"Breath" LYRICS!

Breaking Benjamin

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[Verse 1: Jakob] Open up just like a sad arise Heard you're blowing guys Naw that shits the past Like god its just a damn lie Setting up for tears While writing lyrics with meaning Only making records When I'm either drunk or just leanin' I've seen it The failure set up for death I'd rather choke then spit Up whats hanging on my last breath Like I'm stupid or something Fall in love with a stranger Anyone that showed me love Would give me lust for a wager I'm saved Taking faith from every virgin While they look and cut deeper Like they some kind of surgeon Take your vitamins Barely breathing oxygen Lady liberty benjamin's No one ever said I was a minuteman Like my money never been fake Raking up the dough Smoking spirits Like I'm james blake For god sake Take a fucking beer or two Cancel all my interviews So I can find a nice lady to skrew Over and over Like my neck in a noose I'm thinking wiser I'm happy when my minds on the booze Hope I get on the news Cause I win, never lose I just hope my presence Is the day that I rue Brew [Verse 1: Jack The Spitter] I'm living in a era where real presence no longer present I'm tryina be bigger than music that's represented They trying sugar coat all the messages they never meant and I'm trying to stand behind something, or something, no regression No fake step, no slave ship, my shit's all in my brain Blow it all onto this microphone, never blow it all for fame I be blowing bitches past with a new name Hope they never see my face again until it's plate on a chain Claiming, rap game is over, i'm the only artist even playing And i ain't saying, that i hated on em, that's just the work If they played they song then they'd go berserk Fucking dope shit, with a tidal twerk Team, on the fucking porch, dreams of owning acres I'm not the fiend you been hearing of, they chill with drea, olekers Ugh, i make papers, like midterms And shit burn my lungs because this paper is layered With illegal substance, hope i can't get faderred bitches Biggest lie ever told minus, "i'll talk to ya later spitter" Leaders lead the leechers, leaches lean toward submission Lucky i don't got a pretty mouth, they always hate the spitting [Verse 3: Jakob] Kinky whores in their get ups Call the tow when I pick up Every drunk on the liqa Its simpla and more similar Just never take it For granted I'd stay If I hadn't known the whore You were when you played me Drugs to escape From the pain that I've waste Still smoking cause I'm tryna erase what I've faced And now I'm digging Deeper through the shit that I've said 500 days of bitter Sweet days we never met Stop Pause for a minute I need to catch my breath Cause my vision is so vivid Still remember when we kissed Now you're just a bitch Like now I'm straight lynching Forget it when I'm getting rich Smoking blunts after sex Ashin out the rest Of my memories canceling My flight out to northwest And now I'm leaving the best Cause when this fire is burnin My heart is pounding Smoother than the Hamptin Hope I cum on their sheets And I ain't giving two shits When you file the papers Hope it taste like her clit