Flippin' To The A Side


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Flippin' To The A Side



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[This transcription is an exact replication of the one found on AvatarSpirit.net. This page is a tool for further exploration after the initial reading.] Act I (Episode opens up to the upside down pagodas of the Western Air Temple. Cut to the area near the fountain where everyone is sleeping in a circle. Camera pans across a sleeping Suki, Chit Sang and Hakoda. Cut to Teo in his sleeping bag and camera pans across The Duke and Zuko who are also asleep. Cut to Aang who yawns and rubs his eyes after sleeping on Appa. Camera pans across with him looking at the fountain with birds surrounding them. The birds fly off and an object flies into screen. Cut to Aang who immediately gets off Appa and twirls his glider, airbending the object away. Camera zooms out on the pagodas as the bomb hits the top of the cliff and explodes. More bombs are hurled towards the Western Air Temple from below the clouds. Cut back to the sleeping area as everyone wakes up from the noise. Cut to the back view of Aang as he runs forward. Cut to his point of view to reveal 3 black shapes coming out from the clouds. Cut to the side view of the shapes to reveal the Fire Nation airships rising up from the clouds. A canon from one of the air ships fires. Cut to a bridge on the temple as it gets destroyed by a bomb. Cut back to the sleeping area as Aang retreats into it and twirls his staff, airbending a huge gust of air. Cut to an overhead shot of the fountain to show that he airbended the doors closed. More bombs are hurled and they explode. Cut to the ceiling as it crumbles and shakes. One of the pieces dislodges. Cut to a top view of Katara who looks up.) Zuko: (pushing her out of the way) Watch out! (They roll and tumble before the ceiling piece lands at the spot Katara was.) Katara: What are you doing?! Zuko: Keeping rocks from crushing you. Katara: Okay, I'm not crushed. You can get off me now. (She slides out from under Zuko irritably) Zuko: I’ll take that as a thank you. (He stands. Cut to a wall being crumbled apart to reveal a tunnel. Camera zooms out to show Haru and Toph are the ones who created it.) Toph: (turns back and points to the tunnel) Come on, we can get out through here! (Cut to an overhead view of the scene as they evacuate to the tunnel. Cut to Aang who is pulling on Appa's reins towards the tunnel.) Aang: What are you doing? Zuko: (Camera zooms out to show Zuko isn't evacuating) Go ahead, I’ll hold them off. I think this is a family visit. (Zuko runs towards the air ships.) Aang: (Cut back to Aang who looks on, stunned) Zuko, no! (Sokka and Katara are seen running towards him from behind.) Sokka: (grabs Aang's shoulder) Come on, we gotta get out of here. (All 3 proceed to pull on Appa's reins. Cut to a shot of the partially destroyed air temple doors. Zuko jumps over the crumpled portions. Cut to Zuko running. Cut to a bomb flying into screen and exploding with black smoke everywhere. Zuko jumps out from the smoke with a smoke sphere around him, unharmed and he starts to firebend. Cut to the underside of the airship as it gets hit by Zuko's flames. Cut to Zuko's back view as an observation stand rises into screen. Cut to show Azula looking down from the stand. She is smiling crazily. Cut to an overhead view of Azula's airship.) Zuko: (Cut to Zuko and camera slowly zooms out on him) What are you doing here? Azula: (Cut to Azula) You mean it's not obvious yet (opens her arms out) I'm about to celebrate becoming an only child! (She flips over the railings and firebends with her feet to Zuko. Cut to a back view of Azula as the flips back and the area Zuko was at explodes, covering the entire in black smoke. Cut to Zuko who is running away from the explosion and falls down from the impact. Cut to a pillar breaking apart. Cut to the underside of the structure as it shakes. Cut to the floor as cracks and fissures rapidly appear. Zuko gets up and runs across the floor. He proceeds to run up a pillar. As the pillar slowly falls, Zuko launches himself off it. Cut to Zuko sailing through the air as he firebends. Cut to a side view of the scene as his first 2 shots misses the observation stand but the third one finally hits it. Cut to the bottom of the observation stand as Azula jumps off and lands below before the flames hit. Cut to Zuko who is falling rapidly and struggling to hold on to the Fire Nation symbol on the airship. Cut to a top view of Zuko who vanishes into the clouds. Cut back to Azula who stands up and looks on. Cut back to the crumbling structure of the sleeping area. Cut to Toph who grinds her teeth with her hands up. Cut to her back view to show her trying to support the tunnel. Appa can be seen resisting.) Aang: (Cut to a side view of the 3 outside the tunnel as they tug the reins to no avail) I can’t get him to go in there. Appa hates tunnels. Katara: (Cut to a close up of Katara as their arms tremble against Appa’s resistance) Aang, there's no way we can fly out of here. Aang: We’ll have to finda way. (they loosen their hold on the reins) Sokka: We need to split up. (runs towards the group in the tunnel) Take the tunnel and get to the stolen airship. Katara: (Cut to Katara who turns her head back) No, (Cut to a side view of Katara as she walks to Hakoda) the Fire Nation can't separate our family again. Hakoda: (places his hands on her shoulders) It'll be okay, it's not forever. (Cut to an area behind Hakoda’s shoulder as Katara visibly doesn't want to do this. She gives her Dad a hug and runs back to Appa. Hakoda proceeds to squeeze Sokka's arm and hugs him. Sokka then pulls Suki away. Cut to Hakoda who looks on and turns back. Cut to the legs of the fleeing group in the tunnel. Appa moves to the side. Cut to Katara in the saddle as the stretches her hand out to help Suki into the saddle. Cut to Toph who touches the wall.) Toph: (Cut to an area on the ground looking at Appa as Aang climbs onto his horns onto his head) I can clear that away and we can fly out through there. (She earthbends herself onto Appa.) Suki: (Cut to the inside of the saddle as Toph lands) Umm, there's an awful lot of fire in that general direction. (They cringe as their surroundings continue to crumble and shake) Aang: (Camera pans down to Appa's head) We'll get through, let's go. (Cut back to the outside looking at the Western Air Temple. The fallen pile of debris and rocks are thrown apart as Appa flies off. Cut to the underside of Appa which has a shield of earth in front of its face. Cut back to Azula who turns around and spots the flying bison. She firebends at the earth shield but it doesn't break apart. She ducks as Appa flies over. Cut to a side view of Appa as Toph earthbends the shield into pieces. Cut back to a smiling Azula as she cocks an eyebrow and looks back to a rising airship behind her. She moves aside to reveal Zuko standing on the airship, looking back. Cut to a close up of Zuko who looks on with determination. Cut to the group who look back with surprise. Cut to the back view of Zuko. Cut to the side view of Azula. Cut back to Zuko as he moves off screen. Cut to his legs as he runs and propels himself. Cut to the bottom of Zuko between the 2 airships as he leaps off from one airship to the other. Cut to an overhead shot of Azula who firebends at her brother. Cut to Zuko who is still sailing through the air as he kicks the flame aside and firebends back. Cut to Azula who does a backward somersault to avoid the flame. Zuko lands into screen in front of her. Cut the side view of the fight as Zuko firebends at Azula but she dissipates it with a swipe of her arm. Cut to the back of Azula's arm as she sends another shot to her brother who also swipes it aside. Azula moves off screen. Zuko sends a shot to his sister and rushes in. Cut to Appa as it flies above the clouds, dodging the fire. Katara is standing up on the saddle with water circling around her to prevent the fire from hitting the saddle. Cut to the bottom of another airship as various elite firebenders stand at the edge and proceed to firebend. Cut to Aang who pulls up Appa's reins. Cut to a side view of Appa flying up to get away from the fire. Cut to a close up of Appa is it flies over the air ship while Aang struggles to control his bison. Cut back to Azula who swipes her brother's fire away with her right and her left hand. She then sends her own shots to Zuko. Cut to Zuko who kicks away the flames with his right and left foot. More shots come into screen and he swipes them away with his hands while closing in on his sister. Cut to a side view of the fight as Zuko is seen nearing Azula. Cut to Azula as she throws her left first out and time slows down. Cut to Zuko who pushes Azula's fire away with his right hand and bringing out his flaming left fist. Camera zooms out on the two as they collide their firsts and the impact causes a huge explosion. Cut to an overhead view of the air ship as a big puff of black smoke covers the top of the air ship. Cut to Azula on her back as she skids across the surface of the air ship. She gets flipped onto her stomach and she struggles to hold on but is thrown off. Cut to Zuko who tumbles across the surface and his eyes widen in fear as he falls off the air ship. Camera zooms out to show the siblings falling. Appa flies into screen and Zuko reaches out his arm and Katara pulls him back into the safety of the saddle. Cut to the inside of the saddle as Zuko and the rest look back at Azula. Cut to Azula who is falling and spinning around. Cut back to Zuko.) Zuko: She's not going to make it. (Cut to a frustrated Azula as she tugs the hairpiece off her hair and firebends with her feet as the force propels her to the nearby cliff. As she nears the cliff, she backflips and digs her hairpiece into the rocks as she skids down, pushing her legs against the rocks to slow down her descend. She finally stops. Cut back to Zuko.) Zuko: Of course she did. (He looks away and camera zooms out on the group who look back at Azula. Cut back to Azula who looks on with a satisfied smirk. Scene fades to night the top of a rocky hill and camera slowly zooms in on the group seated around a campfire. Appa can be seen sleeping at the side.) Aang: Wow, camping. It really seems like old times again, doesn't it Zuko: (Cut to Zuko who breaks a biscuit in half) If you really want to feel like old times, I could, uhh... chase you around a while and try to capture you. (Camera zooms out on the laughing group as Zuko eats his biscuit.) Katara: (Cut to a close up side view of Katara who looks down sorely) Haha. Sokka: (Cut to Sokka and he raises his cup) To Zuko. Who knew after all those times he tried to snuff us out, today, he be our hero. (Cut to Sokka's point of view as the rest except Katara raise their cups) Toph, Aang, Suki & Sokka: Here, here. (Toph and Aang nudge Zuko with their elbows) Zuko: (smiles warmly) I'm touched. I don't deserve this. Katara: (Cut to Katara who glares at him) Yeah, no kidding. (Cut to an overhead view of the group as she stands up and leaves) Sokka: (raises an eyebrow) What's with her? Zuko: (stands up) I wish I knew. (He walks off as the others look at him quizzically) Sokka: What's with him? (Cut to a side view of the whole scene. Zuko can be seen following Katara near the edge of a cliff. Cut to the full moon partially covered by some clouds. Cut to the cliff as Katara is seen kneeling and Zuko still walking towards her. Cut to Katara who notices Zuko. She gets up and moves away.) Zuko: This isn't fair. (puts both arms out) Everyone else seems to trust me now. What is it with you? (swipes one arm to the side) Katara: (Cut to Katara's back as she turns around and snaps) Oh, everyone trust you now? (places hand on chest) I was the first person to trust you, remember Back in Ba Sing Se. (points to the ocean) And you turned (Cut to Zuko who looks down guiltily) around and betrayed me. Betrayed all of us. Zuko: (raises head) What can I do to make it up to you? Katara: You really want to know? (walks towards Zuko) Hmm, maybe you could re-conquer (Cut to Zuko's unscarred side who looks on speechlessly) Ba Sing Se in the name of the Earth King. Or, (Zuko steps back as Katara's head pops into screen) I know. You could bring my mother back. (She hits Zuko shoulder with hers as she walks past. Zuko looks back sadly. Cut to an overhead view of the cliff as the waves crash at the bottom of it. Cut to the tents. Cut to Suki who looks around warily. Zuko walks out from the rock between them. They don't see each other until the last minute where they accidentally bump into each other.) Suki: (raises her arms and blushes) Opps, wrong tent. Zuko: (Suki walks away) Sorry. Do you need to talk to Sokka too? Suki: (still blushing) Nope. (moves her arms in a "No" gesture) Not me. (She moves off screen. Cut to the inside of Sokka's tent as Zuko enters with an exaggerated, animated sweat drop expression on his face. Cut to Sokka who is lying on his stomach on a mat surrounded by candles that exudes a romantic ambience. There's a bunch of roses hung above him.) Sokka: (turns his head with a rose in his mouth) Well, hellooo. (His eyes widen as a comical sound effect plays and he swallows the rose. Cut to a sideview of the scene as Zuko still has the sweatdrop expression and proceeds to sit in front of Sokka) Uh, Zuko. Yes, (sits up) why would (chews the flower) I be expecting any one different? (He swallows the flower with a pained expression and coughs out some petals) So what's on your mind? Zuko: Your sister, she hates me and I don't know why! But I do care what she thinks of me. Sokka: Nah, she doesn't hate you. Katara doesn't hate anyone. (moves his hand across in an arc) Except maybe some people in the Fire Nation. (his eyes widen as he realizes what he just said) No, I mean, uh, not people who are good but used to be bad. (makes pacifying gestures with his hands) I mean, bad people. Fire Nation people who are so bad, who have never been good (places his arms in a X shape) and probably won't be ever! (opens it to the side) Zuko: (interrupts) Stop. Okay, listen. I know this may seem out of no where, (Cut to a serious Zuko as the camera slowly zooms in) but I want you to tell me what happened to your Mother. Sokka: (Cut to a stunned Sokka) What? Why would you want to know that? Zuko: Katara mentioned it before when we were imprisoned together in Ba Sing Se and again just now when she was yelling at me. I think somehow... she's connected her anger about that to her anger at me. Sokka: (looks to the side sadly) It's not a day I like to remember. (Flashback to the blue sky as camera pans down to the village. Young Sokka raises his head out from a snow fort. A snowball enters the screen and hits his face. Cut to a young Katara who remains in a throwing stance and she starts to giggle. Cut to Sokka who heaves a huge snowball as big as his body. He prepares to throw it as he looks up. Black snow rains down on the village. He drops the snowball at his feet. Cut to an overhead view of the siblings as they look up. Camera slowly zooms out to show the other villagers starting up as well.) Katara: I'm going to find Mum. (She runs past her brother. Sokka runs the other direction) Sokka: (voiceover) Many of the warriors (Cut to 3 Fire Nation ships closing in on the village) have seen the black snow before (Cut to Sokka and a few other adult warriors armed with clubs who run towards the ship) and they knew what it meant. (Cut to a line of Fire Nation soldiers) A Fire Nation raid. (The soldiers yell a battle cry. Cut back to the Water Tribe warriors who ready themselves. Cut to the bottom of the ship as the soldiers jump off their ships into the snow and stand up with their palms on fire. Cut to Hakoda and some other warriors who yell a battle cry as well and charge. Cut to the charging Fire Nation soldiers. Cut to Sokka who looks on behind the safety of another snow fort.) Sokka: (Cut to the soldiers and warriors who begin to fight) We were badly outnumbered. (The warriors throw the soldiers off their feet before they start to firebend) But somehow, we managed to drive them off. (Cut to a soldier being thrown towards the place Sokka is hiding. His head gets stuck in the snow. Sokka throws snow on his back and uses the soldier's back as a stool to reach the ground. Cut to a boomerang on the ground as Sokka picks it up. He runs towards the ship but stops. The other warriors in the background stop as well.) As quickly as they came, (Cut to a back view of Sokka as the soldiers run back to their ships) they just left. (Cut back to Sokka who throws his boomerang. Fade back to present day Sokka.) I was so relieved when it was over but, that's because I didn't know yet what have happened. (He lowers his head and composes himself) I didn't know we lost our Mother. Zuko: Wait. Can you remember any details about the soldiers who raided your village Like, what the lead ship looked like? Sokka: (Cut to Sokka as he thinks) Yeah... (Flashback to 3 red Fire Nation flags with raven symbols on them) Sea Ravens. The main ship had flags with sea ravens on them. (Cut to present day Zuko) Zuko: The symbol of The Southern Raiders. Thanks, Sokka. Sokka: No problem. (places an arm around Zuko's shoulder) Thanks for stopping by. (pushes the tent opening aside and shoves Zuko out and sighs) Thought he never leave. (hopeful, optimistic music plays as Sokka smiles and rubs his hands together and pushes the tent opening aside. Cut to the outside of the tent as his head pops out) Suki. (Camera zooms out to show Zuko still outside his tent. Sokka looks at him and whistles as he retreats back into his tent. Zuko storms off. Scene changes to morning. Cut to Katara coming out of her tent. She looks at something in front of her tent and frowns. Cut to show Zuko sitting on a rock in front of her tent. He looks up sleepily.) Katara: (Cut to a side view of the scene) You look terrible. (She >ignores him and rummages through her bag) Zuko: (stands up and rubs his eyes) I waited out here all night. (Katara proceeds to comb her hair) Katara: What do you want? Zuko: (Cut to a close up of Katara with Zuko behind her) I know who killed your Mother. (she widens her eyes and stops combing) I'm going to help you find him. (Cut to the back of Katara's head as she turns around with a shocked look on her face. The expression changes to seriousness. Camera slowly zooms in on her face. Cut to commercial break.) Act II (Scene returns to an overhead view of Appa who seems to be grazing. Cut to Sokka who is fiddling with a necklace of flowers.) Katara: I need to borrow Appa. (Zuko follows behind her with his bag.) Aang: (feeding Appa hay) Why? Is it your turn to take a little fieldtrip with Zuko? Katara: Yes, it is. Aang: (Cut to Aang who is surprised) Oh. What's going on? Katara: We're going to find the man who took my Mother from me. (Cut to a surprised Sokka as he lays the necklace aside and stands up.) Zuko: (off screen) Sokka told me the story of what happened. I know who did it. And I know how to find him. Aang: Umm... and what exactly do you think this would accomplish? Katara: (sighs and shakes her head) I knew you wouldn't understand. (She begins to walk away) Aang: (Cut to a close up of Katara as Aang and Sokka look on behind her) Wait, stop, I do understand. You're feeling unbelievable pain and rage. How do you think I felt about the sandbenders when they stole Appa? How do you think I felt about the Fire Nation when I found out what happened to my people? Zuko: (off screen) She needs this, (everyone turn their eyes towards him) Aang. This is about getting closure and justice. Aang: I don't think so. I think it's about getting revenge. Katara: (off screen) Fine! (Cut to an angry and frustrated Katara) Maybe it is. Maybe that's what I need. Maybe that's what he deserves. Aang: Katara, you sound like Jet. Katara: (defensively) It's not the same. Jet attacked the innocent. This man, he's a monster. Sokka: Katara, she was my Mother too. But I think Aang might be right. Katara: Then you didn't love her the way I did. Sokka: (speechless) Katara... Aang: The monks used to say that revenge is like a two-headed ratviper. While you watch your enemy go down, you're being poisoned yourself. Zuko: That's cute. But this isn't air temple pre-school. It's the real World. Katara: (Camera zooms out to place Katara on screen) Now that I know he's out there, now that I know we could find him, I feel like I have no choice. Aang: Katara, you do have a choice. Forgiveness. Zuko: That's the same as doing nothing. Aang: (shakes head) No it's not. It's easy to do nothing. (Camera slowly zooms in) But it's hard to forgive. Katara: (Cut to Katara who looks on darkly) It's not just hard, it's impossible. (She turns and walks away. Cut to an overhead shot of the scene as Zuko follows after her. Cut to nighttime and camera pans down from the Moon to the campsite. Cut to Katara in a black ninja-like outfit tying her hair. Aang & Sokka can be seen peering out from a rock behind her.) Aang: (Aang & Sokka climb over the rock) So you were just going to take Appa anyway? Katara: Yes. Aang: It's okay, because I forgive you. (smiles< hopefully) That give you any ideas? Katara: (Cut to a side view of the scene. Zuko is also wearing the same outfit as Katara and is packing his bag.) Don't try to stop us. Aang: I wasn't planning to. This is a journey you need to take. You need to face this man. (Katara nods and she climbs on Appa's horn to his head) But when you do, please don't choose revenge. (Zuko throws his bag into the saddle) Let your anger out and then let it go. Forgive him. Zuko: (Cut to Zuko who appears to be tired of his preaching) Okay, we'll be sure to do that guru-goody-goody. (He climbs aboard Appa) Katara: (Cut to Katara looking down at Aang from Appa's head) Thanks for understanding Aang. Yip yip. (Appa takes off. Cut back to an area behind the guys as they look up at the departing bison) Sokka: You know, you're pretty wise for a kid. Aang: Thanks, Sokka. Sokka: Usually it's annoying but right now, I'm just impressed. Aang: (narrows his eyes) I appreciate that. Sokka: So... can I borrow Momo for a week? Aang: (turns his head towards Sokka rapidly) Why do you need Momo? (Sokka shrugs and makes an "I don't know" noise. Cut to Katara on Appa. Cut to a side view of Appa flying past the Moon.) Zuko: (off screen) We need to find the Fire Navy communication tower. (Cut to Zuko leaning on the saddle) All the navy's movements are coordinated by messenger hawk. And every tower has to be up to date on where everyone is deployed. Katara: (off screen) So once (Cut to a communication tower in the middle of the ocean as the building slowly becomes bigger as they near it) we find the communication tower, we bust in and take the information we need. Zuko: (off screen) Not exactly. (Appa flies into screen just above the water and it airbends with its tail to propel it forward. It displaces some water below.) We need to be stealthy (Cut to the communication tower as camera pans down to show the whole building structure and a bunch of rocks below) and make sure no one spots us. Otherwise, (Appa flies into screen and lands) they'll warn The Southern Raiders. Long before we reach them. (Cut to the rocks as Katara and Zuko run out from behind them. She waterbends the water into a raft of ice and both of them jump on it. She proceeds to surf the raft. Cut to a side view of the scene as she creates a tall wave to bring the raft up to the tower and they jump off. Cut to a corridor of the tower as a door opens and 2 guards walk out. Cut to an overhead view of the guards as Katara and Zuko quickly sneak pass. Cut to the back view of another guard writing at a desk. Camera slowly zooms out to show some gratings. Cut to Zuko and Katara looking through the gratings. Katara makes some waterbending movements. Cut to the guard's hand holding the paintbrush as the dish of ink spills onto her hand and the table. Cut to a close up of the guard who looks at her stained hands and leaves the table and room. Cut back to the duo in the air duct looking at the guard leave. Cut to Zuko and Katara in front of a shelf.) Zuko: Okay,Southern Raiders. (He pulls out a black scroll and unrolls it on a table. It's a map a mountain terrain with 3 flags placed along some points in an inverted triangle.) There. (His finger points to the flag on the top right) On patrol near Whale Tail Island. Katara: (Cut to Katara who furrows her brows in seriousness) Whale Tail Island, here we come. (Fade to an overhead shot of Appa flying at day time. Cut to a sleeping Zuko in the saddle as he wakes up and looks up at Katara.) Zuko: (Cut to a front shot of Katara with black circles under her eyes and holding Appa's reins tightly) You should get some rest. We'll be there in a few hours. You'll need all your strength. Katara: Now, don't you worry about my strength. I have plenty. (Cut to a side view of Katara) I'm not the helpless little girl I was when they came. (Camera pans to the right and fades back to the Water Tribe siblings looking up at the black snow.) Katara: I'm going to find Mum. (She runs past her brother just like in Sokka's flashback. Cut to an overhead view of the scene as several people run deeper into the village. Cut to Katara who runs back in as warriors run past her. Cut to the inside of a hut as the curtain is pushed aside by Katara.) Katara: Mum! (Cut to an area behind Katara's shoulder as Katara's mother is almost on her knees on the ground in front of a Fire Nation soldier. The soldier turns back and looks at Katara. Camera zooms in on Katara's face as her eyes almost tear up.) Katara's Mum: (off screen) Just let her go and (Cut to Katara's Mum who pleads) I'll give you the information you want. Fire Nation soldier: (Camera pans up to the soldier) You heard your Mother, get out of here! Katara: (Cut to an area behind her Mother's shoulder as Katara looks on, frightened) Mum, I'm scared. Katara's Mum: (assuringly) Go find your Dad, sweetie. I'll handle this. (Cut to a reluctant Katara who looks at the soldier. Cut to the soldier who stares down at her fiercely. Camera zooms in on the soldier's dark brown eye. Cut back to Katara who pushes the curtains aside and runs out of the house.) Katara: (Cut to a desperate Katara running in the snow) I ran as fast as I could. (She stops at the edge of a small hill and looks down.) Katara: (shouts) Dad! Dad! (Camera pans down to show Hakoda throwing a firebending soldier hard into the snow.) Please, I think Mum's in trouble! There's a man in our house. (Hakoda lets go of the soldier immediately) Hakoda: Kya! (He runs off. Cut to Katara and Hakoda's backs as the run back to their home. Camera zooms in on the curtain as Hakoda's gloved hand pushes the curtain aside. Camera fades to white and returns back to present day Katara.) Katara: But, we were too late. When we got there, the man was gone. (voice cracks slightly) And so was she. Zuko: (Cut to a sorrowful Zuko) Your Mother was a brave woman. Katara: (Cut to a front shot of Katara as she touches her necklace) I know. (Cut to a side view of Appa flying. Cut to an overhead shot of Appa flying at night. Zuko has taken over the reins and Katara is sleeping in the saddle. Cut to Zuko looking through a telescope.) Zuko: There! (Katara's head pops up from the saddle) See those Sea Raven flags? (He throws the telescope to Katara. Cut to the inside of the telescope looking at a lone ship in the ocean. Cut to the Sea Raven flag.) It's The Southern Raiders. Katara: (Cut to Katara bringing down the telescope) Let's do this. (Cut to a side view of the ship as Appa comes into screen and enters the water. Cut to underwater with Appa having air bubble on his head. Cut to the under side of the boat as Appa swims to it. Cut to Katara waterbending. Cut to a group of Fire Nation soldiers gossiping idly on the deck.) Soldier: So there I was and I was like, you know, you could... (A stream of water coils round the guard and the others look on, stunned. He gets pulled into the water with a scream. The other soldiers run to the side of the ship to look. Cut back to underwater as Appa swims up to the other side of the ship. Cut to the surface of the water as Katara breaks through the surface first, followed shortly by Appa and Zuko. Cut to a frontal shot of Appa as Katara waterbends to huge waves on both sides and sends it toward the ship. Cut to one of the soldiers hearing the noise and looking back. He grabs a neighbouring soldier's shoulder. Cut to a front shot of the ship as the wave slowly closes in. Cut to the deck as the soldiers get hit by the wave and are thrown into the ocean. Cut to the frontal shot of the ship again as Appa is seen flying onto the deck. Cut to a lone soldier who managed to stay on deck as he stands up by holding the side of the ship. Appa lands noisily and he turns back. Cut to a close up side view shot of a charging Katara. She has tears in her eyes. Cut to soldier who firebends and is thrown overboard into the ocean by a tunnel of water. Cut to the water surface as the soldiers in the water look at the last remaining soldier on deck entering the water. Cut to the corridor of the ship as the door opens and the duo rush in. Katara has bended water around her arms. A door opens and a soldier brandishing a sword pops out. Zuko grabs the soldier's arm and holds onto the sword as he pushes the soldier back into the storeroom. Cut to Zuko's point of view as the soldier hits a pile of stuff. His hand comes into screen and he closes the door and slides the sword in between the handles. Cut to Katara waiting for Zuko as they head deeper into the corridor. Cut to the floorboard and it pans up to a door and they stop in front of it.) Zuko: This is it, Katara. Are you ready to face him? (Cut to Katara as she pulls down her mask. Camera zooms out and Katara turns on the spot and bends the water towards the camera with a battle cry. Cut to commercial break.) Act III (Scene returns to the other side of the door. Water seeps through the sides and the door bursts open to reveal Katara. Zuko enters the room quickly to dissipate some flames that enters the screen. Cut to show the assailant firebending at Zuko to no avail. Zuko sends a shot at the Captain's feet and the Captain jumps back towards the steering wheel. Cut to a close up of the Captain as he stares down at the blast.) Captain: Who are you? Zuko: (Cut to Zuko remaining in a stance and Katara looking on vehemently behind him) You don't remember her? You will soon. Trust me. (Zuko firebends again. Cut to the Captain who moves to the side and breaks the flame. He proceeds to bend. Cut to a close up of the Captain with his arm out stretched. His arm starts to shake uncontrollably.) Captain: What? (Zoom out on the Captain as his arm moves around wildly. He struggles and groans as he tries to contain it with his other arm. His arm drops to the floor and his body bends forward. His helmet falls off his head.) What's happening to me? (Cut to a close up of Katara in a bloodbending stance, smiling. Camera zooms out to show Katara bringing down her arms and the Captain's body is brought to the floor. Cut to Zuko who is shocked at Katara's technique. Zoom out on the scene again as he narrows his eyes and looks down at the Captain.) Zuko: Think back. Think back to your last raid on the Southern Water Tribe. Captain: (Cut to the Captain who lays huddled on the floor) I don't know what you're talking about. Please, I don't know! Zuko: (Camera zooms out to show Zuko kneeling near the Captain's head) Don't lie! You look her (points back to Katara) in the eye and you tell me you don't remember what you did. (Cut to Katara who brings her arms up. Cut back to the Captain who is brought up to his knees. He looks back, frightened. Cut to a visibly angry Katara. Cut back to the scared Captain as his eyes shine in fear. Camera zooms in on the Captain's light brown eye. Cut back to Katara as her face softens in realization.) Katara: (eyes widen in shock) It's not him. (Zoom out on the scene as Katara drops her hands. The Captain falls back to the floor. Cut back to Katara who looks back, somberly) He's not the man. Zuko: (Cut back to Zuko) What?! What do you mean he's not? He's a leader of The Southern Raiders! (The Captains stirs behind him) He has to be the guy! (Cut to Katara who turns and walks away. Cut back to the Captain as he struggles to his feet. Zuko pulls him by the arm and pushes him against the window in an arm lock.) Zuko: If you're not the man we're looking for, who is? Captain: (Cut back to the Captain's face pressed up against the glass) You must be looking for Yon Rha. He retired 4 years ago. (Zuko turns his head and camera pans to a retreating Katara. Cut to a close up of Katara's determined face as her eyes brim with tears. Scene changes to a valley with a house in the distance. Cut to a hand with a small hoe loosening the soil. Camera zooms out to reveal a man with graying hair kneeling on the dirt. Cut to a close up of the man as an elderly lady appears at the doorway in the house behind him.) Old Lady: Yon Rha, you lazy piece of work, I need something. Yon Rha: (stops his work and attempts to placate) Yes Mother, what is it? Yon Rha's Mother: The tomato-carrot from your garden are too hard for my gums. I need something soft and juicy. Yon Rha: (Cut to an area behind his Mother's hand looking at Yon Rha's back as he turns to face his Mum) Would you like something else from the garden? I would be happy to... Yon Rha's Mother: (her fists clenches and she interrupts) Forget your stupid garden! (Cut to a close up of his Mother who yells at him, irritatingly) Get your grimy hind to the market and buy me some real food! (Cut to the flower bed as Yon Rha stands up. Cut to the back view of Yon Rha as he walks towards the town's entrance. Cut to some vegetables on display at a stall. Yon Rha enters the screen and picks out some food and places them in his basket. Cut to the inside of the house opposite the stall looking at Yon Rha. The wind chime in the window moves. Cut to Yon Rha who notices the chiming tune and turns towards the house. Cut to someone inside the house as he ducks down to avoid behind seen.) Yon Rha: (Cut back to Yon Rha who looks on quizzically) Hello? (He turns to the stall owner) Did you see someone? (The owner shakes his head. Cut to some houses on the slope. Camera pans down to some steps cut into the hill. Cut to a close up of Yon Rha as he walks down the steps. His eyes shift from side to side. Yon Rha stops and looks up.) Yon Rha: Hello? (Cut to an area above Yon Rha as the camera pans down to show a person hiding away to avoid being spotted) Is someone there? (Cut back to Yon Rha who frowns and walks on. Cut to Zuko and Katara who pop their heads up from their hiding spot.) Katara: That was him. (Cut to Katara's eyes as they shine with hate) That was the monster. (Cut to the ground as rain falls and the ground gets soaked. Camera pans up to show Yon Rha walking in the rain. Cut to the back view of Yon Rha as he turns around swiftly. He walks on. Cut to a side view of Yon Rha's face. His eye looks behind and he stops. Cut to the back view of Yon Rha again.) Yon Rha: Nobody sneaks up on me (he drops his basket, turns and firebends) without being burned. (Cut to a bush as a stream of fire enters the screen, setting it on fire. Cut back to Yon Rha as he loosens his stance and picks up his fallen groceries. Cut to a close up side view of Yon Rha as looks back. Camera pans down to a trip wire on the ground as he walks on. His legs gets caught in the fire and he falls down, face first into a puddle of water. Fire enters the screen and Yon Rha quickly moves backwards. He looks up. Cut to Zuko's boot as the camera pans up to reveal Zuko in a firebending stance.) Zuko: We weren't behind the bush. (Cut to a side view of the confrontation as Zuko takes a step forward to threaten Yon Rha.) And I wouldn't try firebending again. Yon Rha: (Cut to Yon Rha on the ground with his arm shielding his face) Whoever you are, take my money. Take whatever you want, I'll cooperate. (Cut to an area behind Yon Rha as Katara walks in behind Zuko. Cut to a close up of Katara as she pulls down her face mask.) Katara: Do you know who I am? Yon Rha: (Cut back to Yon Rha) No, (his eyes widen in fear) I'm not sure. Katara: Oh you better remember me like your life depends on it! (Yon Rha places his arm in front of his face) Why don't you take a closer look. Yon Rha: Yes, yes. I remember you now. (Cut back to Katara) You're the little Water Tribe girl. (A flash of lightning darkens Katara's face and the screen turns to white and fades back to young Katara who has just entered her house.) Kya: (off screen) Just let her go and (Camera zooms out to show Kya kneeling on the floor in front of Yon Rha) I'll give you the information you want. Yon Rha: (Cut to Yon Rha looking down at Katara) You heard your Mother, get out of here! Katara: (Katara holds her hands together) Mum, I'm scared. Kya: (Cut back to Kya) Go find your Dad, sweetie. I'll handle this. (Cut to the outside of the house as Katara pushes the curtain aside and runs out. The curtain parts open widely to show Yon Rha and Kya looking on at the fleeing girl.) Yon Rha: (Cut back to the inside of the house) Now, tell me. Who is it? Who's the waterbender? Kya: There are no waterbenders here. (frowns) The Fire Nation took them all away a long time ago. Yon Rha: (Cut to Kya's point of view as she looks up at Yon Rha) You're lying. My source says there's one waterbender left in The Southern Water Tribe. (Yon Rha walks closer) We're not leaving until we find the waterbender. Kya: (Cut to Kya) If I tell you, do you promise (she lowers her head and closes her eyes to make a decision) to leave the rest of the village alone? (Cut to a side view of Yon Rha as he nods his head and makes a "Hmm" sound.) It's me. (Cut to Kya who looks up) Take me as your prisoner. Yon Rha: (Cut to a close up of Yon Rha who smiles evilly) I'm afraid I'm not taking prisoners today. (Fade to present day Yon Rha who gulps. Cut to a side view of the scene. Lightning lights up the sky once again.) Katara: She lied to you. (Cut to a close up of Katara as she closes her eyes sadly) She was protecting the last waterbender. Yon Rha: (surprised) What? Who? Katara: (Cut back to Katara who opens her eyes and looks back furiously) ME! (Camera zooms out as Katara brings out her arms. Rain drops get suspended in the air immediately.. Cut to Yon Rha who looks on, dumbfounded. Cut to Zuko as he looks up at the accumulating rain drops and pulls down his face mask. Camera zooms out to show a rapidly increasing dome of water over them. Cut back to Katara. She moves her arms around and the water gets bended in a huge blob and she lets out a battle cry as she directs the water towards Yon Rha. Cut to the water as they turn into ice spikes. Cut to Yon Rha as the camera rapidly zooms in on him. He shields himself with his arms and lets out a cowering noise. He brings his arms down and he looks up. Cut to a side view of Yon Rha as the ice spikes pause inches in front of him. A couple of ice spikes puncture the ground beside him. Camera slowly pans out to show the hovering mass of ice spikes. Cut to Katara who lowers her hands. Cut back to Yon Rha who covers his head as the spikes turn into water and fall to the ground.) Yon Rha: (Cut to a side view of Yon Rha as he kneels) I did a bad thing. I know I did and you deserve revenge. So why don't you take my Mother? That would be fair. Katara: (Cut to Katara who looks on, pityingly) I always wonder what kind of person could do such a thing. But now that I see you, I think I understand. (She walks forward) There's just nothing inside you. Nothing at all. You're pathetic and sad and empty. Yon Rha: (Cut to Yon Rha as he pleads) Please spare me. Katara: (Cut to a visibly angry Katara) But as much as I hate you... (Her eyes start to shimmer with emotion) I just can't do it. (She closes her eyes as she controls her feelings. Cut to Yon Rha who cowers and smiles weakly on the spot. Cut to a side view of Katara as Zuko walks into screen, looking at Katara as she walks off. He looks at Yon Rha. Cut to Yon Rha who lowers his head in shame. Cut back to Zuko who turns back to follow Katara as Yon Rha cowers out loud off screen. Cut to Yon Rha and his fallen vegetables as he continues to sob. Cut to Fire Lord Ozai's beach house in Ember Island. Camera slowly zooms in on the port. Cut to the port as Katara sits near the edge. Appa flies into screen. Cut to a close up of Katara's shoes as she kicks the water. Camera pans up to show Katara with her eyes closed. Cut to a frontal shot of Katara as she opens her eyes and stares into the distance sadly. The sound of rapid running is heard.) Aang: (off screen) Katara! (Camera pans up to show Aang and Zuko approaching her) Are you okay? Katara: (Cut to Katara's back) I'm doing fine. Aang: (Cut to a frontal shot of Katara with the boys behind her as the camera pans up) Zuko told me what you did. (He rubs his head) Or... what you didn't do, I guess. I'm proud of you. Katara: I wanted to do it. I wanted to take out all my anger at him but, I couldn't. (closes her eyes sadly) I don't know if it's because I'm too weak to do it or if it's because I'm strong enough not to. Aang: (off screen) You did the right thing. (Cut to a side view of the port) Forgiveness is the first step you have to take to begin healing. (Katara stands up and walks towards Aang) Katara: (Cut to a frontal shot of a serious and still angry Katara) But I didn't forgive him. I'll never forgive him. (Her face softens as she looks up at Zuko) But I am (Camera pans to show Zuko's back as Aang turns his head towards his teacher) ready to forgive you. (Cut to a side view of Zuko as Katara walks into screen. She pauses and then throws herself into Zuko's arms in a hug. They part after a while as she lays a hand on Zuko's shoulder in a gesture of thanks and walks off. Zuko turns and looks on. Cut to Katara's back as she walks towards Appa. Sokka is seen waiting for his sister at the side of the bison.) Zuko: (off screen) You were right about what Katara needed.(Cut to Zuko and Aang who smiles) Violence wasn't the answer. Aang: It never is. Zuko: Then I have a question for you. (He turns towards Aang and the camera cuts to a close up of Zuko) What are you going to do when you face my Father? (Cut to Aang who is stunned at the question and looks to the side, unsure and confused. Fade to white.) [End Credits]