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Bing Crosby & Louis Armstrong - Now you has Jazz



Dear gentlefolk of NewportOr maybe I should
Say hats and cats
I want you to lend an ear
Because, well, I want you
To hear some really
Shimmering sharps and flats
For these cozy virtuosi
Just about the greatest
In the trade are fixing
To show you now, precisely how
Or approximately
Jazz music is made
Well, you take some skins
Jazz begins
Then you take a bass
Man, now we're
Getting someplace
Take a box
One that rocks
Take a blue horn
New Orleans born
You take a stick
With a lick
Take a bone
Ho ho, hold the phone
Take a spot
Cool and hot
Now you has jazz, jazz
Jazz, jazz, jazz
That's positively theraputic
Now you has jazz, jazz, jazz
Masters Hall and Young
That's Ed Hall
And Tommy Young
Now you has Masters
Kyle and Shaw
That's Billy Kyle
Arvil Shaw
Now you has Mr. Barrett Deems
And now listen to, well, you know who
Hey, Pops, you wanna grab a little, leave a little
Yeah, Daddy, yeah
Here we go
If you sail
(Sailing, sailing)
Over the sea
(Will you wait for me)
Take my tip, they're all
Molto hip in Italy
(Well, Arrevederci)
(As for France)
Oh, I know you're
Very big there
(Yes, believe it or not)
I do believe, I do indeed
(Frenchmen all prefer what
They call le jazz hot)
Take a plane
(Bobba doo zot)
Go to Siam in Bangkok
Today round the clock
Well, they all like to jam
Indians on the Amazon
Beat one bar and
All of them are
(Well, gone, man, gone)
From the Equator
Up to the Pole
Everybody winging
Everybody singing
That rock, rock, rock
Rock, rock and roll
From the East to the West
From the coast to the coast
Jazz is king cause jazz is
The thing folks, dig, best
That's jazz