Welcome home

Dear Plug.djs,
It has been unfortunate to hear the news of Plug.dj having to shut down. Plug.dj was an inspiring service, and we appreciate their hard work, bringing happiness by connecting people through music.

It is an honor to be chosen as your new home, and we sure hope to surprise you in many ways.

BeatSense is... different

We will do our best to smooth your accommodation. Since BeatSense and Plug.dj are different, we pointed out those differences for you:

1. Adding your music one by one is preferred.

Although it is possible to import YouTube playlists and to add them to the playlist at once, we encourage cherry-picking your music, one by one. Adding and adjusting them in real-time, according to the momentary theme, mood, and genre happening in a room.

2. Collections vs Playlists.

Beatcases are collections, rather than playlists which you add or import as a bulk. They are the music you discovered and "grabbed" along the way to play again (and again) later.
The BeatBox is the place to store your different kinds of collections (BeatCases).

3. The Beats has made for creating a better experience.

Beats are made to moderate the usage of features that may affect others' experience—like double voting, launching songs, adding a bulk of songs, skipping others' etc. Gifs as well. Too many of them may be disturbing and interfere with verbal communication.

4. Less moderation.

BeatSense offers an extensive set of moderation tools, but they are not there by default. You may activate BeatSense PRO from your room settings to unlock them.
We aspire to grow positive and accepting communities. As sometimes, moderation leads to escalation. Please, use it wisely and... moderately.

5. The "Launch to top" feature can be kinda cool.

Imagine when someone plays a song that gives you an idea for a great follow-up. Launch it so the pips will get the theme.

6. SoundCloud

We would love to have a SoundCloud integration! But unfortunately, SoundCloud has closed their API for the time being.

7. Displaying who "grabbed" or liked?

We would like to keep a certain amount of privacy for our users. Not everyone wants to appear as active at any given time. That is why we do not disclose the identity of those whom made them.

We hear you.

You're always welcome to privilege us with your feedback by hitting the SENSE button at the bottom right.