BATHROOM - DAY- FLASHBACK PAST PAT, TO NIKKI, VISIBLE THROUGH THE SHOWER CURTAIN. NIKKI TURNS AND REACTS, REVEALING A MAN IN THE SHOWER WITH HER, DOUG CULPEPPER. PAT (VOICE OVER) ...-teacher with tenure. 22. INT. OFFICE/DR. PATEL'S OFFICE - DAY PAT And you know what he says to me? INT. HOUSE/BATHROOM - DAY- FLASHBACK PAST PAT, TO DOUG AND NIKKI AS THEY REACT. PAT (VOICE OVER) "You should probably go." That's what he says to me. INT. OFFICE/DR. PATEL'S OFFICE - DAY PAT So yeah, I snapped. I almost beat him to death. But now I get fucking chastised for it? I'm parallel to my father? I don't think so. DR. PATEL All right. Can you talk about something that you did, before or after? PAT Yeah, about a week before the incident, I called the cops and I told them that my wife and the history guy were plotting against me by embezzling money from the local high school, which wasn't true. It was a delusion. And we later found out from the hospital that's because I'm, uh... DR. PATEL ...undiagnosed bipolar. PAT Yeah. With mood swings and weird thinking brought on by severe stress, which rarely happens, thank God. And then the shower incident happened and that's when everything snapped, so I then realized that, oh, wow, I've been dealing with this my whole life. And without any supervision I've been doing it all on my own with no help and basically I've been white-knuckling it this whole time. 23. DR. PATEL That had to be hard. PAT Yeah. It's a lot to deal with, especially when you don't know what the hell is happening, which I do now. Sort of. DOLORES (O.S. PRELAP) Pat, you have to take your MEDICATION - INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/LIVING ROOM - DAY PAT SR. SITS, WATCHING THE O.S. TELEVISION. DOLORES AND PAT ARE VISIBLE IN THE KITCHEN, THROUGH THE DOORWAY IN BG. PAT I can't, Mom. I can't. DOLORES I will call them. They'll come for you. PAT Why would you do that? You wouldn't do that. Why would you call them? PAT SR. What's up? PAT I don't, I don't feel good when I'm on them, Mom. I don't feel good. I'm so much clearer without them. Mom, they make me bloated. I don't like the way it makes me look. DOLORES You've gotta take your medication. PAT SR. Why don't you just take your medication? PAT WALKS INTO THE ROOM, CAMERA MOVING BACK WITH HIM. DOLORES FOLLOWS HIM. PAT Come on, I'm doing it with my physicality. I've been workin' out, that's what I'm doin'. 24. PAT SR. Why is he wearing a garbage bag? DOLORES Why are you wearing a garbage bag? PAT To sweat. PAT SR. Sit down. We're seven minutes in, no score. Come on, help turn the juju around. PAT I don't believe in juju, Dad. PAT SR. Come on, Mister Excelsior. You wanna be positive? Be positive. Sit down. PAT All right, all right. PAT SR. Come on. PAT For a second. I'll watch the beginning of the game. DOLORES He says you're good... PAT SR. HOLDS A GREEN HANDKERCHIEF IN ONE HAND, FIDGETING WITH IT. SEVERAL REMOTE CONTROLS ARE ALIGNED PERFECTLY ON THE TABLE NEXT TO HIM. DOLORES (CONT'D) ..luck, honey. PAT What's that in your hand? PAT SR. It's a... see? PAT Handkerchief? PAT SR. Yeah. PAT SR. STRAIGHTENS THE REMOTE CONTROLS. PAT SITS. 25. PAT That's OCD. That's crazy. PAT SR. What OCD? I want my son to watch the game with me, so sue me. PAT ENTERS R., STANDING UP. PAT SR. (CONT'D) Just sit down, come on. I want you to watch the game with me. I'm not superstitious. That's a small thing that I do. If I make a lot of money, what's the difference if I do this or that? It's a small thing. Sit down. Come on. DOLORES I'm making crabby snacks and homemades. TOUCHDOWN ON TV. PAT SR. YELLS, DOLORES YELLS. PAT REACTS. PAT SR. You see?! You see that?! You're meant to be here! PAT LAUGHS. PAT SR. (CONT'D) This is special. Everything happens for a reason. That's why you came home. Embrace it! Embrace it! THE TELEPHONE RINGS. PAT I'm the reason? I don't think so. PAT SR. ANSWERS THE TELEPHONE, HANDLING BETS. PAT SR. (INTO TELEPHONE) Yeah, Tommy, Tommy, yes, yes. I got your whole sheet. Yeah. No, no... PAT Mom. PAT SR. (INTO TELEPHONE) ...I'm just confirming. I'm just confirming. Okay. THE DOORBELL RINGS. 26. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/FOYER - DAY PAT OPENS THE FRONT DOOR, REVEALING A NEIGHBORHOOD TEENAGER, RICK, WHO HOLDS A SMALL VIDEO CAMERA UP. PAT SR. Wait, wait, wait, wait. RICKY Can I interview for a school project on mental illness? PAT SR. No. PAT SR. SLAMS THE DOOR CLOSED. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/FOYER - DAY RICKY (O.S.) It's for a school project! PAT SR. Don't pay any attention. PAT Who's that? That's not Rick D'Angelo, is it? DOLORES That's him. PAT Is he the guy who's having the problem? PAT SR. People are stupid. DOLORES Yeah, that's the one. PAT SR. They, they, they, they don't know what they're saying. PAT SR. (CONT'D) Don't let them hurt your feelings. PAT No, you shut the door in his face. I'm going for a run. 27. EXT. SOLATANO HOUSE - DAY PAT SR. No! (to kid Rick) Get outta here with that camera! DOLORES Pat, don't look for Nikki! PAT SR. Take your camera and get out of here! PAT JOGS, EXITING. RICK FOLLOWS. PAT SR. (CONT'D) Patrick, please. DOLORES Pat! PAT SR. Patty! Patty! DOLORES Don't look for Nikki! EXT. STREET - DAY PAT RUNS. HE TURNS A CORNER AND RUNS. THE SONG PLAYS EXT. RAILROAD TRACK - DAY PAT RUNS TO A HIGH SCHOOL. EXT. HIGH SCHOOL - DAY THE PRINCIPAL, NANCY METGERS, STANDS NEXT TO HER PARKED CAR WITH AN ARMLOAD OF PAPERWORK AS PAT RUNS TOWARD HER. PAT Ms. Meckers! NANCY SEES PAT APPROACH. NANCY Oh, God! Oh, God! NANCY HURRIES to avoid him. 28. PAT Nance! This is my lucky day! Look at you working on a Sunday! NANCY HURRIES UP THE STAIRS TO A LOCKED SCHOOL ENTRANCE. PAT (CONT'D) How are you? Hey. NANCY What are you doing here? PAT I just came by to say hi, to let you know I'm ready to come back to work. NANCY You shouldn't be here. PAT I'll work full-time, half-time. I'll sub, I'll work history, whatever you want. PAT WALKS UP THE STAIRS TO NANCY, WHO UNLOCKS THE DOOR. PAT (CONT'D) Here, let me give you a hand. I'm sorry. I'm being rude. NANCY I got it. PAT HELPS HER. NANCY OPENS THE DOOR. NANCY (CONT'D) I got it. I got it. PAT Let me ask you something. Let me just ask you something. Does Nikki still work here? NANCY You know I can't tell you that. But Doug Culpepper is still here. PAT Why would you tell me that? You know he broke up my marriage. What, are you being, a troublemaker? NANCY You know, you look good. Did you lose a lot of weight? 29. PAT I did, yeah. I did. Thank you. PAT EMBRACES NANCY, WHO REACTS. NANCY Get away from me! Get away! PAT I'm better. I just want to let you know, I'm better now. Okay? I'm better. I feel good. I feel so good. Look at my eyes. Look at my eyes. Look at how clear they are. INT. HIGH SCHOOL /HALLWAY - DAY PAT OPENS A DOOR, HOLDING IT FOR NANCY AS SHE STEPS PAST HIM. PAT I'm not a complainer anymore. I'm a positive guy. Okay? NANCY You just have to give it some time. PAT Yes. NANCY You know, a lot went down. People will get over it. It'll be all good. It'll work out. PAT Yes! It will be! PAT (CONT'D) I'm gonna take that as a silver development, Nancy! A silver development! That's a silver lining! NANCY Good luck. EXT. STREET - DAY PAT RUNS. THE SONG PLAYS. PAT SEES HIS FRIEND RONNIE CARRYING GROCERIES FROM HIS PARKED CAR. 30. PAT Ronnie! Pat. RONNIE (LAUGHS) There he is! He's back! THEY EMBRACE. PAT Hey. RONNIE Welcome home. PAT Thank you. RONNIE Welcome back, man. PAT Yeah, I'm out. RONNIE Yeah? You're out out? PAT Uh-huh. RONNIE Cool, man. Wow, you lost a lot of weight. I almost didn't recognize you. PAT Thank you. RONNIE I'm sorry I didn't visit you in the hospital. You know, work's out of control, you know, she had the baby. I'm really glad you're back. I missed you. I really need someone to talk to. You gotta come see the baby. She's beautiful. And Veronica wants to make dinner for you. PAT Congratulations on the baby, but I'm not buying the invitation. RONNIE 'Cause you think Veronica still hates you? 31. PAT I know Veronica still hates me. RONNIE That's not true. PAT Yes, it is. Nikki always said that "Ronnie's wife keeps his social calendar where she keeps his balls, in her purse." RONNIE That's not true. UPSTAIRS WINDOW RONNIE'S HOUSE OPENS IN BG. WIFE VERONICA LEANS OUT. VERONICA Ronnie! What are you doing? RONNIE Okay, it's a little true. But if you think she still hates you, you're wrong because why would she tell me to invite you to dinner? Hmm? VERONICA Did you invite him? RONNIE Yes. VERONICA Well, can he make it? RONNIE I don't know yet! (to Pat) Can you make it next Sunday? PAT Sure. RONNIE I'll see you next Sunday. RONNIE LEANS DOWN TO PICK UP THE BOX OF DIAPERS. PAT GRABS HIS ARM. PAT Now, you guys are still in touch with Nikki, right? Does Veronica still talk to Nikki? RONNIE Yeah. 32. VERONICA Get in here, please. I need you. RONNIE Okay. VERONICA EXITS INTO THE HOUSE, CLOSING THE WINDOW. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/KITCHEN - DAY PAT SR. As soon as you left, the Redskins threw a trick play, a pitch out to Randal El. Andy Reid wastes a time- out challenging it, loses the challenge, loses the game. You're in this house, please show some respect for what I do. And we should spend time together anyway. I'm trying to keep you out of trouble, please. PAT I have very, good news, everybody. Very good news. PAT SR. What's that? What's the good news? PAT Things are looking up. PAT SR. Oh, are they? PAT PICKS UP THE PHONE TO DIAL. PAT You know what, I knew why they invited me over. I knew it. PAT SR. Listen, she might be with that guy. That, the.... PAT Oh, no way! PAT SR. She--, no, she might be with him. She's afraid of you. She doesn't want to talk to you. PAT No way, Dad. You mean, Doug Culpepper? 33. PAT SR. Put the phone down. You gotta... PAT Wait just a minute. PAT SR REACHES FOR THE TELEPHONE. PAT SR. ...Put the phone down, please. PAT What are you doing? THEY BOTH PULL ON THE TELEPHONE RECEIVER. PAT SR. Listen--, stop. PAT Give me the phone. Dad, this is my life. Dad. PAT SR. Gimme the phone. Gimme the phone. DOLORES Pat! PAT SR. You gotta understand me. You wanna go back? Well then, stop this! Then don't fucking do this. PAT (TEARFULLY) Don't talk to me like that. PAT SR. Well then, don't behave this way. THEY REACT AS THE DOORBELL RINGS. OFFICER KEOGH (VOICE OVER) I got...a call asking to... INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/FOYER - DAY PAT SR. OPENING THE FRONT DOOR TO A POLICE OFFICER STANDING ON THE PORCH. HE IS OFFICER KEOGH. OFFICER KEOGH ...check on this house. Pat Solatano? 34. PAT Yeah. OFFICER KEOGH Yeah? Missus Solatano, Mister Solatano, I'm Officer Keogh. I work this beat. Look, I heard about the restraining order. And I heard you went to your old house and the school. It's not okay. I've been assigned to your case, so you're gonna be seeing a lot of me. Do yourself a favor. Respect the restraining order, okay? Five hundred feet. PAT SR. You hear what he just said? You have a restraining order. PAT Yeah, Dad, I know. PAT SR. Thank you, Officer. OFFICER KEOGH If you need card. PAT SR. TAKES THE BUSINESS CARD. PAT SR. Thank you. Sorry. We understand. PAT Since when do cops have cards? PAT SR. CLOSES THE DOOR. INT. OFFICE/DR. PATEL'S OFFICE - DAY DR. PATEL Tell me one thing. Would you like to be a guy who goes back to jail or to the hospital? Hmm? So take your medication and if you do fine, we'll reduce them. PAT Nikki's waiting for me to get in shape and get my life in order, and then she's gonna be with me. And that's better than any medication. 35. DR. PATEL Pat, there's a possibility, and I want you to be prepared for it, that she may not return. True love is about letting her go and seeing if she returns. In the meantime, if you listen to that song, I don't want you to fall apart. So get a strategy, okay? You need one. PAT Let me say something, I gotta say something. DR. PATEL Okay. PAT This is what I believe to be true. This is what I learned in the hospital. You have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest, and if you do, if you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining. DR. PATEL Work on a strategy, okay? PAT Hey, my friend Ronnie's having this party on Sunday night and it's like a real hoity-toity thing and his wife, Veronica's a real stickler for.... I don't know, my mom got this Gap outfit she wants me to wear, but I wanna wear a jersey that my brother, Jake, got me from the Eagles. DR. PATEL Which jersey? PAT DeSean Jackson. DR. PATEL DeSean Jackson is the man. PAT Well, that settles that. EXT. RONNIE'S HOUSE/FRONT PORCH - EVENING PAT STANDS ON THE PORCH, HOLDING A BOTTLE OF WINE AND A BOUQUET OF FLOWERS. HE WEARS THE FOOTBALL JERSEY. 36. HE LOOKS DOWN AT HIS JERSEY, THEN TURNS AND LEAVES. EXT. RONNIE'S HOUSE - EVENING PAT HURRIES. RONNIE OPENS THE DOOR IN BG. RONNIE Pat! What are you doin'? PAT STOPS AND TURNS. PAT I gotta go, man. RONNIE Why? PAT I can't stay, come on. I made a mistake, I shouldn't have worn this. RONNIE Dude, you're fine. I like that jersey. I wish I was wearing that jersey. PAT I feel like an idiot. RONNIE Are you comfortable? PAT Veronica's not gonna like it. RONNIE Get over here. PAT Plus you got a tie on. RONNIE Don't worry about it, you're the guest of honor. You come however you wanna come. PAT Really? RONNIE Get over here. 37. INT. RONNIE'S HOUSE/FOYER - EVENING RONNIE DeSean Jackson's in the house! CAMERA TILTS UP ONTO VERONICA, HOLDING THE BABY. VERONICA You mean rookie of the year? RONNIE Yeah. VERONICA (TO BABY) DeSean Jackson? DeSean Jackson? (noticing Pat) Oh, you wore a jersey to dinner. RONNIE Isn't it awesome? VERONICA Not for dinner. RONNIE Look, he got us flowers. VERONICA Oh, that's sweet. (to Pat) That's sweet, Pat. That's lovely. RONNIE And wine. PAT Hey. VERONICA Hey. INT. RONNIE'S HOUSE/DEN - EVENING RONNE AND PAT HAVE A MOMENT. A FRAMED PHOTO OF RONNIE, VERONICA AND THE BABY ON THE WALL. RONNIE Check this out. We just redid the whole thing. PAT Wow! RONNIE LAUGHS. 38. PAT (CONT'D) Tremendous. Tremendous. RONNIE Isn't it great? PAT Tremendous. RONNIE Yeah, man, I'm, I'm thinking of redoing it again. PAT Why? RONNIE Because. PAT Gotta be making a lot of paper to do that. RONNIE Yeah, we're doing all right, man. I can't complain. PAT Isn't the market down, though? RONNIE It is down, but you know, she wants more, so I'm giving her more, man. PAT Hey, you know my dad lost his pension. RONNIE I'm sorry, man. PAT Yeah. RONNIE A lot of people. My uncle, too. PAT Really? RONNIE Yeah, but you know what? No disrespect, it's not personal, but this is the time to strike. (MORE) 39. RONNIE (CONT'D) You start snapping up commercial real estate -- cheap -- flip it over, you flip it over and that's when you make the money. But the's like.... RONNIE GLANCES, LOOKING FOR VERONICA. PAT You okay? RONNIE (WHISPERING) I'm not okay. Don't tell anybody. Listen to me. I feel like I'm getting crushed and-- PAT (WHISPERING) Crushed by what? RONNIE (WHISPERING) Everything. The family, the baby, the job, the fucking dicks at work, and it's like, you know, like I'm trying to do this, (Ronnie reaches for his throat, mimicking trying to breath) you know, and, and, and I'm like...suffocating. RONNIE COVERS HIS FACE WITH ONE HAND. PAT Holy shit. RONNIE You can't be happy all the time. PAT Who told you you can't be happy? RONNIE It's all right. You just do your best, you have no choice. PAT That's not true at all. RONNIE You just can't. PAT Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie! THE DOORBELL RINGS. 40. RONNIE I hope you're okay with Veronica's sister coming over. You okay with that? PAT Who? RONNIE Veronica's sister. PAT AND RONNIE (IN UNISON) Tiffany. PAT Tiffany and...Tommy? RONNIE Yeah. Just Tiffany. PAT What happened to Tommy? RONNIE He died. PAT Tommy died? RONNIE Cops die. PAT How'd he die? RONNIE Please, don't bring it up. PAT No, how did he die? TIFFANY How did who die? PAT LOOKS UP TO SEE VERONICA'S SISTER TIFFANY ENTER: THEY LOCK EYES IMMEDIATELY. SHE IS TALL, STRIKING, INTENSE. She walks to Ronnie and Pat, who is unsure how to behave. RONNIE Hey, Tiffany! This is Pat. Pat, my sister-in-law Tiffany. PAT You look nice. 41. TIFFANY Thank you. PAT I'm not flirting with you. TIFFANY Oh, I didn't think you were. PAT I just see that you made an effort and I'm gonna be better with my wife, I'm working on that. I wanna acknowledge her beauty. I never used to do that. I do that now. `Cause we're gonna be better than ever...Nikki. Just practicing. How'd Tommy die? TIFFANY IS STUNNED. RONNIE CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT PAT JUST SAID. PAT (CONT'D) What about your job? TIFFANY I just got fired, actually. PAT Oh, really? How? PAT (CONT'D) I mean, I'm sorry. How'd that happen? TIFFANY Does it really matter? TIFFANY AND PAT FACE EACH OTHER. VERONICA ENTERS IN BG., VISIBLE THROUGH A PASS-THROUGH WINDOW INTO THE KITCHEN. VERONICA Baby, how's it going? RONNIE Great, great. VERONICA Everyone having fun? We're gonna go on a tour now. We're gonna go on a tour now. TIFFANY (TO PAT) Let's go see the house. RONNIE Come on, let's go for the tour. 42. VERONICA (O.S.) I've, I've been planning this forever. I love our house. I love our house. I'm really excited about it. Tiffany looks back over her shoulder at Pat, intensely. RONNIE (motions to Pat) Come on. INT. RONNIE'S HOUSE/LIVING ROOM - EVENING A SILVER FRAME MOUNTED ON THE WALL. VERONICA Guess what it is. PAT Oh, it's a television. TIFFANY It's a computer screen. RONNIE Nope. VERONICA Just keep going, keep going, keep going. PAT It's a brick oven, it's a brick oven. TIFFANY It's a light. It's a... VERONICA Ooh, ooh, warmer, warmer, warmer. TIFFANY's a drawer at a morgue where they pull out dead bodies and shoot them with formaldehyde. VERONICA Don't think so hard, don't think so hard. PAT Where would the dead body...where would the body go, though? `Cause the outside of the-- 43. TIFFANY (ANNOYED) It's a joke! VERONICA LIGHTS THE FRAME -- VERONICA It's a...fireplace. TIFFANY In the middle of the wall? INT. RONNIE'S HOUSE/BATHROOM - EVENING VERONICA SHOWS OFF AN OUTLET ON THE WALL. VERONICA We have a port in every room. Gimme an iPod. Who, who doesn't have an iPod? PAT Well, I don't have an iPod. I don't even have a phone. They won't let me make any calls. They think I'm gonna call Nikki. RONNIE Don't worry about it. Don't focus on that. PAT I would call Nikki. RONNIE I'm actually gonna give you one of my iPods. I have an old one. VERONICA Gimme your iPod. RONNIE HANDS AN IPOD TO VERONICA. VERONICA (CONT'D) Give it to me. Thank you, baby, thank you. VERONICA PLUGS THE IPOD INTO THE OUTLET. TIFFANY Of all the rooms there are iPod ports in, I'm happy you brought us into the bathroom. VERONICA Look, look, look. 44. MUSIC BEGINS TO PLAY. VERONICA (CONT'D) I can play music for the baby in any room. PAT Can you play "Ride the Lightning" by Metallica? VERONICA IS SPEECHLESS. RONNIE GRINS. INT. RONNIE'S HOUSE/DINING ROOM - EVENING RONNIE Pat was a history sub at the high school, Tiffany. Ask him about any president, he knows 'em all. PAT Here's a fun fact. You know where the term "OK" comes from? VERONICA No. No, I don't. RONNIE Where? PAT Well, Martin Van Buren, the eighth president of the United States of America, is from Kinderhook, New York... VERONICA Oh. PAT ...and he was part of a club, a men's club, called Old Kinderhook. And if you were cool, you were in the club, they'd say, "That guy's OK." `Cause he was in the Old Kinderhooks. RONNIE Really? PAT Yeah. Pretty cool, right? RONNIE That's interesting. 45. VERONICA You know, Tiffany's been doing this dance thing for years and she's real good at it. She's gonna be competing at the Ben Franklin Hotel. PAT Oh, really? My wife loves dance. Nikki loves dance. TIFFANY Why do you have to talk about me like that? VERONICA I'm just bragging about you. Can't I brag about my little sister? TIFFANY Don't talk about me in the third person. VERONICA Please, gimme a break. TIFFANY I'm right here. VERONICA Just be nice. Just be nice. PAT Wow, wow, wow. Fascinating. TIFFANY Sorry. I don't wanna be mean. VERONICA I know. I know, I know. TIFFANY (TO PAT) What meds are you on? PAT Me? None. I used to be on Lithium and Seroquel and Abilify, but I don't take them anymore, no. They make me foggy and they also make me bloated. TIFFANY Yeah, I was on Xanax and Effexor, but I agree, I wasn't as sharp, so I stopped. 46. PAT You ever take Klonopin? TIFFANY Klonopin? (Chuckling) Yeah. PAT Right? TIFFANY Jesus. PAT It's like, "What? What day is it?" How about Trazodone? TIFFANY Trazodone! TIFFANY LAUGHS PAT Oh, it flattens you out. I mean, you are done. It takes the light right out of your eyes. TIFFANY God, I bet it does. VERONICA AND RONNIE FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. TIFFANY STANDS UP. TIFFANY (CONT'D) I'm tired. I wanna go. VERONICA No. No, no, no, no. We haven't, we haven't even finished the salad yet, or the duck. I made the Fire and Ice cake. TIFFANY I said I'm tired. (to Pat) Are you gonna walk me home or what? PAT You mean me? TIFFANY Yeah, you. Are you gonna walk me home? PAT You have poor social skills. You have a problem. 47. TIFFANY I have a problem? You say more inappropriate things than appropriate things. You scare people. PAT I tell the truth. But you're mean. TIFFANY What? I'm not telling the truth? Veronica and Ronnie are very uncomfortable. RONNIE Um, maybe I should drive them home separately? VERONICA You can drive them both home. Now. TIFFANY Stop talking about me in third person. VERONICA You can take Tiffany home first. TIFFANY You love it when I have problems. You love it, Von, because then you can be the good one. Just say it. VERONICA No... PAT STANDS UP. VERONICA (CONT'D) ...I don't. I don't. I just wanted to have a nice, I just wanted to have a nice dinner. TIFFANY Oh, God. VERONICA What is your problem?! TIFFANY Nothing's my problem! I'm fine. I'm tired and I wanna go. (to Pat) Come on, are you ready? Pat stands. 48. VERONICA You really, you really wanna go right now? TIFFANY Yes, I really wanna go! It's been great. RONNIE Okay, guys, the baby is sleeping! TIFFANY Sorry. I don't wanna wake up the baby. Bye. PAT FOLLOWS TIFFANY. RONNIE Sorry, man. PAT GIVES RONNIE AN "ALL GOOD" AND FOLLOWS TIFFANY OUT. EXT. STREET - EVENING PAT AND TIFFANY WALK TOGETHER IN SILENCE. TIFFANY This is me. TIFFANY AND PAT STOP, FACE EACH OTHER. TIFFANY (CONT'D) Listen, I haven't dated since before my marriage so I don't really remember how this works. PAT How what works? TIFFANY I saw the way you were looking at me, Pat. You felt it, I felt it, don't lie. We're not liars like they are. I live in the addition around back, which is completely separate from my parents' house, so there's no chance of them walking in on us. I hate the fact that you wore a football jersey to dinner because I hate football, but you can fuck me if you turn the lights off, okay? PAT IS MOMENTARILY SPEECHLESS. 49. PAT How old are you? TIFFANY Old enough to have a marriage end and not wind up in a mental hospital. PAT Look, I had a really good time tonight and I think you're really pretty, but I'm married, okay? PAT HOLDS UP HIS HAND, DISPLAYING HIS WEDDING RING. TIFFANY You're married? So am I. TIFFANY HOLDS UP HER HAND, DISPLAYING HER WEDDING RING. PAT No, that's confusing. He's dead. TIFFANY LOOKS AS IF SHE HAS BEEN PUNCHED, SHE EMBRACES PAT. PAT (CONT'D) Wait, what? TIFFANY STARTS TO CRY. PAT (CONT'D) What's happening? PAT (CONT'D) Oh, my God. Hey. TIFFANY PUSHES PAT AWAY AND SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE. TIFFANY TURNS AND WALKS TO HER RENOVATED GARAGE APARTMENT. LED ZEPPELIN'S "WHAT IS AND WHAT SHALL NEVER BE" STARTS TO PLAY ON SOUNDTRACK. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/KITCHEN - EVENING PAT ENTERS THROUGH THE BACK OF THE HOUSE, DEEPLY UNSETTLED. HE WALKS PAST DELORES IN THE KITCHEN. DOLORES Are you okay? Ronnie called. Hey, is that make-up on your shirt? PAT I don't know, Mom. 50. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/LIVING ROOM - EVENING PAT IS WITH PAT SR. HE STANDS UP FROM HIS CHAIR. PAT SR. What happened over there? PAT BEELINES PAST PAT SR. TO THE STAIRCASE. PAT When am I gonna get a phone? PAT SR. You'll get a phone in due time. (to Dolores) What happened? DOLORES ENTERS. DOLORES Pat! INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - EVENING PAT REMOVES HIS JERSEY. LED ZEPPELIN CONTINUES alternately quiet and LOUD. PAT LIES ON HIS BED, RESTLESS. SUDDENLY HE IS FRANTICALLY SEARCHING THROUGH ATTIC BOXES AS IF HIS LIFE DEPENDED ON IT. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - NIGHT PAT WALKS OUT OF THE ATTIC. HE OPENS THE DOOR TO THE MASTER BEDROOM AND WALKS INTO THE ROOM. HE KNEELS DOWN NEXT TO DOLORES'S SIDE OF THE BED. PAT (WHISPERING) Mom! INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT DOLORES WAKES. PAT (WHISPERING) I can't find my wedding video. Mom, wake up. DOLORES (WHISPERING) What is it? 51. PAT (WHISPERING) Where's my wedding video? Led Zeppelin continues. PAT SR. WAKES, LOOKING AT THE ALARM CLOCK. PAT SR. It's after three o'clock! What are you doing? INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - NIGHT DOLORES AND PAT WALK INTO THE ATTIC. PAT I looked in here, but this is all your sewing shit up here, for your sewing and everything. Did you put it up here? PAT STEPS TO AN OPEN CLOSET. DOLORES What about in your father's study? INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT PAT SR. (shouts from bed) Don't go in my study. PAT (shouts O.S.) Dad, not now! INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - NIGHT PAT'S HANDS AS HE RIFLES THROUGH STUFF ON THE CLOSET FLOOR. PAT Would you put it in here? It makes no sense for you to put it in here. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT PAT SR. IN BED 52. PAT SR. (shouts from bed) Patty, what are you doing? INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/STUDY - NIGHT WE SEE PAT AS HE LOOKS INTO A CABINET OF VIDEOTAPED FOOTBALL GAMES. PAT He's got all his Eagles videos and not one video of my wedding! PAT SEARCHES THROUGH THE VIDEOTAPES. PAT (CONT'D) Is it here? I mean....? PAT SR. (shouts from bed) Patty! DOLORES It's probably in the attic. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT PAT SR. IN BED. PAT SR. (shouts from bed) Are you going in my study? INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - NIGHT PAT WALKS INTO THE ATTIC, FOLLOWED BY DOLORES. PAT It feels to me like you wanna hide my wedding video. CAMERA SWISH PANS OVER PILES OF BOXES. PAT'S HANDS AS HE LIFTS AND ITEM AND TOSSES IT ONTO THE FLOOR. DOLORES Please stop yelling! PAT SEARCHES THROUGH BOXES. PAT I'm not yelling, Mom, I'm just frustrated because I should have my fucking wedding video! 53. PAT CONTINUES LOOKING. DOLORES Pat! Pat! SHE GOES AFTER HIM. PAT (SPIRALING) I looked over there! I already looked all over there! CAMERA SWISH PANS R. ONTO A PLASTIC BAG WHICH APPEARS TO BE FULL OF CLOTHING. PAT YELLS AS HE SORTS THROUGH THE CLOTHING DOLORES PUTS HER HAND ON PAT'S SHOULDER. DOLORES Calm down, Pat. PAT TURNS TO FACE HER. PAT (YELLING) I'm not calming down! I don't give a fuck who hears, I'm not calming down! Anybody can wake up! I'm not ashamed of it! I'm not ashamed of it! Let the whole neighborhood wake up! I... DOLORES Pat! Stop it! EXT. SOLATANO HOUSE - NIGHT PAT (YELLING) ...don't care! DOLORES (YELLING) Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! PAT (YELLING) No, Mom! INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - NIGHT PAT SR., SITTING ON THE EDGE OF THE BED. PAT SR. What's going on? 54. PAT SR. STANDS AND WALKS OUT OF THE ROOM. PAT SR. (CONT'D) What? PAT (yelling and crying) I want it! It-... PAT SR. (YELLING) Hey! INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - NIGHT PAT (yelling and crying) It's my wedding! It's my wedding video! DOLORES (YELLING) Pat! THE O.S. TELEPHONE RINGS. EXT. STREET - NIGHT CAMERA PANS R. OVER SEVERAL HOUSES AS INTERIOR LIGHTS ARE TURNED ON. DOLORES (YELLING) Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - NIGHT PAT (YELLING) I can't watch my wedding video, but I CAN hear the fucking song in my head, goddamn it! He grabs his head, to stop hearing the wedding song. FLASHBACKS OF NIKKI IN THE SHOWER, DOLORES AND PAT REACTING, NIKKI AND DOUG IN THE SHOWER, NIKKI SCREAMING, PAT BEATING DOUG, NIKKI TRYING TO PULL PAT OFF OF DOUG. PAT SOBS DOLORES, HUGS PAT FROM BEHIND; NICKI JUMPS ON PAT IN FLASHBACK TO STOP HIM FROM BEATING THE HISTORY TEACHER; PAT JERKS HIS ARM AWAY; KNOCKING DOLORES SPRAWLING ONTO THE FLOOR. 55. PAT (CONT'D) Mom? PAT RUNS. PAT SR. (YELLING) What the fuck you doing?! You... PAT Mom? DOLORES SITS UP, STUNNED. PAT SR. ...hit your mother?! PAT No, no, no, no, no! PAT SR. SLAPS PAT IN THE FACE TWICE. DOLORES REACTS. DOLORES (YELLING) Stop it! PAT SLAPS PAT SR. IN THE FACE. PAT SR. PUSHES PAT R. PAT Get off me, Dad! PAT SR. PUSHES PAT DOWN ON THE BED, FIGHTING. DOLORES REACTS, STANDING UP. DOLORES Stop hitting him! PAT STRUGGLES AS PAT SR. SLAPS PAT IN THE FACE, DOLORES TRIES TO PULL PAT SR. OFF OF PAT. DOLORES (CONT'D) (SCREAMING) Stop hitting him! PAT SR. I'm not hitting him! He's hitting me! THE DOORBELL RINGS. PAT (CRYING) I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! 56. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/FOYER - NIGHT PAT SR. HURRIES DOWN THE STAIRS. OFFICER KEOGH Police! PAT SR. STEPS TO THE FRONT DOOR AND OPENS IT, REVEALING OFFICER KEOGH STANDING OUTSIDE. OFFICER KEOGH (CONT'D) Open the door, please. Open up. Mister Solatano, I got a lot of calls. People in the neighborhood are scared. I gotta come in. NEIGHBORS clamour behind him. OFFICER KEOGH HURRIES UP THE STAIRS. OFFICER KEOGH (CONT'D) How are we doing in here, huh? INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - NIGHT OFFICER KEOGH TO PAT SR., DOLORES AND PAT. OFFICER KEOGH There are a lot of reports from your neighbors, we got a lot of phone calls. PAT STANDS UP AND PAT SR. RESTRAINS HIM. PAT Nikki is being manipulated and controlled. You have to talk to her. OFFICER KEOGH Hey, sit down. PAT SR. Sit down. PAT SR. FORCES PAT TO SIT DOWN. DOLORES SITS WITH HIM. PAT SR. (CONT'D) You gotta stop with these crazy theories. He's a cop. What are you doing? DOLORES It's a medication problem, but he's fine now. 57. OFFICER KEOGH Oh yeah? He's fine now? You wanna send him back to Baltimore? We know all about the explosion at the psychiatrist's office. DOLORES What? PAT What explosion? No. Cliff is lying, that's not true. He's not allowed to talk about that. THE DOORBELL RINGS. DOLORES Jesus Christ, who's that? INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/FOYER - NIGHT PAT SR. HURRIES DOWN THE STAIRS. PAT SR. Keep an eye on him. PAT SR. OPENS THE FRONT DOOR TO SEE: RICKY D'ANGELO AGAIN, THE CURIOUS NEIGHBOR KID WITH THE FLIP CAMERA. RICKY Is this a bipolar episode? EXT. SOLATANO HOUSE/FRONT PORCH - NIGHT PAT SR. PUSHING RICK AWAY. RICK EXITS. NEIGHBORS (indistinct chatter - continues under following scene and dialogue) PAT SR. Get outta here, you little fuckin' idiot! Get outta here! RICKY Someone, help me! Help me! INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - NIGHT OFFICER KEOGH, DOLORES AND PAT. PAT You can't tell Nikki about this, Officer. 58. OFFICER KEOGH Look, I gotta make out a report. PAT No, no! No! OFFICER KEOGH She can see it by law. PAT STANDS UP. DOLORES Hey! OFFICER KEOGH Sit down. PAT No, no, no, listen, sir. EXT. RICK'S HOUSE - NIGHT PAT SR. FOLLOWS RICK BG. TO HIS HOUSE. RICKYY He's chasing me! This guy's chasing me! Help me! PAT SR. KNOCKS ON THE CLOSED FRONT DOOR. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - NIGHT OFFICER KEOGH Sit down! PAT SITS DOWN WITH DOLORES. PAT I'm sorry. I could just write you a letter and you could just let me have five minutes, explaining how much better I'm doing. OFFICER KEOGH There's a court order against you -- five hundred feet. Listen to me! 59. INT. RICKY'S HOUSE/FOYER - NIGHT PAT SR. ...and I'll take that fucking camera and I'm gonna break it over your fuckin' head, then I'm gonna come back and interview you about what it's like to get that fuckin' camera broken over your head! You wa--, what are you laughing about? (TO ROSALIE) I'm sorry. I'm sorry. RICKY'S MOTHER ROSALIE I'm sorry. PAT SR. Okay. PAT SR. WALKS BACK TO HIS HOUSE. NEIGHBORS CATCALL PAT SR. PAT SR. (CONT'D) Go back to sleep. The party's over. Show's over. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - NIGHT PAST OFFICER, DOLORES AND PAT. PAT ...this is not a reflection of where I'm at. You can't...please, you can't tell her any of this You can't tell Nikki about this. OFFICER KEOGH You need to pipe down. PAT SR. Everything all right? DOLORES Who was at the door? PAT Who was that, Dad? PAT SR. It was that kid with the camera. OFFICER KEOGH Good luck. I gotta write this up. PAT Come on, don't write it up! I don't want her to see this! 60. PAT SR. It's okay, everything is okay. We're fine, thank you, we appreciate it. Thank you. The family stands together in silence. FADE TO BLACK. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ BATHROOM - MORNING OPENING STRAINS OF ALT-J'S "BUFFALO". PAT STARES AT HIS REFLECTION IN A MIRROR AS HE GENTLY TOUCHES A BRUISE ON HIS FOREHEAD. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/MASTER BEDROOM - MORNING PAST PAT SR. TO HIS REFLECTION AS HE TOUCHES A SCRAPE AND BRUISE ON HIS CHEEK. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/KITCHEN - MORNING PAT STANDS AT THE KITCHEN SINK. DOLORES AND PAT SR. STAND, WATCHING HIM. CU - TWO PILLS IN PAT'S HAND -- SEROQUEL AND LITHIUM -- PAT TAKES THE PILLS. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - DAY MONTAGE OF SCENES SHOWING PAT AS HE REPLACES THE BROKEN WINDOW PANE. EXT. STREET - DAY PAT RUNS, CAMERA MOVING WITH HIM. CAMERA TILTS UP ONTO HIS FACE. PAT BREATHS HEAVY. HE LOOKS AT TIFFANY'S HOUSE AS HE PASSES. TIFFANY BURSTS INTO FRAME, RUNNING PAST PAT. TIFFANY (RUNNING) Hey! PAT (RUNNING) What the hell? TIFFANY What happened to your face? 61. PAT Weight lifting accident. TIFFANY That sounds like bullshit. Why'd you run by my house? Did our little conversation get you upset last night? PAT Hey, this is my route, okay? Just back off. TIFFANY This is my neighborhood. You just ran by my house. PAT I like to run by myself, okay? TIFFANY Me too. PAT (stops and turns) Hey, I like to run alone! Will you stop? TIFFANY What? PAT Okay? I'm running here! TIFFANY Me too! PAT Well then, why don't you run somewhere else? There's a fucking ton of roads to run in! What are you trying to do? TIFFANY I like this road. This is my neighborhood. PAT (SIGHS) Oh, come on, please! TIFFANY Calm down, crazy. PAT SPITS. TIFFANY SPITS. 62. PAT TAKES OFF DOWN AN ALLEYWAY TO DITCH TIFFANY; HE DOES. AS PAT SLOWS TO A JOG AGAIN, MUTTERS TO HIMSELF, NOTICEABLY DISTURBED BY HIS ENCOUNTER WITH TIFFANY WHEN -- TIFFANY (CONT'D) Hey! TIFFANY REAPPEARS FROM ANOTHER ALLEY BEHIND PAT. PAT What the fuck?! PAT (CONT'D) I'm married! TIFFANY So am I! PAT What the fuck are you doing? Your husband's dead! TIFFANY Where is your wife? PAT You're crazy! TIFFANY I'm not the one that just got out of that hospital in Baltimore. PAT I'm not the big slut! TIFFANY STOPS AND REACTS, BENDING OVER. PAT STOPS AND WALKS. PAT (CONT'D) (BREATHES HEAVILY) I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. TIFFANY STANDS UP. TIFFANY I was a big slut, but I'm not anymore. There's always gonna be a part of me that's sloppy and dirty, but I like that, with all the other parts of myself. Can you say the same about yourself, fucker?! Can you forgive? Are you any good at that? TIFFANY TURNS AND WALKS. 63. INT. OFFICE/DR. PATEL'S OFFICE - DAY DR. PATEL You seemed to have trouble last night. PAT Let me just set the record straight about last night. Hurting my mother was a mistake and I hate myself for it, and I hate my illness and I want to control it. My father, on the other hand, had no trouble slapping the shit out of me last night, which I did not return `cause I could've killed him and I didn't. He's sixty-five years old. You don't think I could've beat the shit out of him? I mean.... DR. PATEL He was scared for your mother and you hurt him as well. PAT Yes, last night was a mess. Okay? And I think he probably just tried to do his best. DR. PATEL Pat, you have to have a strategy. I told you earlier. You need to recognize these feelings coming to you, otherwise you will be sent back to Baltimore. So when you get these feelings, you need to get to a quieter place, and be at peace with yourself, however you can. PAT Yeah, but that's easier said than done. DR. PATEL You have to do it. You have no choice. Excelsior. PAT Yeah, Excelsior. Listen, I have a letter I want you to give Nikki, okay? DR. PATEL No. PAT Why? 64. DR. PATEL Because you have a restraining order. PAT (SIGHS) What good are you, man? DR. PATEL Why did you have this overwhelming urgency to see your wedding video last night? PAT Oh, I don't know, because I'm married and I haven't seen my wife in eight and a half months? DR. PATEL Maybe you think that Nikki's not around and Tiffany's an attractive girl and if you get drawn towards Tiffany, you will spoil your chances of getting Nikki back to you? PAT Not bad, Doctor Jones. But I don't think I'm gonna blow it with Nikki because Tiffany's a slut. DR. PATEL Why is she a slut? PAT After the dinner at Ronnie's, she said, quote, "We can go to the back house and you can fuck me as long as we turn the lights out." Unquote. And she still wears her wedding ring. So she's a loyal, married-to-a-dead-guy slut. DR. PATEL Maybe she just needs a friend and she thought if she offers you sex, it will be easier for you to become friends with her. PAT She said she's not a whore anymore, but she likes that part of herself along with all the other parts of herself and can I say the same? DR. PATEL Can you? 65. PAT Is that....? You're asking me, you're really asking me that question? DR. PATEL Yes. PAT With all my crazy sad shit? What, are you fucking nuts? DR. PATEL Pat, the silver lining thing is yours. I'm just giving back your words to you. This "crazy sad shit," as you call it, made you a happier, calmer person with a beautiful positive philosophy of going outdoors, working out, and reading books. PAT No, not the books. DR. PATEL You said Nikki's friends with Ronnie, Veronica and Tiffany. So if you become friends with Tiffany, Nikki will think that you're a kind, generous, large-hearted person, who helps people in need, who is basically thriving. So if you help Tiffany, it will be good for you. EXT. STREET - DAY PAT RUNS. CAMERA TILTS UP AND MOVES BG. WITH HIM. CHILDREN AND PARENTS ARE ON THE SIDEWALK, DRESSED IN HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. CHILD (O.C.) Trick or treat! PAT LOOKS AT THE MAXWELL HOUSE AS HE RUNS PAST IT. HE RUNS ONTO THE SIDEWALK. HE RUNS AROUND A TREE. TIFFANY ENTERS AND CIRCLES HIM. TIFFANY Hey! THEY RUN. PAT How do you know when I run? 66. TIFFANY I wanted to clarify something. I just want us to be friends. (Pat doesn't answer) Did you hear what I said? (Pat doesn't answer still) Why are you giving me such a hard time? PAT No, I'm not giving you a hard time. PAT AND TIFFANY RUN ACROSS THE STREET TOWARD A SMALL DINER. TIFFANY I don't know how to act with you when you do this shit. PAT STOPS. PAT (WINDED) You wanna have dinner at this diner? TIFFANY IS MOMENTARILY TAKEN ABACK BY PAT'S PROPOSAL. TIFFANY Pick me up at seven thirty. SHE RUNS AND EXITS. EXT. STREET - EVENING SEVERAL CHILDREN RUN AROUND IN COSTUMES. PAT WALKS TO THE MAXWELLS' DRIVEWAY AND STOPS. CAMERA DOLLIES L. AROUND HIM. WE SEE TIFFANY AS SHE WALKS AND WE SEE TIFFANY'S PARENTS PEER THROUGH A LIVING ROOM WINDOW. TIFFANY'S GRANDMOTHER LOOKS FROM AN UPSTAIRS WINDOW. PAT Happy Halloween. TIFFANY Hi. ACROSS THE STREET TO THE DINER, PAT AND TIFFANY WALK TOWARD IT. INT. DINER - EVENING PAT OPENS THE DOOR FOR TIFFANY AS SHE WALKS INTO THE DINER. PAT FOLLOWS. 67. EXT. DINER - EVENING THROUGH THE WINDOWS, TO A WAITRESS AS SHE LEADS TIFFANY AND PAT L. TO A BOOTH. CAMERA PANS WITH THEM. INT. DINER- EVENING WAITRESS Here you go. TIFFANY Thank you. PAT LOOKS AT THE MENU. THE WAITRESS STANDS, WAITING. PAT I'm gonna have a bowl of your Raisin Bran. TIFFANY'S PERPLEXED. TIFFANY Tea. THE WAITRESS TAKES THE MENUS FROM THEM AND WALKS AWAY. WAITRESS Be right back. PAT You look nice. TIFFANY Thanks. THE WAITRESS ENTERS L. WITH THEIR ORDER. WAITRESS Raisin Bran. Milk. TIFFANY WATCHES AS THE WAITRESS SETS HER TEA DOWN. TIFFANY Thank you. PAT POURS HIS CEREAL INTO A BOWL. PAUSES. PAT You want to share this? TIFFANY Why did you order Raisin Bran? PAT Why did you order tea? 68. SHE EATS CEREAL. TIFFANY (CHEWING) Because you ordered Raisin Bran. PAT I ordered Raisin Bran because I didn't want there to be any mistaking this for a date. TIFFANY (CHEWING) It can still be a date if you order Raisin Bran. PAT It's not a date. So how's your thing going -- your dancing thing? TIFFANY It's good. How's your restraining order? PAT I wouldn't actually call the restraining order "my thing," but getting back with Nikki is, and I've been doing pretty well. Except for a minor incident at the doctor's office. TIFFANY And the so-called incident with the weights. PAT Yeah. That was a thing with my parents. I wish I could just explain it all in a letter to Nikki because it was minor and I could just explain it and let her know that I'm actually not out of control and that I'm actually doing really well. TIFFANY TAKES THIS IN. BEAT. TIFFANY I can get a letter to Nikki. I see her sometimes with my sister. PAT CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT HE IS HEARING. PAT It would be so amazing if you could get a letter to Nikki from me. 69. TIFFANY I'd have to hide it from Veronica. She's not into breaking the law, which this letter would definitely be doing. PAT But you would do it? TIFFANY I'd have to be careful. I'm already on thin ice with my family, you should hear how I lost my job. PAT How did you lose your job? TIFFANY By...having sex with everybody in the office. PAT Everybody? TIFFANY I was very depressed after Tommy died. It was a lot of people. PAT We don't have to talk about it. TIFFANY Thanks. PAT How many were there? TIFFANY Eleven. PAT Wow. TIFFANY I know. PAT I'm not gonna talk about it anymore. TIFFANY Okay. PAT Can I ask you one more question? Were there any women? 70. TIFFANY Yes. PAT Really? TIFFANY Yes. PAT What was that like? TIFFANY Hot. PAT Jesus Christ. Was it like...older women, a sexy teacher who wants to SEDUCE YOU-- TIFFANY Made me sit on her lap and do things? Yeah. PAT What? You sat on her lap? TIFFANY Mm-hmm. PAT She told you what to do? TIFFANY Mm-hmm. PAT God. Nikki hated when I talked like this. Made me feel like such a pervert. Maybe we should change the subject. TIFFANY I don't mind it. PAT You don't, do you. TIFFANY No. But then people were getting into fights in the parking lot at work, and in the bathroom...and the boss called me in to his office and tried to pin it all on me. So I accused him of harassment and then they fired me, sent me home and put me on some meds. 71. PAT I get it. The song that was playing when my wife...was in the shower with the history teacher... TIFFANY I heard about that. PAT was my wedding song and when I hear it, I go kinda crazy. Sometimes I hear it when it's not even playing. TIFFANY Wow. PAT Yeah. So they put me on medication, which I feel ashamed of. TIFFANY Yeah. PAT So I know. TIFFANY You do. PAT I just gotta get a strategy, you know? TIFFANY Me too. PAT We'd better get back to the letter. TIFFANY Yeah, let's get back to the letter. PAT What if you told Nikki when Veronica was in the bathroom? TIFFANY Yes. Yes, that could work. I love that. PAT Oh, my God, I'm gonna go home and write the letter right now. PAT BEGINS TO SLIDE OUT OF THE BOOTH. 72. TIFFANY Can I at least finish my tea? PAT Wait, what? TIFFANY My tea. Can I finish it? PAT Wait a minute. Did Veronica tell Nikki about our dinner? Why would she do that? Was it a test? TIFFANY I kinda got that feeling, yeah. PAT Goddamn it. I knew it. It was a test. How did I do? I think I did pretty well. TIFFANY Yeah, she said you were cool, basically. PAT "Basically"? Was I some percentage not cool? TIFFANY No, she said you were cool, but you know. PAT No, I don't know. TIFFANY Sort of how you are. It's fine, relax. PAT What do you mean? How am I? What does that mean? TIFFANY Sort of like me. PAT "Sort of like you"? I hope to God she didn't tell Nikki that. TIFFANY Why? 73. PAT Because, it's just not right, lumping you and I together, I mean, it's just wrong. And Nikki wouldn't like that. Especially after all the shit you just told me. TIFFANY You think that I'm crazier than you. PAT (SCOFFS) (CHUCKLING) Because, well, we're different, I MEAN-- TIFFANY Oh, my God. Ugh. You're killing me. You know what? Forget I offered to help you. Forget the entire fucking idea. `Cause that must have been fucking crazy because I am so much crazier than you. PAT Keep your voice down. TIFFANY I'm just the crazy slut with a dead husband! HALLOWEEN DINERS LOOK. TIFFANY (CONT'D) Forget it! PAT Shut the fuck up. TIFFANY STANDS, SWEEPING THE DISHES OFF THE EDGE OF THE TABLE. TIFFANY Fuck you! DINERS GASP CAMERA PANS R. ONTO THE FLOOR WITH THE BROKEN DISHES. PAT STANDS UP. TIFFANY (CONT'D) You shut the fuck up! PAT Tiffany! Hey! Tiffany! 74. TIFFANY WALKS. PAT WATCHES. DINERS (scattered applause and cheers) EXT. DINER - EVENING TIFFANY WALKS. INT. DINER - EVENING PAT GRABS HIS WALLET FROM THE TABLE. THROUGH THE WINDOW TIFFANY HOLDING UP HER MIDDLE FINGERS. PAT WALKS, BUT IS STOPPED BY THE WAITRESS, HOLDING UP HIS BILL. WAITRESS Slow down, Raisin Bran. EXT. STREET - EVENING TIFFANY WALKS. PEDESTRIANS (low and indistinct chatter - continues under following scenes and dialogue) PAT Hey, come on. Look, I don't think you're crazy, all right? PAT HURRIES TO TIFFANY. TIFFANY Yes, you do. PAT No, I don't. TIFFANY You told your therapist that you were in a superior mental illness category, didn't you? PAT What? Hey, calm down! Hey-- TIFFANY STOPPING AND TURNING TO FACE PAT. TIFFANY Just leave me alone! 75. PAT Can I just explain myself, please? I didn't want Nikki to think that I was associated with that kind of sexual behavior because I've never done anything like that, okay? TIFFANY You may not have experienced the shit that I did. But you loved hearing about it, didn't you? You are afraid to be alive, you're afraid to live. You're a hypocrite. You're a conformist. You're a liar. I opened up to you and you judged me. You are an asshole. You are an asshole! TIFFANY GRABS PAT'S JACKET COLLAR. TIFFANY (CONT'D) Get off of me! (yelling) Get off! You're harassing me! PAT Hey, hey! TIFFANY (YELLING) He's harassing me! PAT Shut up! SEVERAL PEDESTRIANS STEP IN, INTERVENING. `CHERIE AMOUR' starts in Pat's head. TIFFANY Get off! MAN (TO PAT) Take it easy. Dude, relax. PAT Bro, get off of me. TIFFANY (YELLING)) He's harassing me!! PAT Hey, hey, stop, stop. Stop, all right? THREE TEENAGE BOYS SURROUND PAT, TAUNTING. 76. PAT (CONT'D) Hey, get off of me! Shut up, shut up. PEDESTRIANS CROWD AROUND, WATCHING. PAT (CONT'D) Stop it. A POLICE CAR SIREN IS HEARD. A POLICE CAR AS IT PARKS. OFFICER KEOGH GETS OUT AND WALKS PAT (CONT'D) Hey, hey, hey, get off me! OFFICER KEOGH What are you doing? Come on. What are you doing? What are you doing to these kids? CAMERA PANS WITH OFFICER KEOGH AS HE WALKS TO PAT, GRABS HIS ARM. OFFICER KEOGH (CONT'D) Are you being a punk on Halloween with these kids? You wanna go back to Baltimore? Is that what you wanna do? PAT I didn't, I didn't, I didn't-- TIFFANY WATCHES IN THE CROWD OF HALLOWEEN TEENS. Softens. TIFFANY It's the kids! [Walks to Pat and Officer Keogh]. He didn't do anything, it was all the kids. Officer Keogh turns to push the crowd back. OFFICER KEOGH (walks crowd back) Let's go, clear out, nothing going on here. AS -- TIFFANY LEANS IN CLOSE TO PAT WHO IS UPSET, SONG PLAYING IN HIS HEAD. Tormented. TIFFANY You gonna go your whole life scared of that song? It's just a song. Don't make it a monster. She leans close to Pat's downcast face. 77. TIFFANY (CONT'D) There's no song playing. There's no song. Breathe, count backwards from ten. That's it. Pat breathes, listens to her. Calms himself. Song stops. Tiffany's face stays close to his. TIFFANY (CONT'D) That's it. There you go. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. PAT I'm sorry. TIFFANY I took it too far. PAT I'm sorry. OFFICER KEOGH (pulls her away) Hey, is he messing with you? TIFFANY No, no. No, this was just a joke. This is a joke I started. OFFICER KEOGH There's a restraining order on this guy. TIFFANY I know, I have a stupid sense of humor. OFFICER KEOGH That's not a good thing to do. TIFFANY Well, I'm fucked up. What can I tell you? I'm sorry. OFFICER KEOGH You're Tommy's widow, right? TIFFANY Yes, I'm Tommy's crazy whore widow, minus the whore thing for the most part. OFFICER KEOGH You're a funny girl. You wanna get a drink sometime? TIFFANY TURNS AND WALKS AWAY. 78. OFFICER KEOGH (CONT'D) What'd I say? PAT She doesn't, she doesn't do that anymore. EXT. STREET - EVENING TIFFANY WALKS - upset, vulnerable. Pat walks behind, CATCHES UP TO TIFFANY AND THEY WALK TOGETHER. PAT I'm sorry about what I said in the diner. TIFFANY I know. I know you didn't mean it. PAT I didn't mean it at all. TIFFANY I know, you say shit you don't mean all the time. PAT All the time. TIFFANY I'll still give your letter to Nikki, don't worry. TIFFANY WALKS THE DRIVEWAY TOWARD HER GARAGE. Pat watches her go. PAT Wow. I really appreciate that, Tiffany. TIFFANY (WALKING AWAY) I know you do. PAT You do? TIFFANY (DISHEARTENED) Yeah, sure. PAT I'll see you tomorrow? With the letter? 79. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/DINING ROOM - DAY PAT SR.'S BOOKMAKING MATERIALS SPREAD OUT ON THE DINING TABLE. RANDY I'll bet I know what happened if only one is missing. Either Dolores or Pat needed an envelope and one of `em took it. That's the only answer. PAT SR. No, no, no. DOLORES, PREPARING FOOD IN THE KITCHEN. PAT SR. (CONT'D) Dolores, somebody was in my study. Who took one of my envelopes? Somebody took an envelope. DOLORES Maybe we should call the FBI. PAT SR. Don't make fun. This is serious. What FBI? Come on, let's take a look. I'll show you what this is. I'm gonna just explain to you something. I mean, you know what I'm doing, honey. This everything, like this. I got this, it all corresponds. PAT ENTERS. PAT Dad, I borrowed one of your envelopes. I hope that's not a PROBLEM PAT SR. No, it's not okay. It's not okay. You gotta ask. DOLORES "Do not go in my study or I will eat you!" RANDY LAUGHS PAT SR. It's not funny, it's not funny. What's everybody making a joke out of this for? 80. RANDY Dolores, you are so beautiful! PAT SR. (TO RANDY) Stop that! Hey, hey, hey, stop, stop, stop! (TO PAT) Listen, a lot of envelopes go in and out of my office every day after games with a lot of cash in `em. So show some respect for what I do. PAT Yeah, I know. I saw two-seven-four. I just wanted to tell you the number. PAT SR. Thank you. PAT But the envelope was empty. I'm sorry, you were sleeping. I didn't want to wake you, but I needed an envelope. PAT SR. You didn't want to wake me? (to Dolores and Randy) He didn't want to wake me. He doesn't have a problem complaining about Ernest fucking Hemingway. He doesn't have a problem asking for his wedding VIDEO- DOLORES Be nice. It's game day! I'm makin' crabby snacks and homemades. PAT Yeah, come on, Dad, be nice. Come on, she's making crabby snacks and homemades. Come on, Dad! PAT SR. What are you so up about? DOLORES He's very happy. PAT I'm happy. PAT SR. No, you're so up, up, up, up. 81. PAT Isn't that a good thing? PAT SR. You're just up, up, up. I don't know what that is. Are you taking the proper dosage of your medication? PAT Am I taking the right dose? Of course I am. PAT SR. Okay. Taking a little bit too many or something? PAT No, if I was taking that, I'd be on the floor, Dad. PAT SR. Just stay with us. Stay for the game. Spend some family time. PAT Dad, I can't. Look, I'm ready to go. PAT SR. Spend family time. PAT Wait, you mean OCD, superstitious time? RANDY Come on, your dad needs a winner. Help him out. PAT SR. Come on. PAT I can't. PAT SR. It's the Seahawks. Put on the jersey and stay, please. Please. It's important, please. DOLORES What are you up to, Pat? PAT Nothing, come on. 82. DOLORES What's in the envelope? PAT SR. Yeah, what are you doing? What's in that envelope? PAT Guys, I'm beating the song! I'm on the scoreboard! I'm playing down field! I feel great! PAT WALKS OUT THE DOOR. EXT. MAXWELL HOUSE/FRONT PORCH - DAY PAT WALKS TO THE DOOR AND KNOCKS. PAT Tiffany! PAT PUSHES THE DOORBELL. TIFFANY'S MOTHER OPENS THE FRONT DOOR. PAT (CONT'D) Hey, how you doin'? Is Tiffany here? TIFFANY'S MOTHER What do you want with her? TIFFANY'S FATHER APPEARS. TIFFANY'S FATHER Is that another creep? What do you want, creep? Just beat it. PAT Whoa, no, no, no. No, I'm married. PAT HOLDS UP HIS HAND, POINTING TO HIS WEDDING RING. A CAR PARKS AT THE CURB IN BG. TIFFANY'S FATHER Oh, great, a married creep. PAT I'm her friend. ANOTHER MAN, JORDIE, JOGS UP TO THE PORCH, BEHIND PAT. PAT (CONT'D) We go running. Have you guys not seen us? I took her to the diner. 83. TIFFANY'S MOTHER She's not here. JORDIE Hi, guys. How's it going? Hey. Is Tiffany home? TIFFANY'S MOTHER Go away. JORDIE I know her. I know her, we've dated. We still date. PAT What are you doing here? JORDIE I've called her, I've texted her. PAT Do you know this guy? JORDIE I still haven't heard back. We used to work together-- TIFFANY'S FATHER Just get the hell out of here... JORDIE'S HAND, HOLDING OUT A BUSINESS CARD. JORDIE I just wanted to give you my card to give to her. TIFFANY'S FATHER Another rude creep. PAT Listen to what he's saying. Listen to what he's saying. JORDIE What's he saying? PAT He's saying you're being rude. JORDIE How am I being rude? PAT Oh, you know. You know. Come on. Sometimes it's okay with girls like this, they wanna have fun and SOMETIMES -- 84. INT. MAXWELL HOUSE/HALLWAY - DAY TIFFANY STANDS CONCEALED BEHIND DOOR LISTENING. PAT --it's not because they got a broken wing, and they're hurt, and they're an easy target. And in this case, in this particular case, I think that wing is being fixed. EXT. MAXWELL HOUSE/FRONT PORCH - DAY PAT And you gotta make sure it gets mended. And you're gettin' in the way of that right now, okay? Because she's sensitive and she's smart, she's artistic. This is a great girl and you gotta be respectful of that. Come on. PAT TURNS AND LEADS JORDIE BACK TO HIS CAR. PAT (CONT'D) Let me walk you down to your car. You're a better guy than this. I can see it in your eyes. JORDIE LOOKS OVER HIS SHOULDER TOWARDS TIFFANY'S STUNNED PARENTS. JORDIE She just texted me! INT. MAXWELL HOUSE/HALLWAY - DAY TIFFANY BEHIND DOOR TAKES IN HOW PAT STOOD UP FOR HER. THINKS. EXT. STREET - DAY PAT RUNS. TIFFANY ENTERS. PAT REACTS. PAT Hey! Hey, wait a second! What are you doing? What happened? How come you weren't outside? What the hell's going on? THEY STOP, FACING EACH OTHER. TIFFANY I can't, I can't do it. 85. PAT What do you mean, you can't do it? You can't do what? TIFFANY I can't give the letter to Nikki. PAT Tiffany, what are you talking about? What do you mean you can't give the letter to Nikki? TIFFANY Because what am I getting in return? What are you doing for me? PAT You said! You said if I wrote a letter, you'd get it to Nikki. TIFFANY I know. PAT That was the set-up. TIFFANY Because I do this time after time after time, I do all this shit for other people and then I wake up and, and I'm empty, I have nothing! PAT What are you talking about? You seem like you're a tough girl to me. Why don't you just do things on your own? TIFFANY I always get myself in these fucking situations. I give everything to other people and nobody ever, I never -- I don't get what I want, okay? I'm not my sister. Pat takes this in. PAT Alright, well, ask for you. What can I do for you? TIFFANY I can't do it. PAT Tiffany, what do you want me to do? 86. TIFFANY SIGHS. PAT (CONT'D) Think of something. TIFFANY There's this thing. PAT There's a thing, okay. What kind of thing? TIFFANY It's a thing, it's a thing. It's a, it's a dance thing. PAT It's a dance thing, all right. TIFFANY It's a competition thing at the Benjamin Franklin Hotel. Tommy would never do it with me and I missed it every single year. PAT Well, Tommy's dead, so he's not gonna fucking do it. TIFFANY Would you please! PAT I don't have a filter when I talk. TIFFANY Can we have one conversation without you reminding me that my goddamn husband is dead? My God. PAT Yes, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Okay, I'm sorry. TIFFANY But I can only do it if I have a partner...and now I'm about to miss it for another year. PAT Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm not gonna fuckin' dance with you. What are you talking about? 87. TIFFANY What, your schedule is so busy? "Grapes of Wrath" and watching football with your dad? PAT Tiffany, I'm not gonna do a dance with you. TIFFANY All right, then I'm not giving her your fucking letter. TIFFANY WALKS AWAY. PAT Wait a second! But you promised you would do this. TIFFANY TURNS TIFFANY Think about it. TIFFANY TURNS AND WALKS. PAT Well, I already did do something for you, you know. TIFFANY TURNS. TIFFANY WHAT DID YOU DO FOR ME? PAT I took care of that jerkoff that was in front of your house. TIFFANY What? Jordie? PAT Let me ask you something. Do you call him when you're lonely? TIFFANY STOPS. PAT (CONT'D) That encourages him, Tiffany. You shouldn't do it. TIFFANY Couldn't you say the same about you and Nikki? 88. PAT It's not at all like me and Nikki. What are you talking about? We're in love and we're married. It's completely different. TIFFANY How are you in love? Tell me about that. The big Nikki love. Tell me about it, I wanna understand it. PAT We have a very unconventional chemistry, it makes people feel awkward, but not me. She's the most beautiful woman I've ever been with. TIFFANY Wow. PAT It's electric between us, okay? Yeah, we wanna change each other, but that's normal, couples wanna do that, I want her to stop dressing like she dresses, I want her to stop acting so superior to me, okay? And she wanted me to lose weight and stop my mood swings, both of which I've done. I mean, people fight. Couples fight. We would fight, we wouldn't talk for a couple weeks. That's normal. She always wanted the best for me. Tiffany listens. PAT (CONT'D) She wanted me to be passionate and compassionate. And that's a good thing. You know? I just, look, I'm my best self today, and I think she's her best self today, and our love's gonna be fucking amazing. TIFFANY It's gonna be amazing, and you're gonna be amazing, and she's gonna be amazing, and you're not gonna be that guy that's gonna take advantage of a situation without offering to do something back. So think about the dance thing. TIFFANY TURNS AND WALKS. PRELAP OF EAGLES GAME FADES IN. 89. PAT (O.S.) Danny, you're out of the hospital? And you're here on game day? INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/LIVING ROOM - DAY PAT EMBRACES DANNY. DANNY I'm out. DANNY AND PAT EMBRACE. DANNY (CONT'D) It's official, man. They didn't convert me to my Mental Hygiene Law admission status within two thirds of the maximum length of my felony sentence, so I'm out. They had to let me go. PAT I never understand what he's saying. PAST DANNY, TO PAT SR. DOLORES AND RONNIE WATCH IN BG. PAT SR. Okay, jailhouse lawyer, come on, let's come back and sit down the way you were before. PAT (LAUGHS) What a treat! INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/LIVING ROOM - DAY PAT SR. ESCORTS DANNY TO THE SOFA, WHERE RANDY SIT. DOLORES AND RONNIE STAND. SPORTS ANNOUNCER (over television) (low and indistinct chatter - continues under following scenes and dialogue) PAT Whoa, whoa, whoa. Dad's got you sitting here? PAT SR. Oh, yeah. DANNY He calls me "Jailhouse Lawyer." DANNY SITS DOWN ON THE SOFA NEXT TO RANDY. 90. PAT SR. Hold the remote the way you were holding it before. DANNY Okay. PAT SR. AND DANNY, WHO CAREFULLY HOLDS THE REMOTE CONTROL IN ONE HAND AND THE GREEN HANDKERCHIEF IN THE OTHER HAND. PAT And now you're holding the remote? DANNY And it's working. Your dad's a genius. PAT SR. URGES DANNY TO SIT UP STRAIGHTER with remote. PAT SR. Now sit up. PAT And Danny's the good luck charm? PAT SR. Danny's from you. This is your house, so it comes down to you. You're the one. DANNY Yeah, you're the one, Pat. PAT Superstition, Danny. I don't know. WE SEE DOLORES. PAT SR. Come sit down. PAT SR. (CONT'D) Don't disappear doing God knows what with that Tiffany Maxwell. PAT Dad, Dad, Dad. She's my friend. Why would you say that? RONNIE Oh, she's a mess. You gotta be careful. She goes to a lot of therapy. PAT SR. GROANS 91. PAT I go to a lot of therapy, Ronnie. What are you trying to say? RONNIE I'm just saying-- PAT (INTERRUPTING) ) Am I messed up? PAT (CONT'D) Why don't you stop judging people? You judge everybody. You're the one who has a messed up marriage. RONNIE I'm just looking out for you, I'm just looking out for you. She's unstable. DOLORES (ALARMED) What's wrong with your marriage? What's wrong with your marriage? RONNIE Nothing's wrong! PAT You should have seen when I was at his house. It's like a circus over there. RONNIE Shh, shh. RONNIE PUSHES PAT R. INTO THE FOYER. PAT What are you talking about? I'm not gonna hide this. You need to deal with it. RONNIE Stop breaking my balls. RONNIE HOLDS UP AN IPOD. PAT Oh!!!! RONNIE I got you an iPod. PAT Whoa! Is this for me? 92. RONNIE Yeah. Well, that's my old iPod, but- PAT (HUGS RONNIE) Oh, buddy, thank you. That's so nice of you. Wow. RONNIE Thirty-two gigabytes. PAT How many songs is that? RONNIE Seven thousand. PAT (scrolling through iPod) Oh, yeah, you got The Stranglers. You love The Stranglers. Oh, the Sex Pistols. The Clash. RONNIE Got some Clash. PAT Oh, "West Side Story." RONNIE Yeah, "West Side Story." It makes me peaceful. (SINGING) "Maria, I just met a girl named Maria..." PAT Right, right, right. RONNIE And then when I'm angry, which is a lot these days, I go to the garage...Metallica...Megadeth. I start fucking smashing shit. PAT You gotta get your marriage together. RONNIE (WHISPERING) I start breaking shit, and I hurt my hand. And -- PAT Ronnie, that's fucked up. 93. RONNIE Yeah, but it makes me feel better. It's like my therapy, you know? PAT When I'm with Nikki, I'm never gonna do stuff like that... JAKE (O.S.) Whoa, Nikki? What's all this about Nikki? Pan from the framed photo of Jake on foyer wall, to Jake on the stairs above. JAKE (CONT'D) A restraining order is nothing to fool with, bro. [Walks down to Pat]. Holy shit, look at you! You are fit! You look absolutely amazing. You feel good? PAT How you doing, Jake? JAKE Good. You look like Schwarzenegger in his prime. DOLORES Didn't I say you wouldn't recognize him? JAKE So, listen, I'm sorry that I didn't come see you down at the hospital. You know how those places creep me out, and the firm's been expanding. I've been helping Pop with the restaurant `cause he needs to have a legitimate business. He needs a tax return. With all the money that he's making with his bookmaking, they're gonna come after him. And then it looks like I'm making, I'm gonna make partner at the firm. Pat just stares at Jake. The room is silent. JAKE (CONT'D) Well, I don't even know what to say to you anymore. You lost your wife, I'm getting engaged, and I wanna be able to tell you about those kind of things. You lost your house, I'm getting a new house. You lost your job, things are going great for me at the firm. 94. PAT SR. Maybe stop talking about all the stuff that's good for you and bad for him. Just, you know, leave it alone. We're watching the game. JAKE You know what, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna stop talking. I'm gonna shut my mouth. Pat stares down Jake. Tense. PAT As my friend Danny would say 00 The room hangs on Pat's words. PAT (CONT'D) I got nothing but love for you, brother. PAT SMILES. TENSION EASES. PAT AND JAKE EMBRACE. DANNY That's right. That's right. RONNIE/RANDY/DANNY/DELORES (O.C.) That's nice. That's nice. DOLORES INHALES TEARFULLY. PAT SR. Well, thank God, finally. PAT DeSean Jackson. JAKE Yeah. Did it fit? PAT I wore it to Ronnie's for dinner. RONNIE Beautiful jersey. I love that jersey. PAT Veronica didn't like it. RONNIE Veronica hates the jersey. JAKE Whatever you do, watch out for that restraining order, okay? 95. JAKE PATS PAT'S CHEST AND WALKS TO SOFA. PAT I'm not doing anything! RONNIE Don't let Tiffany get you in trouble. DOLORES Pat, you're up to something, I know. PAT People like Tiffany, or Danny, or me, maybe we know something that you guys don't know, okay? Did you ever think about that? Maybe we understand something because we're MORE-- DOORBELL RINGS. DANNY We have a sixth sense. I mean, everybody's got it. Everybody's just not in touch with it. OFFICER KEOGH STANDS WITH MALE ORDERLIES FROM THE PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL. DOLORES Oh, no. OFFICER KEOGH How you doing, Pat? PAT Jesus. PAT SR. I guess his sixth sense forgot to tell him the cops were coming. OFFICER KEOGH (RE: DANNY) I'm taking him back to the hospital. PAT What? No, no, he passed his thing, right? RANDY LAUGHS 96. DANNY First of all, check with the latest legal development. OFFICER KEOGH Well, we got a call that they did convert you to a Mental Hygiene Law admission status by the deadline of your sentence, so.... PAT SR. (TO KEOGH) Wait a minute. Are you an Eagles fan or are you not an Eagles fan? OFFICER KEOGH I'm an Eagles fan. PAT SR. Well then, what's the problem? He's not goin' anywhere. Just let him finish the game, that's all. The handkerchief is working. We're killing the Seahawks, twenty-seven- ten. What's the matter with you? Let him stay, please! OFFICER KEOGH I don't know what the hell you're talking about "the handkerchief". And I'm glad that the Seahawks are losing and we're winning, but I gotta take Danny McDaniels back to Baltimore, alright? He can contest his case from Baltimore. DANNY STANDS UP. DANNY Not correct about the Mental Hygiene Law. You're not correct. OFFICER KEOGH Come on. DANNY ENTERS R. AND OFFICER KEOGH GRABS HIS ARM. THE ORDERLIES AND OFFICER KEOGH ESCORT DANNY L. THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR. DANNY You guys oughta be ashamed of yourselves. PAT SR. CAREFULLY FOLDS UP THE GREEN HANDKERCHIEF. 97. EXT. MAXWELL HOUSE - DAY PAT WALKS ALONG THE DRIVEWAY TOWARD TIFFANY'S GARAGE, CARRYING HIS ENVELOPE. HE SEES TIFFANY'S MOTHER, LOOKING THROUGH A WINDOW. PAT WAVES. INT. TIFFANY'S GARAGE/DANCE STUDIO - DAY TIFFANY LEADS PAT INTO HER DANE STUDIO. TIFFANY I used the insurance money to build this. I designed it. All the floors are hard oak. It has good bounce for dancers. PAT Wow. TIFFANY I'm not that great of a dancer, but who cares? It's therapy and it's fun. And the walls are good `cause I can play music really loud without anybody hearing. PAT Where do you sleep? TIFFANY GESTURES AT A STAIRCASE. TIFFANY Upstairs. It's a garage, I just renovated it. You know, I was thinking about putting a ballet barre here. PAT When are you gonna give it to her? TIFFANY What? PAT The letter to Nikki. PAT HOLDS UP THE ENVELOPE. TIFFANY Probably tonight. PAT Really? 98. TIFFANY Ronnie and Veronica and I are gonna see her tonight. PAT Oh, I actually changed the first paragraph. I did this thing about Shakespeare and how it's very ROMANTIC- TIFFANY Mm-hmm. PAT -and that maybe in the future if she wanted to go dancing, I can be able to do that because of all the TRAINING THAT-- TIFFANY (INTERRUPTING) No, that's good, that's really good. PAT I assume you're a good teacher. TIFFANY'S HAND TAKES THE ENVELOPE FROM PAT. TIFFANY Yeah. I mean, I hope so. PAT Maybe you can teach us both, you know what I mean? TIFFANY EXITS AND PLACES THE ENVELOPE ON THE STAIRCASE. PAT (CONT'D) And I also mentioned how generous it is, what I'm doing for you. TIFFANY Yeah. Mm-hmm. It's really generous. PAT You know, being of service. TIFFANY Yeah. PAT To your need. TIFFANY Uh-huh. 99. TIFFANY (CONT'D) All right, let's start simple. Start at that corner, walk towards me. Walk across the room. Pat stands in the corner, doesn't move. PAT Can we do something else besides the dance deal? TIFFANY Are you fucking kidding me? PAT I'm good with a hammer. You want me to fix something? TIFFANY A deal is a deal. PAT I know. Okay. I was just suggesting that maybe there's a better scenario. TIFFANY Why don't you walk towards me like I'm Nikki. And the only way to convey how much you've missed me is by your walk. By your slow walk. You can't talk. PAT I'm not doing it. TIFFANY Only walk. Do it. PAT No. That's stupid. TIFFANY No walk, no letter. Walk to me like I'm Nikki, come on. Do it. I'm Nikki. Come on. PAT (under his breath) You're not Nikki. PAT RELUCTANTLY WALKS. TIFFANY Don't look up until you're halfway here. 100. PAT WALKS SLOWLY. CAMERA TILTS UP ONTO HIS FACE AS HE KEEPS HIS HEAD DOWN. TIFFANY (CONT'D) That's right. PAT WALKS TO HER. TIFFANY (CONT'D) Not yet. PAT AS HE STOPS FACE TO FACE WITH TIFFANY AND LOOKS HER IN THE EYES. TIFFANY (CONT'D) Yes. Do you feel that? That's emotion. PAT I don't feel anything. TIFFANY Has anybody ever told you how Tommy died? PAT No. TIFFANY We were married for three years and five days, and I loved him. But for the last couple months, I just wasn't into sex at all. It just felt like we were so different and I was depressed. Some of that is just me, some of it was he wanted me to have kids and I have a hard enough time taking care of myself. I don't think that makes me a criminal. Anyway one night after dinner, he drove to Victoria's Secret at King of Prussia Mall and got some lingerie to get something going. And on the way back, he stopped on 76 to help a guy with a flat tire and he got hit by a car and killed. And the Victoria's Secret box was still in the front seat. (pause) That's a feeling. PAT, VISIBLY UPSET, WATCHES AS TIFFANY TURNS TO HER IPOD. BOB DYLAN'S "GIRL FROM NORTH COUNTRY" DUET WITH JOHNNY CASH STARTS. PAT AND TIFFANY SIT ON THE FLOOR, FACING EACH OTHER AS THEY LISTEN. CUT TO: 101. TIFFANY LEADS PAT ONTO THE DANCE FLOOR. TIFFANY (CONT'D) Okay, this is the waltz. I'm gonna teach you the waltz step. TIFFANY POSITIONS PAT AND GESTURES FOR HIM TO DANCE. HE MOVES AROUND HER as she showed him, his hands on his shoulders. PAT AND TIFFANY AS THEY DANCE WALTZ CAMERA MOVING WITH THEM. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/LIVING ROOM - DAY DOLORES AND PAT SR. SIT TOGETHER ON THE SOFA. THEY WATCH AS O.S. PAT PASSES BY. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - DAY PAT FALLS ONTO HIS BED, EXHAUSTED. PAT'S LEG HITS A STACK OF BOOKS AS HE ROLLS OVER. HE KNOCKS NIKKI'S BOOKS ONTO THE FLOOR. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/FOYER - DAY PAT HURRIES DOWN THE STAIRS. HE WAVES AT DOLORES AND PAT SR. INT. TIFFANY'S GARAGE/DANCE STUDIO - DAY TIFFANY IS HOLDING HER IPOD. SHE WATCHES A CLIP OF TWO DANCERS IN AN OLD MOVIE. PAT AND TIFFANY WATCH THE IPOD. PAT AND TIFFANY DANCE, COPYING THE MOVES. CAMERA TILTS DOWN ONTO THEIR FEET. PAT AND TIFFANY AS THEY DANCE. PAT PULLS TIFFANY CLOSE AND THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER. SHE SPINS AWAY. PAT'S HANDS LIFT HIS TRASH BAG AND SWEATSHIRT OFF THE FLOOR, CAMERA TILTS UP WITH HIM. HE LOOKS R. AND REACTS. PAT'S POV - THE OPEN BATHROOM DOOR, WHICH HAS A MIRROR MOUNTED ON IT. THE MIRROR SHOWS THE REFLECTION OF TIFFANY, IN THE BATHROOM, AS SHE TAKES OFF DANCE TOP, BACK TO HIM. PAT STARES FROM AFAR-- HE SUDDENLY TURNS AND LEAVES 102. EXT. MAXWELL HOUSE/DRIVEWAY - DAY PAT RUNS DOWN GRAVEL DRIVE. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - DAY PAT LIES ON BED STARES AT CEILING, emotions churning inside. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/KITCHEN - DAY PAT CROSSES KITCHEN. DOLORES Whoa! Slow down. PAT STOPS AND TURNS. PAT What? DOLORES Your father wanted you to have this. SHE PICKS UP A SECTION OF THE NEWSPAPER AND HANDS IT. HE TAKES THE NEWSPAPER AND LOOKS AT IT. PAT He wants me to have- THROUGH THE DOORWAY, PAT SR. LISTENS. PAT (CONT'D) -all this Eagles information. DOLORES It's his living. PAT Um, tell Dad thanks. DOLORES Your father expects to spend time with you, Pat. PAT NODS. HE OPENS THE BACK DOOR. INT. TIFFANY'S GARAGE/DANCE STUDIO - DAY TIFFANY HOLDS UP THE NEWSPAPER AND A BOOK. 103. TIFFANY Football stays out of this place, so does "Lord of the Flies." PAT Wait, wait, no, no, no, what are you doing? I'm behind on my syllabus. TIFFANY I don't give a fuck. PAT What the hell are you doing? TIFFANY STEPS TO DOORWAY -- EXT. TIFFANY'S GARAGE - DAY TIFFANY THROWS THE NEWSPAPER AND BOOK TO DRIVEWAY. PAT (O.S.) Hey, hey! INT. TIFFANY'S GARAGE/DANCE STUDIO - DAY PAT Did you just throw that outside? TIFFANY What? You're not gonna read that shit on my time. I can tell you all about the "Lord of the Flies." It's a bunch of boys on an island and they have a conch -- they have a shell -- and whoever has the conch has the power and they can talk. And if you don't have the conch, then you don't have the power. And then there's a little chubby boy, and they call him Piggy and they're really mean, and then there's a murder. I mean, humanity is just nasty and there's no silver lining. PAT Wow. That was a great synopsis. I still need to read it, though. A KNOCK AT THE DOOR. PAT (CONT'D) Who's that? PAT OPENS THE DOOR. 104. PAT (CONT'D) What the....? (laughing) What are you doing here, man? DANNY WALKS INTO THE ROOM. DANNY If one of your two supervising physicians loses their license, then your whole ajudication is thrown out. PAT How'd you know we were here? DANNY I went by your parents' house looking for you and they told me you was over here. PAT Danny, this is Tiffany. (to Tiffany) Tiffany, this is Danny. TIFFANY Hello. Pat told me about you. DANNY So is the girl, that you wrote about? PAT Yeah. TIFFANY What? He wrote about me? I'm "the girl"? DANNY He wrote about you, all right. TIFFANY What'd he say? DANNY He said you guys was helping each other out and you were nice and had a mouth on you, that you were mouthy, but-- PAT Whoa, whoa, that's enough. TIFFANY No, please, tell me more about what he said in the letter. 105. PAT Yeah, anything you wanna know, I'll just tell you. It was nothing. It was just a very general letter. TIFFANY Cool. DANNY (looks at Tiffany) She's fine. PAT She is my friend with an "F." DANNY A capital "F." PAT For "friend." The three stand there awkwardly for a beat. DANNY Hey, can I see what you guys are doing? PAT Yeah. TIFFANY Okay. SHE TURNS ON MUSIC: PAT AND TIFFANY DANCE SIDE BY SIDE. TIFFANY (CONT'D) And then this goes into something else. DANNY That's it? PAT Why? What is it, what is it, what is it. DANNY Can I say something? Do you mind? TIFFANY No. DANNY You sure? PAT Just say it. Say it. 106. TIFFANY No, please. DANNY I think Pat, you should be facing Tiffany. DANNY STEPS TO PAT AND TIFFANY, REMOVING HIS JACKET. DANNY (CONT'D) Let me show you, Pat, let me show you what I mean. You gotta come at her with a little bit more soul, man. HE HANDS HIS JACKET TO PAT AND FACES TIFFANY. DANNY (CONT'D) (TO TIFFANY) You should move more hips. TIFFANY AND DANNY. PAT WATCHES, STANDING BEHIND DANNY. DANNY (CONT'D) (TO PAT) Just, just sort of come in, Pat, come in like this. And.... DANNY DANCES, DEMONSTRATING. PAT Okay. DANNY Yeah. Can you move `em a little bit more? Yeah, that's it. Move `em a bit more. PAST DANNY, TO TIFFANY AS SHE DANCES. TIFFANY CHUCKLES DANNY (CONT'D) You could turn around, too, there's nothing wrong with that. Yeah. You're pretty good. TIFFANY, DANNY AND PAT AS THEY DANCE. ONE HAND ON HER WAIST. DANNY (CONT'D) (HUMS) Mm, yeah. PAT ENTERS, STEPPING BETWEEN DANNY AND TIFFANY. PAT Okay, we got it, we got it. 107. DANNY Okay. Okay. DANNY MOVES, EXITING. AS PAT AND TIFFANY DANCE. DANNY (CONT'D) Come on, Pat, come on. A little bit more soul. Black it up, Pat. PAT "Black it up"? DANNY You know damn well what it means. TIFFANY LAUGHS. DANNY (CONT'D) Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Oh, man! I got an idea. CAMERA MOVES IN ON DANNY. CAMERA TILTS UP OVER DANNY AND TIFFANY AS THEY JUMP UP REPEATEDLY, HOLDING HANDS AND MOVING IN A CIRCLE. PAT WATCHES AS DANNY AND TIFFANY JUMP TOGETHER. DANNY (CONT'D) Come get some, Pat. Come get some. PAT BEGINS JUMPING WITH TIFFANY. CUT TO: DANNY WITH TIFFANY AGAIN. DANNY (CONT'D) Shuffle back, shuffle back. Shuffle back, shuffle back. Girl, you gotta move your junk. TIFFANY'S HIPS AS SHE DANCES. DANNY DANCES WITH HER. MUSIC STOPS. DANNY (CONT'D) I gotta get out of here. I gotta go see this girl, Tanya. She lives on this side of town. PAT Yeah, go see Tanya. Good idea. DANNY Okay, man, hey. I'm gonna be there, man. I want you guys to win! TIFFANY Bye! 108. DANNY Excelsior, Pat! PAT Excelsior! DANNY That's my man. DANNY EXITS. TIFFANY AND PAT SMILE. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - MORNING PAT, ASLEEP IN BED. PAT SR. WALKS INTO THE ATTIC. HE SITS DOWN ON THE BED NEXT TO PAT. PAT SR. TOUCHES PAT'S SHOULDER. PAT SR. Hey. Patty. PAT WAKES. PAT SR. (CONT'D) Pat. PAT SR. (CONT'D) Patty. Where have you been? Huh? PAT GROANS. PAT SR. (CONT'D) We got a serious situation on our hands, you know that. Pat looks concerned, he could be in trouble. PAT SR. (CONT'D) We gotta beat the Giants if we wanna have a chance of getting into the division, any chance of playing in the playoffs. Do you realize that? PAT I didn't realize that. 109. PAT SR. Yeah, that's the bind we're in. I mean, I think it would be wise if we spent father-son time, reading about the Eagles, talking about them, just to strengthen the good luck thing that you're in. PAT Okay. PAT SR. Yeah? PAT Right. PAT SR. Hmm? PAT SR. LOOKS AWAY. PAT SR. (CONT'D) I just wanted to, maybe I didn't, spend enough time with you growing up. I spent too much time with your brother. It might have made you feel worse about your behavior, but I didn't know anything, I didn't know how to handle it. I mean, that's what all this Eagles stuff is about. It's about us, spending time now. I wanna do everything I can to help you get back on your feet. That's the whole point. Yeah. I wish you'd watch these games with me so we could talk, we could get into things. (inhales) So would you, would you just come downstairs and talk to me and Randy now? PAT SR. TOUCHES PAT'S CHEEK. PAT, MOVED, NODS. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/KITCHEN - MORNING RANDY SITS AT THE TABLE, DRINKING COFFEE. PAT SR. Randy, tell him what I'm doing. RANDY He's betting everything on the Giant game. Everything. 110. RANDY (CONT'D) All the money that he needs for the restaurant, he's betting on the Giant game. PAT SR. Tell him why. RANDY Because he believes in you. PAT Is that true? PAT SR. I believe in you, Patty. I believe in you. I want you to know that. So I'm gonna bet heavy on this game. DOLORES STARES INTENSELY AT PAT. PAT SR. (CONT'D) You understand? PAT Yeah. PAT SR. Heavy. I want you to go to the game with your brother. PAT You want me to go to the game with Jake? PAT SR. Of course I do. JAKE Does he want me to go? PAT SR. Of course he wants you to go. PAT He told you that? PAT SR. He told me, yes. PAT Even with all his friends? PAT SR. With all his friends. He trusts you. 111. PAT He's not embarrassed? PAT SR. No. I'd love to go to the game, too, but as you know, I'm banned from the stadium. `Cause I'd love to see us beat the Giants and take a lot of money from this asshole. RANDY Listen, personally, I think it's a stupid bet. As a matter of fact, I think it's ridiculous to bet all that dough for the restaurant on a game. PAT SR. Randy. (to Pat) I just hope you heard what I said. It's like a family business, it's our family endeavor. We all stick together on this. That's how it works. That's a positive, positive vibe. PAT I made a commitment to Tiffany about a project, and we have a very important part of it that we have to go over on Sunday, and it's good for me, Dad. It's making me disciplined and focused, and it's, it's--, I never would've thought this, but it's a good thing. PAT SR. What is this thing you're doing? DOLORES Yeah, what is it? What is this project, hon? PAT It's a dance thing, okay? There's nothing more to it, Dad. I swear. DOLORES STEPS TO PAT, KISSES HIS FOREHEAD. INT. TIFFANY'S GARAGE/DANCE STUDIO - DAY TIFFANY AND PAT. PAT Listen, I need to ask you something. (MORE) 112. PAT (CONT'D) Tomorrow can I spend half the day with you and half the day at the Eagles game? TIFFANY I'm gonna pretend that you didn't just ask me that. PAT Why? TIFFANY These are the two days that you have promised me and that we have prepared to nail the big move. It's not ready yet. And we don't have a move yet. PAT I know, but my dad opened up to me and it was really beautiful and I wanna be of service to him, okay? And he's worried that the juju from the Eagles is being fucked up and he's concerned that it's because I'm spending time with you. TIFFANY Oh, I messed up the Eagles' juju? PAT No, you're not messing up the juju, but the juju is messed up because I'm not with him during the games. TIFFANY Guess what? PAT What? TIFFANY Nikki replied to your letter. TIFFANY STEPS TO THE STAIRCASE, LIFTING AN ENVELOPE. TIFFANY (CONT'D) (INTERRUPTING) But you can't read it until after you nail the big move. Go. PAT SIGHS AS SHE TURNS SHARPLY, PLACES THE ENVELOPE ON THE STAIRCASE AGAIN. CUT TO: PAT BRACES HIMSELF AT FAR SIDE OF STUDIO TO CATCH TIFFANY'S BIG LEAP -- TIFFANY BRACES HERSELF TO RUN -- SHE RUNS -- LEAPS -- THE FALL. THEY DO IT AGAIN, SAME RESULTS. 113. PAT Tiff, I'm sorry. I can't do anything else without reading Nikki's letter, okay? It's just--, it's in the back of my head. We don't almost have it, all right? TIFFANY I just hope you can handle it. PAT Thank you. TIFFANY PICKS UP THE ENVELOPE AND TURNS. PAT (CONT'D) What was her energy when she gave it to you? TIFFANY She was intrigued, excited, and a little scared. PAT She was scared? About what? Did she tell you? PAT TAKES THE ENVELOPE. CAMERA TILTS DOWN ONTO HIS HANDS, OPENING THE ENVELOPE. TIFFANY Try to stay positive. PAT'S HANDS UNFOLD THE TYPED LETTER. PAT I'm just gonna read it out loud, okay? Because if she says anything that's, you know, is that too much to ask? TIFFANY No. PAT LOOKS DOWN AT THE LETTER, READING SILENTLY. TIFFANY (CONT'D) I thought you were gonna read it out loud. PAT Okay. Sorry. (READING) (MORE) 114. PAT (CONT'D) "Dear Pat, It was very emotional for me to get your letter, as I'm sure you can imagine, but I'm glad you took the risk of discreetly getting it to me through Tiffany. This gives us a chance to communicate while I keep the restraining order until I feel safe. I must admit you sound terrific and I'm happy that you are feeling so positive and becoming a more loving and caring man, which I always knew you were. I was moved to read about `Excelsior' and your belief in happy endings. I am also moved by your act of love to read the books I have taught at the high school. I'm sorry you find them so negative, but I disagree. I think they are great works of art that reflect how hard life can be and they can also help kids prepare themselves for the hardness of life. In spite of all these positive developments, Pat, I have to say if it's me reading the signs, I need to see something to prove you are ready to resume our marriage. Otherwise I find myself thinking that we might both be better off moving on with our lives separately. Please don't react quickly to this, but take time to think about it. I'm glad you're doing so well. Love, Nikki." PAT FOLDS UP THE LETTER AGAIN. He is kind of crying. PAT (CONT'D) I think I'm done for today, okay? TIFFANY (follows him to door) She said to show her something, Pat. This dance can be that something. You would have never done something like this in a million years. It shows all kinds of skills on so many different levels: focus, collaboration, discipline. It's romantic, like I said it would be. It's for her. PAT (over his shoulder) Thanks for the letter. I'll see you tomorrow, okay? 115. PAT WALKS OUT. EXT. STADIUM - DAY MONTAGE OF SCENES SHOWING FOOTBALL FANS ARRIVING. PEOPLE (indistinct chatter - continues under following scenes AND DIALOGUE) INT. PAT SR.'S CAR - DAY PAT AND PAT SR. PAT Can I use your phone? PAT SR. Is it an emergency? PAT Yeah, kind of. PAT SR. What kind of emergency? PAT Well, I'm just doing this project with Tiffany and I wanted to tell her I'm not gonna be on time. PAT SR. Just don't make her an emergency, that crazy girl, you know? PAT She's not crazy -- I'll just borrow Jake's phone. It's too bad you can't come in to the stadium, but I know you were kicked out, you know, for beating everybody up. Guess we're not that different, huh, Dad? PAT SR. That a bad thing? PAT No, I think, it's a good thing. PAT SR. SLOWS THE CAR AND PARKS AT THE CURB. PAT SR. Don't drink too much. Don't hit anybody. You'll be fine. 116. PAT Yeah. I'm solid. EXT. STADIUM/PARKING LOT - DAY `HELLO OPERATOR' BY WHITE STRIPES plays as PAT WALKS, PASSING PEOPLE HAVING TAILGATING PARTIES, DRINKING AND EATING. PEOPLE (indistinct chatter - continues under following scenes AND DIALOGUE) JAKE INTRODUCES PAT HIS GROUP OF MALE FRIENDS. JAKE This is my little brother Pat. JAKE AND PAT, WHO SHAKES HANDS WITH AN O.S. MAN. PAT Hey, how you doing? GUY #1 So, Pat, what's this I hear about you just gettin' out? GUY #2 (laughs) Yeah, from the looney bin! GUY #1 LAUGHS JAKE What the fuck?! I talked to you about that already! JAKE (CONT'D) I told you guys-- PAT (INTERRUPTING) It's all right. JAKE Huh? No. JAKE AND PAT. GUY #2 ENTERS, EMBRACING PAT. PAT It's alright. GUY #2 He's a good dude! He's a good dude. THE GROUP GATHERS AROUND PAT, LIFTING CUPS OF BEER. A HORN HONKS. 117. JAKE Oh, shit! The Asian invasion! PAST PEOPLE, TO A LARGE BUS INDIAN PAINTED WITH THE EAGLES COLORS AND LOGO. IT SLOWLY MOVES R. THROUGH THE CROWD. JAKE (CONT'D) They're here every week! MONTAGE OF SCENES SHOWING A GROUP OF INDIAN MEN WALKING OFF THE BUS. PAT (can't believe his eyes) No! PAT WALKS, CAMERA MOVING BACK WITH HIM. GUY #1 Uh, Jake you better get your brother. GUY #2 Cuckoo bird's takin' off. PAT Doctor Patel! DR. PATEL TURNS, REVEALING THAT HALF OF HIS FACE IS PAINTED GREEN. DR. PATEL Pat! PAT Hey! What are you doing here? DR. PATEL You know, we must beat the Giants, my brother. PAT I'm not supposed to be seeing you, right? Outside the office? DR. PATEL Pat, Pat. PAT That's illegal! DR. PATEL Pat, today I'm your brother in green, not your therapist. I'm so happy to see you. How wonderful that you are here! 118. PAT Hey, Jake this is Cliff. This is my doctor, Cliff. JAKE Look, two things. We gotta watch that bubble screen for fuckin' Manning in the backfield and we gotta make sure we knock the receivers on their ass on the line of scrimmage. DR. PATEL You can say that again. Those cocksuckers! DR. PATEL, PAT and JAKE LAUGH. RONNIE, PAT AND THEIR FRIENDS LIFT THEIR CUPS OF BEER INTO THE AIR TO RARE EARTH'S "HEY, BIG BROTHER". RONNIE DANCES IN FRONT OF THE CROWD, HOLDING HIS CUP OF BEER. THE SONG PLAYS PAT ENTERS L. AND FACES RONNIE. THEY BEGIN FLAPPING THEIR ARMS AS IF THEY WERE EAGLES. RONNIE MOVES IN FRONT OF THE CROWD, SHAKING HIS FIST. RONNIE Okay, you know what? I don't have her phone number. If you want, if you really want, you can call Veronica `cause she does, but I don't want to talk to Veronica. PAT Why don't you wanna talk to Veronica? RONNIE Because she brings me down, man! She just brings me down. PAT You have to change. You're not gonna throw the marriage away. There's some kind of love there. I know, I used to see it. PAT (CONT'D) You guys have a beautiful thing that got broken somewhere along the line and you gotta fix it like a chiropractor. You gotta give it a chiropractic adjustment. 119. RONNIE CHUCKLES PAT (CONT'D) Enough with awkwardness! I don't wanna walk in your house and not be able to say what I wanna say. RONNIE You're right, man. You're right, you're right, you're right, you're right, man. A MALE EAGLES FAN WALKS THROUGH THE CROWD, FOLLOWED BY SEVERAL MALE FRIENDS. FAN #1 Eagles, baby! Yeah! Let's go! THEY LOOK AS THEY WALK TOWARD THE O.S. BUS. FAN #1 (CONT'D) What the fuck? What's that smell? FAN #1 AND HIS FRIENDS LOOK BG. AT SEVERAL INDIAN MEN IN FRONT OF THE BUS. FAN #1 (CONT'D) Nasty Indian curry! This is America, baby! Go back to your country! RONNIE, PAT AND JAKE. RONNIE LOOKS AT FAN #1 AND HIS FRIENDS, HARASSING THE INDIANS. PAT What, what's wrong? AN INDIAN MAN SHOVES FAN #1 AWAY. INDIAN MAN Hey! FAN #1 PUNCHES THE INDIAN MAN IN THE FACE., INDIAN MAN GRUNTS AND FALLS. RONNIE Whoa, whoa, what's going on? JAKE Stay back, Pat. Stay back. FAN #1 PUNCHES ANOTHER INDIAN MAN. JAKE (CONT'D) Leave the fucking Indians alone. 120. PAT WATCHES. RONNIE ENTERS. RONNIE Stay here, stay here! PAT I'm not gonna go anywhere. RONNIE Don't get in a fight! JAKE IS SURROUNDED BY FAN #1 AND HIS FRIENDS. PAT I'm not gonna fight. I'm not gonna fight. JAKE STRUGGLES AS ONE OF FAN #1'S FRIENDS GRABS HIM. OTHER FRIENDS AND INDIANS FIGHT. PAT (CONT'D) (YELLING) Hey, not my brother! Hey, hey, hey! CAMERA SWISH PANS ONTO ONE OF THE MEN PUNCHING JAKE. COP (OVER BULLHORN) Break it up or you'll be arrested! PAT PUNCHES ONE OF FAN #1'S FRIENDS AND MOVES PAST HIM. CAMERA SWISH PANS ONTO SEVERAL COPS AS THEY GRAB DR. PATEL. COPS GRAB PAT. PAT PUNCHES FAN #1'S FRIEND AS THE SECURITY GUARDS PULL PAT. PAT YELLS. INT. TIFFANY'S GARAGE/DANCE STUDIO - DAY TIFFANY SITS ALONE ON THE FLOOR, WAITING. TIFFANY GRABS HER COAT AND EXITS. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/LIVING ROOM- DAY PAT SR. STEPS IN. PAT SR. What'd you do? PAT, JAKE, DR. PATEL AND RONNIE WALK INTO THE ROOM. 121. PAT SR. (CONT'D) What happened? PAT DAD-- PAT SR. (INTERRUPTING) What the fuck happened? PAT Dad. PAT. DR. PATEL, RONNIE AND JAKE STAND BEHIND HIM. PAT SR. The birds lose, I lose a fuckin' fortune, a fortune to Randy! What the fuck did you do?! You fucking lost it! I thought you said you had it together! You were solid! PAT I am solid. I was solid at the game, Dad. I'm solid, I'm solid now. PAT SR. You fell apart! What are you fucking talking about?! DR. PATEL Your son was trying to-- PAT SR. It's all fucking ruined now. It's all ruined. PAT No, Dad! PAT SR. TURNS, REMOVING HIS JERSEY. PAT STEPS TOWARD HIM. PAT SR. AS HE STRUGGLES TO PULL HIS JERSEY OFF. PAT SR. (YELLING) It's all fucking ruined now! It's all fucking ruined! PAT No, Dad, Dad, Dad, don't! PAT SR. (YELLING) It's all ruined, you little fucking shit! 122. PAT No, Dad! I didn't do a fucking thing! Come on, Dad! PAT SR. (YELLING) You loser! You loser! PAT SR. SHOVES PAT. PAT (EMOTIONAL) I'm not a loser. PAT SR. You fucking loser! You ruined everything! DR. PATEL He was defending his brother! PAT CRIES PAT SR. You fucking idiot! You spike the ball on the one yard line, you fucking idiot! THE DOORBELL RINGS. DOLORES LOOKS AT THE FRONT DOOR. THE GROUP WATCHES AS TIFFANY WALKS INTO THE ROOM. PAT SR. (CONT'D) Who is this?! Who's this?! TIFFANY WALKS TO PAT. TIFFANY We need to talk right now! When you make a serious commitment to somebody, it is not cool to not show up! PAT Wait a second, I tried to call, my God, what's happening, I called--, but I tried to call you, Tiffany, I-- PAT SR. Who is this? What is this? TIFFANY Oh, really? 123. PAT Yes. PAT (CONT'D) I told you I was gonna split my time with my dad and you, and my dad was pulling me in one direction. Doctor Patel, Ronnie-- TIFFANY Well, that sounds great, Pat. That's great for all of them, but all of them didn't make a commitment to me in return for my help. I'm Tiffany, by the way. PAT SR. What is this craziness with Tiffany Maxwell? PAT There's no craziness. I told you who she was, I was doing this thing with her. We had a conversation! PAT SR. She's fucking nuts! When you started spending time with her, it all fell apart. This is the fucking reason right here. TIFFANY You think I fucked up the Eagles' juju, don't you? PAT SR. Ever since, ever since he was with you, ever since-- TIFFANY (INTERRUPTING) You think that I'm why today's happened? PAT SR. That's right, you are why today happened. TIFFANY I'm the reason why today happened? PAT SR. I think so. TIFFANY Let's talk about that. 124. PAT SR. Be my guest. TIFFANY The first night that Pat and I met at my sister's, the Eagles beat the Forty Niners handily, forty to twenty-six. The second time we got together we went for a run and the Phillies beat the Dodgers seven to five in the NLCS. JAKE She's right, Dad. TIFFANY The next time we went for a run the Eagles beat the Falcons, twenty- seven to fourteen. PAT Wow. TIFFANY The third time we got together we had Raisin Bran in the diner and the Phillies dominated Tampa Bay in the fourth game of the World Series, ten to two. PAT Oh, wow. PAT SR. Let me think about that. Wait a minute. TIFFANY Well, why don't you think about when the Eagles beat the Seahawks, fourteen to seven. PAT SR. He was with you? TIFFANY He was with me. We went for a run. RONNIE Really? That's crazy. 125. TIFFANY There have been no games since Pat and I have been rehearsing every day and if Pat had been with me like he was supposed to, he wouldn't have gotten in a fight, he wouldn't be in trouble, maybe the Eagles beat the New York Giants. JAKE She's making a lot of sense, Pop. That's all right on all counts. TIFFANY Does anybody here happen to know what the official motto of the state of New York is on the official seal of the State of New York? Huh? Anybody? (to Pat Sr.) Do you? Do you know? "Excelsior." Look it up. Yeah, "Excelsior." DOLORES Oh Pat. TIFFANY Not that I give a fuck about football or about your superstitions, but if it's me reading the signs, I don't send the Eagles guy whose personal motto is "Excelsior," to a fucking Giants game, especially when he's already in a legal situation. RONNIE Unbelievable. PAT Wow. How did you know all that stuff? TIFFANY I did my research. SHE SNAPS OFF A BEER BOTTLE CAP AND DRINKS. PAT SR. Well, I gotta say, I'm impressed. TIFFANY Thank you. PAT SR. I gotta rethink this whole thing. I didn't trust it before, but I gotta say, now I do. 126. PAT Oh, now you like her, Dad? PAT SR. I have to say I do. Yup. RANDY Patrizio, I feel terrible, you know? You made the bet, I won a lot of money, and now look, your whole family is in turmoil. TIFFANY Oh, fuck off, Randy. You love it. You live for this shit. You've been betting against my father for years. PAT Is that right? TIFFANY You're twisting the knife right now. You get off on it! RANDY That's bullshit! That's not true! Don't say that! TIFFANY You get off on it! If not, then prove it. Prove it. PAT SR. Yeah, prove it, prove it! RANDY How do you want me to prove it? PAT SR. How's he gonna prove it? TIFFANY By giving them the chance to win back everything, double or nothing. PAT No, no, no, no, no, no, no. RANDY Double or nothing on the Bengals, next week? Is that what you're saying? TIFFANY No. 127. She pauses, turns dramatically to Randy. TIFFANY (CONT'D) Against the Cowboys. EVERYONE GASPS. TIFFANY (CONT'D) That's your team isn't it, Randy? PAT That's his team! TIFFANY I know who his team is. RANDY When is the game? TIFFANY December twenty-eight, last game of the season. PAT Oh, my God. TIFFANY Same day as the Benjamin Franklin Pairs Open Freestyle Dance Competition. DOLORES Oh God. PAT SR. Randy, I thought they were America's Team. Don't you believe in America's Team? TIFFANY Yeah, Randy, don't you believe in America's Team? RANDY Yeah, I believe in America's Team but if I win that bet, I win your book, you're out of action, you get no restaurant, no nothing. PAT SR. I like it. DOLORES No. No, Patrizio-- 128. PAT SR. I believe in the Eagles, I believe in my son, I'll take the action. I'll take it. PAT Dad! DOLORES Patrizio, don't! It's toxic! PAT SR. I have faith, I have faith. Excelsior belongs in this house-- PAT DAD-- PAT SR. --not in the State of New York. In this house. PAT Dad, listen to me. I didn't know that "Excelsior" was the state motto of New York, okay? PAT SR. I didn't know, either, but now I know. PAT I know, but listen to me, this is toxic. Dad, Dad, Dad, this is toxic, you shouldn't be doing this, you shouldn't be doing-- PAT SR. Randy, what do you say-- (to Pat) Be quiet, shut up. You already did enough. (to Randy) Randy, what do you say? My birds, Benjamin Franklin's team favored by one and a half points. I'll give you three more. DOLORES Patrizio, stop it! And Randy, don't you take the bet! PAT SR. In fact, I'll give you ten points. PAT No, Dad! Dad! 129. JAKE Dad! PAT SR. You have to take that bet on the Cowboys. RANDY Dolores, would you stop him? JAKE Jesus! PAT SR. How could you not take that bet? Even with the ten points I give you, that's an insane spread to your advantage. Cowboys are cowards. And I'll bet you're such a coward, you won't take the ten. Plus, are you listening, plus whatever their score is at the dance thing. (to Tiffany) What's that? Tiffany, what's that? PAT What? No, no, no, no. RANDY You're crazy to give away that many points. That's ridiculous! I won't take that! However, wait a second. I do like the idea of a parlay. DOLORES What? No parlay! No! PAT No, don't do it. Don't do it. RANDY Pat, how do they run this dance competition? I mean, how do they score it and everything? PAT I don't know, I don't know how they fucking score! We're participating. We're not, we're not a part of it. There are people, this is a high- end dance contest. I don't know. Do not put it as part of the parlay, Randy. Don't-- 130. TIFFANY They go by the Philadelphia rules. Each dancer is scored on a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest. You have to average the four judges' scores. RANDY Okay, score is from one to ten, right? And you guys are how good? PAT We suck. TIFFANY We don't suck. Pat's a beginner, I'm okay, we're happy just to be going there. RANDY And how are the people you're competing against? TIFFANY They're good. Some of them are professionals. RANDY They're good? Better than you? Pause. Tiffany says nothing. PAT A lot better. RANDY A lot better. So if I was to say you only have to score five, I would be really very generous, right? PAT No, no, that would be amazing if we got five. Let's not get away-- TIFFANY Oh, come on, we can get a five out of ten! Gimme a break! Gimme me a break! PAT We can't get five! PAT SR. Give `em a five. Give `em a five. 131. TIFFANY We can do a five. PAT What are you talking about, Dad? You haven't even seen us dance! RANDY That's the parlay. DR. PATEL Will somebody please explain to me the parlay? Please? RONNIE You gotta win two bets or you lose the whole thing. For Pat Sr. to win, the birds gotta beat the Cowboys plus Pat and Tiffany gotta get at least a five at the dance. DR. PATEL That's very, very manic indeed. RONNIE That's the parlay. RANDY Shake on it. PAT You know what? I'm not gonna be a part of this. (to Randy) Randy, Randy, you're a sickness. You're a fucking sickness, Randy. I'm out. TIFFANY Pat, you can't quit. PAT I'm not doing the dance. I'm out. TIFFANY Pat, calm down. Thank about it. PAT See you later. TIFFANY Pat, no. PAT SR. What are you doing? TIFFANY Pat. 132. PAT (WALKING OUT) I'm out. PAT SR. (FOLLOWS HIM) Here we are again at the one yard line. DeSean, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. There you go. PAT What does that even mean, Dad? I'm not gonna make that, that, that connection that you're making with DeSean Jackson. It doesn't matter anymore okay? Just because I have the fucking jersey on...I'm not gonna do it. I'm sorry. TIFFANY You are not a stand up guy right now. If it's me reading the signs...if it's me reading the SIGNS-- PAT If it's you reading the signs? You're reading the signs? Oh, okay. PAT STEPS THROUGH THE DOORWAY DOLORES Pat! TIFFANY You are not a stand up guy! DOLORES Pat! PAT SIGHS. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/LIVING ROOM - EVENING TIFFANY AND PAT SR. PAT SR. GRUMBLES. DOLORES I told you not to push it. PAT SR. Yeah, but he's gotta do this thing. He can't be a quitter. He cannot be a quitter. 133. DOLORES (SIGHS) You took that stupid parlay thing, and now he won't do the dance and it was very constructive for him, and you ruined it. TIFFANY There's only one way to get him to show. PAT SR. What's that? DOLORES Oh, what's that? TIFFANY We have to tell him Nikki's gonna be there. They stare at her. EXT. SOLATANO HOUSE/FRONT PORCH - EVENING PAT STANDS. HE GLANCE. OVER HIS SHOULDER, REACTING, AND PULLS THE LETTER OUT OF HIS POCKET. PAT'S HANDS AS HE UNFOLDS THE LETTER. CAMERA TILTS UP ONTO HIS FACE. CU - THE END OF THE LETTER. CU - THE BEGINNING OF THE LETTER. PAT AS HE READS. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/KITCHEN - EVENING DOLORES She won't come. She can't come. TIFFANY We have to tell him that she's coming. PAT SR. We have to tell him that she's going. DOLORES But that's a lie! TIFFANY It's a white lie. 134. PAT SR. It's a white lie, what's that matter? That's no big deal. So it's a little lie. TIFFANY There's no other way. PAT SR. You know, we gotta leave a trail of bread crumbs so that he can live his life without ruining it. DOLORES No. I don't approve. You can't do it. PAT SR. Well, you know, I didn't approve when you called her and you told her where he was running, so she could ambush him. I didn't approve of that, but you did it anyway, so I'm doing this anyway. That's it. TIFFANY We're gonna tell him Nikki'll be there. PAT SR. (TO DOLORES) You gotta be part of it. TIFFANY We have to do it. DOLORES Aren't you nervous to be lying? TIFFANY Yeah. A little bit. But it's for the best. EXT. SOLATANO HOUSE/FRONT PORCH - EVENING PAT AS HE READS THE LETTER. PAT (READING) "...but if it was me reading the signs...." PAT REACTS. HE LOOKS OVER HIS SHOULDER. HE TURNS, LOOKING AT THE LETTER. HE JUST FIGURED SOMETHING OUT: Tiffany wrote the letter, not Nikki. 135. STUNNED, PAT FOLDS THE LETTER AND WALKS BG. DOWN THE STAIRS. STOPS AND LOOKS BACK AT THE HOUSE then at the sky -- he can't believe Tiffany lied to him. Emotions course through him. MUSIC SCORE PLAYS -- INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/KITCHEN - EVENING PAT SR. That's it. DOLORES Okay. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. STREET - EVENING PAT RUNS THROUGH THE RAIN. INT. TIFFANY'S GARAGE/DANCE STUDIO - DAY TIFFANY, SITTING ON THE FLOOR AND STRETCHING. TIFFANY Hey. PAT ENTERS, SITS DOWN NEXT TO HER. PAT Hey, what's up? Sorry I'm late. TIFFANY It's fine. TIFFANY WRAPS DUCT TAPE AROUND PAT'S SNEAKER. HE WATCHES HER CAREFULLY, stares at her. Thinking. EXT. SOLATANO HOUSE - EVENING CAMERA TILTS DOWN OVER THE HOUSE, DECORATED WITH CHRISTMAS LIGHTS AND NATIVITY FIGURES ON THE LAWN. FRANK SINATRA'S "HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS" PLAYS. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/LIVING ROOM - EVENING SEVERAL HANDS LIFT DRINKS FROM A TRAY. 136. TIFFANY'S MOTHER Is everything all right? PAT SR. Everything is fine. Cheers. PAT SR. HOLDS UP HIS GLASS. GROUP CHEERS. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/ATTIC - EVENING PAT STARES AT TIFFANY AS SHE STRUGGLES TO TIE HIS NECKTIE. SHE FUMBLES. She is agitated as he studies her. TIFFANY This isn't working! TIFFANY YANKS OFF THE NECKTIE AND STEPS. PAT WATCHES. TIFFANY (CONT'D) Stupid! TIFFANY'S HANDS SORTS THROUGH A BOX OF TIES ON THE BED. TIFFANY HOLDS ANOTHER TIE. SHE PLACES IT AROUND HIS NECK. PAT WATCHES HER. TIFFANY STRUGGLES TO TIE THE TIE. SHE WORKS. CAMERA TILTS UP ONTO PAT'S FACE. TIFFANY (CONT'D) This just isn't working! SHE WALKS WITH THE TIE. PAT UNBUTTONS HIS TOP SHIRT BUTTON. TIFFANY REACHES DOWN INTO THE BOX OF TIES. PAT PULLS ON HIS JACKET. PAT LIFTS AN ENVELOPE FROM A TABLE. PAT Come on, it's gonna be great. Nikki's gonna be there. You know? Everything's gonna come together. It's what's meant to be. You okay? SHE NODS. PAT (CONT'D) Don't get wobbly on me. 137. TIFFANY I'm not. PAT We have a dance to do. We have a parlay. You gotta stay focused. TIFFANY I'm focused. PAT Okay, let's go. EXT. HOTEL - EVENING CAMERA TILTS DOWN OVER THE HOTEL. PAT SR.'S CAR ENTERS AND PARKS AT THE CURB. INT. HOTEL/LOBBY - EVENING PAT AND TIFFANY WALK, LOOKING AROUND. PAT SR. AND DOLORES FOLLOW. PAT Look at the dancers. You see them? TIFFANY Shit. PAT SR. AND DOLORES WALK BG. TO THE LOUNGE AREA, WHICH IS SET UP WITH TELEVISIONS SHOWING THE FOOTBALL GAME. RANDY AND JAKE ARE IN BG. PAT SR. Hey, Randy, Jake. What do we got? JAKE Dallas just tied with another field goal, three-three. I'm worried about the bet. PAT SR. Don't worry about the bet. JAKE I'm worried about the bet. PAT SR. Holy shit. PAST PAT SR. TO THE DANCERS AS THEY REHEARSE. PAT SR. (CONT'D) Is this "Dancing with the Stars"? 138. DOLORES Well, you knew that. Maybe you should've scouted `em. RANDY (LAUGHING) Look at those fucking dancers! You can give me the money now, you know? PAT SR. (TO PAT) Patty, Patty, all we have to do is we have to make a five. That's all. You stay here and watch the game with me. TIFFANY The birds are better when Pat is with me. We settled that. PAT SR. Stay for the next quarter. PAT Relax, we're gonna do fine, okay? I'll see you in a little bit. I'll see you up there, okay? PAT SR. Okay. DANNY ENTERS WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND, TANYA. DANNY Hey, Pat, Tiffany! PAT Hey. DANNY What a glorious, beautiful occasion, man. PAT Yeah, yeah. All right, buddy, I'll see you. Alright. Wish me luck, man. DR. PATEL Excelsior! Pat and Tiffany walk to sign in. PAT (Notices he and Tiffany are holding hands) Wait, what's this? 139. THEY ARE HOLDING HANDS. TIFFANY What? I thought you were doing it. PAT Oh, I thought you were doing it. We're doing a dance thing anyway, for God's sake. CAMERA TILTS DOWN ONTO PAT AND TIFFANY'S CLASPED HANDS AS THEY WALK. PAT (CONT'D) You okay? INT. HOTEL/UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - EVENING TIFFANY AND PAT WALK TOGETHER. TIFFANY I want you to remember everything. I want you to remember all of the good stuff that we have here. PAT Of course I do. TIFFANY Just check in. I gotta go find Veronica. PAT STEPS TO THE REGISTRATION TABLE. PAT Hi, good evening. MALE OFFICIAL Evening. PAT Check in? How many dancers are there? TIFFANY LOOKS DOWN OVER THE RAILING AT THE LOBBY BELOW. SHE SEES: NIKKI WALKING WITH RONNIE AND VERONICA. OH NO. TIFFANY (TO HERSELF) What?! Nikki? Nikki. Oh, Jesus. She seems devastated by Nikki actually being there for Pat. 140. INT. HOTEL/LOBBY - EVENING TIFFANY WALKS TO VERONICA, STRUGGLING NOT TO CRY. TIFFANY (TEARFULLY) What the fuck? VERONICA Sweetie, sweetie. Honey, calm down. TIFFANY You're killing me. You're killing me! VERONICA Tiffany, please. She'll see how well he's doing, maybe she'll lift the restraining order. TIFFANY Oh, my God. Oh, my God. RONNIE Pat told me. He told me you should never throw a marriage out the window. TIFFANY (TEARFULLY) Pat did not say that. He didn't say that. RONNIE He said it several times, Tiffany, and this is his chance. You gotta give him a chance. TIFFANY BREATHES HEAVILY. TIFFANY WALKS, PASSING OTHER DANCERS AND SPECTATORS. SPECTATORS APPLAUD. SHE STEPS TO THE BAR, SITTING DOWN AT THE COUNTER. TIFFANY Bartender! Bartender, can I get a vodka, please? SPECTATORS APPLAUD, PAT WALKS, LOOKING AROUND. SPECTATORS APPLAUD. TIFFANY SITS AT THE BAR, DRINKING. A MAN IS SEATED NEARBY, WATCHING HER DRINK. HE IS THE GUY AT BAR. 141. GUY AT BAR So, you want another one? TIFFANY Sure. THE DANCERS AS THEY PERFORM. CAMERA TILTS UP AND PULLS BACK TO INCLUDE PAT, WALKING. PAST THE DANCERS, TO PAT AS HE WALKS, WATCHING THEM. CAMERA PANS WITH HIM. PAT STOPS, LOOKING. RONNIE, NIKKI AND VERONICA SIT AT A TABLE, WATCHING THE O.S. DANCERS. SPECTATORS APPLAUD. CAMERA MOVES PAST THE DANCERS, TO THE TABLE WHERE FOUR JUDGES SIT. CAMERA MOVES IN ON THE JUDGES. TO RONNIE, NIKKI AND VERONICA. THE GUY AT BAR WITH TIFFANY. TIFFANY (CONT'D) So what do you do? GUY AT BAR I'm a lawyer. Litigator, actually. TIFFANY Oh, the arguing kind. EMCEE (O.S.) And the scores for Santos and Aguilar are: seven point six, seven point three, seven point four, and six point nine for an average score of seven point three. CAMERA PANS ONTO THE DANCERS. INT. HOTEL/LOBBY - EVENING CAMERA PANS OVER A CROWD OF PEOPLE, WATCHING AN O.S. TELEVISION SHOWING THE FOOTBALL GAME. CAMERA PANS OVER DEPRESSED RANDY AND HOLDS ON CELEBRATING DANNY, PAT SR. AND JAKE. SPORTS ANNOUNCER (OVER TELEVISION) Three, two, one! Philadelphia beats Dallas! They are on their way to the playoffs. 142. GROUP CHEERS. DANNY Randy, what the fuck is happening, man?! PAT SR. Yeah, Randy, what the fuck is happening?! INT. HOTEL/BALLROOM - EVENING A COUPLE AS THEY DANCE. PAT WALKS, LOOKING AROUND. PAT SITS DOWN AT A TABLE WITH DR. PATEL AND HIS WIFE. DOLORES SITS. DOLORES (WHISPERING) Where's Tiffany? PAT I don't know, Mom. Have you seen her? DOLORES You gotta find her. PAT I know, Mom, I know. PAT STANDS AND WALKS R., CAMERA MOVING WITH HIM. THE SONG PLAYS. PAT TURNS AND WALKS AND LOOKS AT THE BAR AT TIFFANY, STILL TALKING TO GUY AT BAR. PAT APPROACHES TIFFANY. ADDRESSES GUY AT BAR. PAT (CONT'D) Hey, WHAT are you doing? GUY AT BAR She's fine, buddy, she's with me. PAT She's fine? GUY AT BAR Yeah. PAT Why don't you shut up, okay? 143. PAT TURNS TO TIFFANY. PAT (CONT'D) How many drinks have you had? TIFFANY I've had two vodkas. PAT Listen, I don't know what choices you've made, but you gotta deal with it right now, okay? We're in this. TIFFANY We're in what? SPECTATORS APPLAUD EMCEE Next, Pat Solatano and Tiffany Maxwell. TIFFANY You know, I used to think that you were the best thing that ever happened to me, but now I think that you might maybe be the worst thing and I'm sorry that I ever met you. PAT Good for you. He pulls her out of her chair to go to the stage. TIFFANY AND PAT WALK TOGETHER, CAMERA MOVING BACK WITH THEM. EMCEE And the scores for Makarov and Tretiak are: six point seven, eight point one, seven point five and six point five for an average score of seven point two. CAMERA DOLLIES L. ONTO THE EMCEE AND THE DANCERS. INT. HOTEL/UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - EVENING PAT SR., JAKE, DANNY AND RANDY RUN. SPECTATORS APPLAUDS. THEY RUN L. INTO THE BALLROOM. INT. HOTEL/BALLROOM - EVENING 144. RONNIE They were great and they only got a seven point two. This is a tough room. PAT TRIES TO HELP TIFFANY REMOVE HER COAT, BUT SHE BRUSHES HIM OFF. TIFFANY Got it. EMCEE Up next, ladies and gentlemen please welcome Pat Solatano, Jr. and Tiffany Maxwell. CAMERA RACKS FOCUS ONTO PAT AND TIFFANY, STANDING AT THE EDGE OF THE STAGE AS THE PREVIOUS DANCERS WALKS BG. OFF THE STAGE. SPECTATORS APPLAUD AS PAT AND TIFFANY WALK ONTO DANCE FLOOR. PAT SR., DANNY, RANDY AND JAKE HURRY INTO THE ROOM. DANNY Damn. JAKE Let's go, Patty! DANNY Come on, Pat! PAT AND TIFFANY STAND IN THE AWKWARD SILENCE BEFORE THE MUSIC STARTS, STARE AT EACH OTHER. SHE TILTS HER HEAD TO SAY, `Come on' to him. STEVIE WONDER'S `DON'T YOU WORRY `BOUT A THING' STARTS. PAT AND TIFFANY DANCE, as Danny taught them. PAT SR. WATCHES with Danny. TIFFANY AND PAT AS THEY DANCE, MOVING DOWN ONTO THE FLOOR. PAT CRAWLS TOWARD TIFFANY. RONNIE, NIKKI AND VERONICA WATCH. TIFFANY CRAWLS., CAMERA MOVING BACK WITH HER. TIFFANY AND PAT LEAP UP. WHITE STRIPES `FELL IN LOVE WITH A GIRL' CRASHES ON -- PAT AND TIFFANY DANCE INTENSELY TO THIS SONG. DOLORES REACTS TO THE CHANGE IN MUSIC. NIKKI watches with Ronnie and Veronica. Pat Sr. watches. The Judges watch. DAVE BRUBECK'S COVER OF`MARIA' FROM WEST SIDE STORY STARTS. 145. Pat and Tiffany WALTZ as they waltzed in their rehearsals. Everyone watches. They come to the big move -- Tiffany inhales nervously, braces herself to run across floor to leap into Pat's arms. Pat braces himself to catch her: SHE LEAPS UP AND PAT AWKWARDLY CATCHES HER THIGH, her crotch awkwardly wedged on his neck and head. SPECTATORS GASP. TIFFANY STRUGGLES TO PULL HERSELF UP ONTO PAT'S HANDS. HE HOLDS HER AS SHE AWKWARDLY SITS ON HIS SHOULDER. PAT TURNS WITH TIFFANY ON HIS SHOULDER, HER GROIN CLOSE TO HIS FACE SHE LOOKS AROUND LIKE AN OSTRICH ATOP HIS HEAD. PAT SR. WINCES; DOLORES WATCHES, TEARY. THE JUDGES MAKE NOTES. TIFFANY AND PAT AS THEY DANCE. DOLORES WATCHES, TEARY. CAMERA PULLS BACK. PAT HOLDS TIFFANY, WHO ARCHES AND LEANS BACK. TIFFANY STRAIGHTENS AND PAT PULLS HER CLOSE. THE MUSIC ENDS. SPECTATORS APPLAUD. THEY STEP TOWARD THE EDGE OF THE STAGE. RONNIE (YELLING) Yeah, Pat! Yeah! JAKE (YELLING) We love you, Pat! CAMERA ONTO THE JUDGES. EMCEE Alright, let's see the scores for Solatano and Maxwell. THE JUDGES HOLD UP THEIR SCOREBOARDS. EMCEE (CONT'D) We have a four point nine, four eight, a four nine... FEMALE DANCER That's really too bad, guys. That's a lot of fours. 146. EMCEE ...and and a five point four for an average score of..five point zero. DOLORES PUTS A HAND TO HER MOUTH. MALE DANCER Sorry about that, guys. PAT AND TIFFANY REALIZE -- YES! A FIVE! THEY SCREAM. DANNY, PAT SR., JAKE, DOLORES AND DR. PATEL CHEER. RANDY (PISSED) What?! Come on! Pat and Tiffany run to Pat Sr., Dolores, everyone. Pat and his father embrace. PAT Dad, Dad, did the Eagles win? PAT SR. The Eagles won, forty-four-six! They won, forty- four-six! RANDY Come on! THE OTHER DANCING COUPLE LOOKS AT EACH, CONFUSED BY THE CELEBRATION. EMCEE (PUZZLED) Why are they so excited about a five? SPECTATORS LAUGH EMCEE (CONT'D) We'll take a ten minute break. PAT EMBRACES DR. PATEL AND DANNY. TIFFANY EMBRACES HER MOTHER AND VERONICA. PAT SLAPS HANDS WITH RONNIE, THEY EMBRACE. PAT AND RONNIE LAUGH PAT EMBRACES TIFFANY. TIFFANY Thank you! You're amazing! PAT PULLS AWAY TIFFANY, WATCHES HIM GO TO NIKKI. 147. PAT WALKS TO NIKKI. JOHNNY MATHIS `MISTY' PLAYS. TIFFANY WATCHES from across the ballroom, emotional as Pat and Nikki talk. At last. PAT (QUIETLY) Thank you for coming. NIKKI Of course. PAT How are you? You okay? NIKKI Good. How are you? PAT I'm really good. Yeah, thanks. NIKKI You looked really happy out there. PAT Did I? NIKKI Yeah. PAT Yeah, who'd have thought, dancing? Tiffany reacts from afar, stung. NIKKI You look incredible. PAT Thank you. NIKKI You lost a lot of weight. PAT I've been reading your books and, I have a positive attitude. I'm on medication, I'm in therapy. PAT STEPS CLOSER, LEANING TOWARD NIKKI. WHISPERS INTIMATELY IN NIKKI'S EAR. SHE LISTENS AND NODS INTIMATELY, WARMLY. TIFFANY WATCHES, GRABBING HER COAT FROM VERONICA, AND WALKS AWAY. 148. INT. HOTEL/UPSTAIRS HALLWAY - EVENING TIFFANY HURRIES TO THE STAIRCASE, PUTTING ON HER COAT. SHE RUNS ACROSS THE LOBBY. EXT. HOTEL - EVENING TIFFANY AS SHE HURRIES OUT OF THE HOTEL DOORS. SHE STOPS, PUTTING ON HER OTHER SHOE, THEN WALKS. INT. HOTEL/BALLROOM - EVENING PAT AS HE LEANS BACK. NIKKI AND PAT SMILE AT EACH OTHER. HE TURNS AND WALKS. PAT SR. PUSHING PAST RONNIE TO PAT. PAT Where's Tiffany? PAT SR. She left. PAT What do you mean, she left? PAT SR. She left. What do you think! PAT Where is she? PAT SR. Let me tell you, I know you don't wanna listen to your father, I didn't listen to mine but I'm telling you, you gotta pay attention to the signs. When life reaches out with a moment like this, it's a sin if you don't reach back. I'm telling you, it's a sin if you don't reach back, and it'll haunt you for the rest of your days like a curse. You're facing a big challenge in your life right now, at this very moment, right here. That girl loves you, she really loves you. And I don't know if Nikki ever did, but she sure as hell doesn't love you right now. I'm telling you, don't fuck this up. PAT EMBRACES PAT SR. 149. PAT I love you, Dad. PAT KISSES HIM ON THE CHEEK AND RUNS OUT. EXT. SIDEWALK - EVENING TIFFANY WALKS DOWN THE STREET, ALONE. PAT (YELLING) Hey! TIFFANY LOOKS OVER HER SHOULDER, TAKES OFF RUNNING. PAT RUNS AFTER HER. They turn a corner. He is chasing her, a reverse of their previous runs together. HE GRABS HER ARM AND SHE STOPS, TURNING. TIFFANY (UPSET) Would you just leave me alone?! PAT Wait a second! HE PULLS A LETTER OUT. PAT (CONT'D) I have one more letter for you to read, okay? TIFFANY (YELLING) What the fuck is the matter with you? Give it to her yourself! PAT Let me say something. You don't ever have to see me again if you just read it, alright? TIFFANY This is so fucked up. PAT Yeah, just read it. TIFFANY UNFOLDS THE LETTER. TIFFANY (READING) "Dear Tiffany... SHE STOPS, surprised it is addressed to her. 150. TIFFANY (CONT'D) (READING) "...I know you wrote the letter. (long pause) The only way you could meet my crazy...." PAT (RECITING) "...was by doing something crazy yourself. Thank you. I love you. I knew it the minute I met you. I'm sorry it took so long for me to catch up. I just got stuck. Pat." I wrote that a week ago. TIFFANY You wrote that a week ago? PAT Yes, I did. TIFFANY You let me lie to you for a week? PAT I was trying to be romantic. TIFFANY You love me? PAT Yeah, I do. TIFFANY Okay. SHE LEANS FORWARD AND KISSES HIM, they kiss. Camera pulls away. Score comes in. EXT. MAXWELL HOUSE/GARAGE - DAY TIFFANY'S GARAGE. INT. TIFFANY'S GARAGE/DANCE STUDIO - DAY THE EMPTY STUDIO. TIFFANY'S DANCE SHOES. HER IPOD AND SPEAKER. 151. PUSH IN ON: EXT. SOLATANO HOUSE - DAY PAT (VOICE OVER) The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday, that's guaranteed. And I can't begin to explain that- INT. SOLATANO HOUSE - DAY DETAILS OF THE HOUSE: FOOTBALL MEMORABILIA, PAT SR.'S VIDEOTAPED GAMES, FAMILY PHOTOS ON WALL, THE REMOTE CONTROLS, CERAMIC ANGEL FIGURINE NEXT TO A FOOTBALL. PAT (VOICE OVER) -or the craziness inside myself and everybody else, but guess what? Sunday is my favorite day again. I think of everything everyone did for me and I feel like --a very lucky guy. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/FOYER - DAY PAT SR. STRAIGHTENS THE HANGING PHOTO OF PAT ON THE WALL. PAT SR. We have to beat the Vikings by three. I'm givin' you a six, which is very generous after the beating you just took. So what are we doin', what are we talkin' about here? PAT SR. TURNS TO RANDY. RANDY I'd like to do another parlay if we make it to the next round, that's all. PAT SR. But we are gonna make it to the next round. We're gonna beat... PAT SR. LEANS DOWN AND PICKS UP A REMOTE CONTROL. JAKE AND RONNIE PLAY CARDS IN THE DINING ROOM. RONNIE No, that was me that did that. JAKE No that was me. 152. RONNIE That was me. I played the Jack. INT. SOLATANO HOUSE/KITCHEN - DAY DOLORES PREPARES BRACIOLE WITH DANNY. DANNY So you put the bread crumbs, the garlic in the steak and you roll it up with the toothpicks? DOLORES Yeah. For, oh, maybe three hours, plus. PAT SR. (INTO TELEPHONE) Everything's good, everything's good, yeah. I got you, you're all down. (pause) No, Randy, he's complaining. You know he lost a lot of money. He's moaning and groaning. The restaurant's happening because of Randy, so everything's good. TIFFANY SITS DOWN ON PAT'S LAP AND THEY TALK (we cannot hear them) and KISS. DOLORES AND DANNY WATCH, SMILING. END CREDITS ROLL UP.